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Red Packet Server

Red Packet Server

  AuthorㄩZhi Xin  Timeㄩ
On a certain day, Ye Zichen was dragged into a deities* chat group. These deities liked to brag, and also liked to send red packets.Ever since then, Ye Zichen*s life has had unbelievable changes.The God of Fortune sent a red packet. I*m going snatch it! Wow, I got a large gold ingotTaibai Jinxing sent a red packet, I*m going to snatch it as well! Wow, I got a thousand years of cultivation.Super WeChat Red Envelope Group, with a swipe of my hands, I got them red packets.Stop messing around, I*m going to snatch red envelopes now!

Red Packet Server CHAPTER LIST

Chapter 3 每 Old Lord Taishang*s Grea
Chapter 2 每 Does it feel good to be sma
Chapter 1 每 The Deities have a WeChat G
Chapter 6 每 Giving a private packet to
Chapter 5 每 Great Sage Sun*s Fiery Eye
Chapter 4 每 My Occupation is a Ve
Chapter 9 每 Peach of Immortality from
Chapter 8 每 Painting of Astronomical Va
Chapter 7 每 The painting in the vase
Chapter 12 每 The Handsome Monkey King*
Chapter 11 每 Huang Ming Apologizes
Chapter 10 每 The Peach of Immortality s
Chapter 15 每 Randomly became a father
Chapter 14 每 It*s all Yue Lao*s faul
Chapter 13 每 School Beauty Su Yan*s Re
Chapter 18 每 Buying a useless piece of
Chapter 17 每 So-called Exper
Chapter 16 每 Ore Auction
Chapter 21 每 Pure Dragonball Fanboy
Chapter 20 每 Level Six Celestial Pill 每
Chapter 19 每 Xiao Yumei*s Red String o
Chapter 24 每 Take him away
Chapter 23 每 Picking up a dog from lef
Chapter 22 每 A Grey for the Booster God
Chapter 27 每 Erlang Shen the Shameless
Chapter 26 每 The Broken Marriage String
Chapter 25 每 Let him go
Chapter 30 每 Mighty
Chapter 29 每 Meeting Xiao Yumei by chan
Chapter 28 每 Deconstruction Inciden
Chapter 33 每 It was me finding you
Chapter 32 每 Leveling the affability le
Chapter 31 每 World Shattering Rage for
Chapter 36 每 Lil* White, the Eliminate
Chapter 35 每 Team Invitation
Chapter 34 每 Solo Offline
Chapter 39 每 The little dragon slayer e
Chapter 38 每 Want to leave after doing
Chapter 37 每 Who*s hotter
Chapter 42 每 How can a ghost girl be so
Chapter 41 每 Testing
Chapter 40 每 Old Man Xiao*s Invitation
Chapter 45 每 Su Yan*s string is linked
Chapter 44 每 Linking
Chapter 43 每 Taking in the ghost girl
Chapter 48 每 Liu Jing*s strangeness
Chapter 47 每 They*re all people with a
Chapter 46 每 Huge Scene!
Chapter 51 每 Dog Father
Chapter 50 每 First meeting
Chapter 49 每 The Great Sage*s Life-Sav
Chapter 54 每 The Script shouldn*t be l
Chapter 53 每 Zichen-gege
Chapter 52 每 Hao Wen got out of prison
Chapter 57 每 The class rep*s invitatio
Chapter 56 每 Lil* White wakes up.
Chapter 55 每 Gu Tian
Chapter 60 每 I*m a ghost servan
Chapter 59 每 Black and White Impermanen
Chapter 58 每 Old Man Su is in danger
Chapter 63 每 Taibai Jinxing sought him
Chapter 62 每 White Impermanence wants
Chapter 61 每 The chance is here
Chapter 66 每 The truth shall be reveale
Chapter 65 每 Reincarnation of a deity?
Chapter 64 每 Treasure Shop
Chapter 69 每 Celebrity Contes
Chapter 68 每 Sense of justice
Chapter 67 每 Requisitioning your car
Chapter 72 每 Repay me with your body
Chapter 71 每 A person with a story
Chapter 70 每 Beg me
Chapter 75 每 Another marriage string
Chapter 74 每 Old Lord Taishang*s Speci
Chapter 73 每 Yue Lao buys cigarettes
Chapter 78 每 Ideas for the Convenience
Chapter 77 每 The Dragon Kings of the Fo
Chapter 76 每 Harming the bystanders
Chapter 81 每 Hao Wen*s Threa
Chapter 80 每 Fatty Bai Yield
Chapter 79 每 The Talent Agency sought h
Chapter 84 每 Affability Level that flew
Chapter 83 每 Su Yan*s affability level
Chapter 82 每 Egotistic Yang Zhen
Chapter 87 每 The information that Ye Ro
Chapter 86 每 The Ugly Daughter-in-Law i
Chapter 85 每 The fifth Fragment of Soul
Chapter 90 每 Wu Haoyu*s reques
Chapter 89 每 Reunion
Chapter 88 每 Ye Zichen? Gu Family?
Chapter 93 每 Be
Chapter 92 每 Jing Wan*s team is establ
Chapter 91 每 Conflic
Chapter 096 每 Destined Relationships
Chapter 95 每 Confirmation of the Superm
Chapter 94 每 Another misunderstanding
Chapter 99 每 Trouble
Chapter 98 每 Adventures at the cold dri
Chapter 97 每 Supermarket Spokesperson S
Chapter 102 每 White Impermanence has a
Chapter 101 每 Old Lord Taishang the Evi
Chapter 100 每 Turning the tables
Chapter 105 每 Officer Lin treats him to
Chapter 104 每 Guo Qiang submits
Chapter 103 每 Underworld Moments, Activ
Chapter 108 每 The Conference in the Hea
Chapter 107 每 You*re sick
Chapter 106 每 I*m called Your Lungs Ou
Chapter 111 每 Lucy
Chapter 110 每 The Furious Taibai Jinxin
Chapter 109 每 Old Lord Taishang got kic
Chapter 114 每 The collaborating sisters
Chapter 113 每 Please be Merciful
Chapter 112 每 Fu Chengming*s Biaoge
Chapter 117 每 The Legal Wife has spoken
Chapter 116 每 First customer
Chapter 115 每 Zhuge Kongming
Chapter 120 每 So-called Gu family
Chapter 119 每 Ghost Suppressing
Chapter 118 每 Low EQ Gu Tian came again
Chapter 123 每 King Qinguang got capture
Chapter 122 每 Inciting Defection
Chapter 121 每 Bai Yang sought him ou
Chapter 126 每 Zu Siliang
Chapter 125 每 Lucy? Big Sis Liu Qianqia
Chapter 124 每 Deal
Chapter 129 每 Adding lifespan, is tha
Chapter 128 每 Nine Yang Life Continuati
Chapter 127 每 Only I can save her
Chapter 132 每 Method of Revival
Chapter 131 每 Forgotten Original Inten
Chapter 130 每 Fifty years of Lifespan
Chapter 135 每 The Eight Immortals* red
Chapter 134 每 Love Rival? Friend?
Chapter 133 每 I don*t need your luck
Chapter 138 每 The Spokesperson Yue Lao
Chapter 137 每 You*re too na?ve
Chapter 136 每 Old Driver
Chapter 141 每 Do me a favor
Chapter 140 每 Zhuge Kongming*s identi
Chapter 139 每 Got silently rejected by
Chapter 144 每 Got face-slapped, right?
Chapter 143 每 Dandy*s Usual Show-off
Chapter 142 每 Ripping Han Ziangzi apar
Chapter 147 每 I, Old Sun, have arrived
Chapter 146 每 False Spiritual Body
Chapter 145 每 Di Tian
Chapter 150 每 How many reincarnations?
Chapter 149 每 You! Me! Her!
Chapter 148 每 The Great Sage is my bro
Chapter 153 每 First Understanding of th
Chapter 152 每 Third Fatty Jin
Chapter 151 每 Collapsed World
Chapter 156 每 Treasure Land
Chapter 155 每 The Crazed Han Xiangzi
Chapter 154 每 The Great Sage wants to k
Chapter 159 每 Using Force?
Chapter 158 每 The World is so Small
Chapter 157 每 The Lin Family
Chapter 162 每 The Transformer Spoke
Chapter 161 每 Three Item Set for Chatti
Chapter 160 每 The Daisy will Always Blo
Chapter 165 每 Transferal with One Yuan
Chapter 164 每 Gifting a phone is only
Chapter 163 每 Gifting a phone to Han Xi
Chapter 168 每 Big Boss
Chapter 167 每 L邦 Dongbin*s Immortal H
Chapter 166 每 Thirty Million Cultivatio
Chapter 171 每 Mon-Monkey!
Chapter 170 每 Reputation Leaderboard of
Chapter 169 每 New Function activated.
Chapter 174 每 The Canopy Marshal got in
Chapter 173 每 Immortal Heart of Pure Ya
Chapter 172 每 The Underworld*s Nightma
Chapter 177 每 Lin Ru*s shitty mouth
Chapter 176 每 Su Qihu*s Tes
Chapter 175 每 Red Packet Server
Chapter 180 每 Landlord
Chapter 179 每 Old Friend!
Chapter 178 每 I finally found you
Chapter 183 每 Spiritual Body! False Spi
Chapter 182 每 Huo Da
Chapter 181 每 Applying for a Paten
Chapter 186 每 90-10 Spli
Chapter 185 每 Code of Conduct Manual
Chapter 184 每 We*re rich!
Chapter 189 每 By the rules
Chapter 188 每 Fully Gathering the Fragm
Chapter 187 每 King Qinguang has sent yo
Chapter 192 每 Dream!
Chapter 191 每 The Four Hou Brothers
Chapter 190 每 The Great Sage is leaving
Chapter 195 每 Yu*s assassination
Chapter 194 每 Is your surname Gu?
Chapter 193 每 The beaten up Di Tian
Chapter 198 每 Xie Bian*s Grandson
Chapter 197 每 One Spiritual and One Phy
Chapter 196 每 Liu Qing ran away
Chapter 201 每 The Kind Killer 每 Mu Jin
Chapter 200 每 The Spicy Gluten Loving F
Chapter 199 每 A Happy Life with a Large
Chapter 204 每 I*m watching over it!
Chapter 203 每 Gu Tian*s Deal
Chapter 202 每 Erlang Shen, who*s no lo
Chapter 207 每 The Yellow Emperor*s Des
Chapter 206 每 My Family worships Erlang
Chapter 205 每 False Marriage String
Chapter 210 每 The Fiery Eyes of Truth a
Chapter 209 每 Earning Reputation
Chapter 208 每 Sleeping on the floor pi
Chapter 213 每 Return
Chapter 212 每 The Yellow Emperor*s Bes
Chapter 211 每 Going Bungee Jumping
Chapter 216 每 Possession by the God of
Chapter 215 每 Flame Emperor*s Arrangem
Chapter 214 每 Wei Chen
Chapter 219 每 Chang*e*s Affability Le
Chapter 218 每 Died
Chapter 217 每 Human? Ghost?
Chapter 222 每 The First Voice Message
Chapter 211 每 Mystery of his Background
Chapter 220 每 Huge Gossip
Chapter 225 每 Yu*s Reques
Chapter 224 每 The Dog That*s Never Ful
Chapter 223 每 Announcing the Relationsh
Chapter 228 每 Sweetie Darling, I*m Com
Chapter 227 每 Do you think I have a cha
Chapter 226 每 Catching a Thief
Chapter 231 每 Previous Life
Chapter 230 每 Transfer Studen
Chapter 229 每 Tall Guy, You Reincarnate
Chapter 234 每 The God of Fortune Borrow
Chapter 233 每 Gongsheng, you changed
Chapter 232 每 Spiritual Soul Found
Chapter 237 每 Didn*t Only Reincarnate
Chapter 236 每 Zhang Junbao and Guo Xian
Chapter 235 每 Three-Striped Soul-Cleari
Chapter 240 每 Getting Food Poisoning fr
Chapter 239 每 Chang*e, Who Got Pimples
Chapter 238 每 Had Enough
Chapter 243 每 Entering the Underworld*
Chapter 242 每 Xie Lei*s Display of Hum
Chapter 241 每 The Dazzling Lollipop
Chapter 246 每 Abusing the Weakness
Chapter 245 每 Scum
Chapter 244 每 The Soul that Burns for L
Chapter 249 每 Borrowing Money
Chapter 248 每 I Have a Bad Temper
Chapter 247 每 Level 4 Immortal Heart of
Chapter 252 每 Two Monsters
Chapter 251 每 Change of Plan
Chapter 250 每 Exposing Li En*s True Fa
Chapter 255 每 First Clash
Chapter 254 每 A Lesson
Chapter 253 每 The End of the Troubles
Chapter 258 每 The Person In Charge of
Chapter 257 每 Ore Trading Center
Chapter 256 每 Half-Beastmen
Chapter 261 每 Literari Star*s School R
Chapter 260 每 Obligatory Education Plan
Chapter 259 每 Young Master Han, who was
Chapter 264 每 Dealing with the School I
Chapter 263 每 Buying a car
Chapter 262 每 Multi-dimensional Changes
Chapter 267 每 Ox-Head Borrows Money
Chapter 266 每 Fortune Telling
Chapter 265 每 The Five Pengci Brothers
Chapter 270 每 Yue Lao*s Relationship H
Chapter 269 每 Mortals Pissed Me Off
Chapter 268 每 Immortal Jump
Chapter 273 每 The Five Loving Brothers
Chapter 272 每 Leveled Up!
Chapter 271 每 Sun Yige*s Drastic Chang
Chapter 276 每 Soul Hooking
Chapter 275 每 Possession?
Chapter 274 每 Topical People
Chapter 279 每 If You are the One Heaven
Chapter 278 每 Video Chatting with Taiba
Chapter 277 每 The Dog that Swore to Bec
Chapter 282 每 Pretending
Chapter 281 每 Equipment!
Chapter 280 每 The Pitiful Erlang Shen,
Chapter 285 每 The Grim Reaper*s smile
Chapter 284 每 Getting into Danger
Chapter 283 每 An Invisible Slap
Chapter 288 每 Establishing One*s Own P
Chapter 287 每 Ice Empress Lu Lu!
Chapter 286 每 You dare to make a move a
Chapter 291 每 Dragon God Ring
Chapter 290 每 Chu Jingshuo
Chapter 289 每 Xie Bian*s Red Packe
Chapter 294 每 Not the Same Person
Chapter 293 每 Terrifying Woman.
Chapter 292 每 You*re Fired
Chapter 297 每 Terrifying Connections
Chapter 296 每 Force Established! Name 每
Chapter 295 每 The Sky Sovereign*s Rage
Chapter 300 每 Car Acciden
Chapter 299 每 The Bid
Chapter 298 每 Auction House
Chapter 303 每 Spiritual Consciousness i
Chapter 302 每 Huo Da is Caugh
Chapter 301 每 The Old Butler and Body D
Chapter 306 每 Su Yiyun*s True Love
Chapter 305 每 Su Yan*s Monologue
Chapter 304 每 Dragon God
Chapter 309 每 Astronomical Spending
Chapter 308 每 Great Dao of Heaven*s Bi
Chapter 307 每 Xuan-Yuan Sword*s Sheath
Chapter 312 每 The Undefended Dog Food
Chapter 311 每 The Cute Criminals
Chapter 310 每 Strange Fatty
Chapter 315 每 Temper
Chapter 314 每 Troubled Brothers
Chapter 313 每 Mysterious Fatty
Chapter 318 每 You Should Help Them Lose
Chapter 317 每 Lord Fatty*s Arrival
Chapter 316 每 A Woman Shameless to the
Chapter 321 每 Chang*e is Descending to
Chapter 320 每 Ye Zichen*s First Adver
Chapter 319 每 ※Breaking off an Engagem
Chapter 324 每 Kick Me
Chapter 323 每 Erlang Shen is Also Desce
Chapter 322 每 Taibai Jinxing Who Gets A
Chapter 327 每 Living to Ea
Chapter 326 每 An Oath by One*s Heart D
Chapter 325 每 Lu Lu, who has come to th
Chapter 330 每 My Dear Son
Chapter 329 每 Who won?
Chapter 328 每 Linhe Garden
Chapter 333 每 Nobody was Wrong
Chapter 332 每 Fallen
Chapter 331 每 Figh
Chapter 336 每 Is False Earth Immortal L
Chapter 335 每 To the Gu Household
Chapter 334 每 Son of a Saint and a Demo
Chapter 339 每 Gu Li
Chapter 338 每 That Bastard Wind Catchin
Chapter 337 每 Wind Catching Ear
Chapter 342 每 The Night of the Junior F
Chapter 341 每 Advice
Chapter 340 每 Falling Ou
Chapter 345 每 I Objec
Chapter 344 每 Election
Chapter 343 每 The Night of the Junior F
Chapter 348 每 Great Battle (1)
Chapter 347 每 Exorcism
Chapter 346 每 The Years of Effort Which
Chapter 351 每 Plantain Fan
Chapter 350 每 Descend
Chapter 349 每 Great Battle (2)
Chapter 354 每 Twelve Demon Sovereigns
Chapter 353 每 You*ve got the Wrong Per
Chapter 352 每 War God Yang Jian
Chapter 357 每 Press Conference
Chapter 356 每 A Chance Meeting With Qu
Chapter 355 每 The Heavenly Court*s Me
Chapter 360 每 Shifting the Blame
Chapter 359 每 Chain Reaction
Chapter 358 每 Let*s set a small targe
Chapter 363- The Reason Why Divinity Cou
Chapter 362 每 Escape
Chapter 361 每 Trespasser, Die!
Chapter 366 每 This is what you meant by
Chapter 365 每 Song An
Chapter 364 每 I Will Protect This Land
Chapter 369 每 An Amazing Older Sister
Chapter 368 每 Candidate for the Makeup
Chapter 367 每 Su Yan*s Abnormality
Chapter 372 每 Stone Fairy Learns to Pu
Chapter 371 每 The Nervous Yao Yue
Chapter 370 每 The Underworld*s Trouble
Chapter 375 每 Makeup Spokesperson
Chapter 374 每 Completely Ruined
Chapter 373 每 The Guilty Party Complain
Chapter 378 每 Don*t Use Him
Chapter 377 每 Substitution
Chapter 376 每 Murder in School
Chapter 381 每 Black Stockings
Chapter 380 每 The Queen Mother*s Birth
Chapter 379 每 Plan A Succeeded
Chapter 384 每 To the Underworld
Chapter 383 每 Di Zun
Chapter 382 每 Artifact Spirit-Jiejie
Chapter 387 每 The Phone*s First Missio
Chapter 386 每 Reincarnation Pool
Chapter 385 每 Meng Po! Meng Xiang!
Chapter 390 每 Getting a Subordinate in
Chapter 389 每 Advocating Justice
Chapter 388 每 Leg-Stealing Guide
Chapter 393 每 Sky Immortal Liu Qing
Chapter 392 每 The Hearts of Plotters Ar
Chapter 391 每 Various Movements
Chapter 396 每 Six Realms Patroller
Chapter 395 每 Ascension?
Chapter 394 每 Mission Accomplished
Chapter 399 每 Otherworld
Chapter 398 每 Genius
Chapter 397 每 Attributeless
Chapter 402 每 The System with a Terribl
Chapter 401 每 Abyssals
Chapter 400 每 Mo Di
Chapter 405 每 Open Ended Side Mission
Chapter 404 每 The Person Causing the Co
Chapter 403 每 Zhu Yunbai, who got with
Chapter 408 每 Lie
Chapter 407 每 Inheritance Soul Pearl
Chapter 406 每 Awkward Birthday Party
Chapter 411 每 Farewell
Chapter 410 每 Come Forth, White Tiger!
Chapter 409 每 Everybody Dispatched
Chapter 414 每 The Demon Race*s Formati
Chapter 413 每 The Ever Changing Situati
Chapter 412 每 Gif
Chapter 417 每 The Queen Mother Bites
Chapter 416 每 The Huge Change in Stone
Chapter 415 每 Disbanded
Chapter 420 每 Xuan-Yuan Sword, Yellow E
Chapter 419 每 Break Down
Chapter 418 每 Su Yan Awakens
Chapter 423 每 Helpless Decision
Chapter 422 每 Old Lord Taishang wants
Chapter 421 每 Soul Pearl Yiyuan and Xua
Chapter 426 每 The Queen Mother Receives
Chapter 425 每 Riot in the Red Packet Se
Chapter 424 每 The Xiao Family Has Come
Chapter 429 每 Taibai and the Jade Emper
Chapter 428 每 Plead
Chapter 427 每 The Destroyed Wall betwee
Chapter 432 每 Buy! Buy! Buy!
Chapter 341 每 Shock
Chapter 430 每 Chain Effects
Chapter 435 每 Gu Li Appears
Chapter 434 每 Your Highness
Chapter 433 每 Abyssals in the Modern Re
Chapter 438 每 Are You Interested in Bec
Chapter 437 每 Su Yiyun*s Strength
Chapter 436 每 Chiyou Sword
Chapter 441 每 Gathering Allies
Chapter 440 每 Familiar Feeling
Chapter 439 每 Third Fatty Jin Returns
Chapter 444 每 Who Won?
Chapter 443 每 Discharged
Chapter 442 每 Nezha*s Command Seal
Chapter 447 每 Establishment of the Heav
Chapter 446 每 Full Speed Ahead
Chapter 445 每 The Final Seven Days
Chapter 450 每 Hibiscus
Chapter 449 每 The Three Realms Sends Th
Chapter 448 每 Apocalypse
Chapter 453 每 Drown in Despair and Hatr
Chapter 452 每 Hostage
Chapter 451 每 Never Retrea
Chapter 456 每 Fight for the Lode
Chapter 455 每 Spirit Breeze Village
Chapter 454 每 Ascender
Chapter 459 每 Making Things Difficul
Chapter 458 每 The System Makes a Move
Chapter 457 每 Lil* Yu
Chapter 462 每 News Leakage
Chapter 461 每 The Work of the Explosive
Chapter 460 每 The Troublesome Black Cry
Chapter 465 每 City
Chapter 464 每 Who is the master?
Chapter 463 每 The Tower, The Clan, The
Chapter 468 每 Su Yan*s News
Chapter 467 每 Buying a Property
Chapter 466 每 Small Trouble
Chapter 471 每 Yang Jian*s Breakthrough
Chapter 470 每 Protect My Daisy
Chapter 469 每 Xue Lan Gets Married
Chapter 474 每 Shi Qian the Thief
Chapter 473 每 Pill Refiner
Chapter 472 每 Zuo Mo Making Things Diff
Chapter 477 每 Confusing Inciden
Chapter 476 每 Vengeful Hear
Chapter 475 每 Return
Chapter 480 每 Breaking Through into the
Chapter 479 每 Yue Lao*s Visit.
Chapter 478 每 Confirm Something
Chapter 483 每 Shameless
Chapter 482 每 Cooperation
Chapter 481 每 Cancelling the Engagemen
Chapter 486 每 Ruan Qingtian
Chapter 485 每 Causing Havoc at the Azur
Chapter 484 每 Going to the Azure Sky Pa
Chapter 489 每 White Jade Pendan
Chapter 488 每 Acquaintance
Chapter 487 每 Resolved
Chapter 492 每 Discipline Committee
Chapter 491 每 Key
Chapter 490 每 Han Ba
Chapter 495 每 Young Master Lil* White
Chapter 494 每 Zhuge Hong of the Phoenix
Chapter 493 每 Marry You
Chapter 498 每 Little Prince
Chapter 497 每 Bai Sha
Chapter 496 每 Stay
Chapter 501 每 How about teaching me pil
Chapter 500 每 Black Fox Zhen Yingjun
Chapter 499 每 Arrival at the Central Co
Chapter 504 每 True Purpose of the Birth
Chapter 503 每 I*m Your Third Sis
Chapter 502 每 Honor Cannot be Violated
Chapter 507 每 You*re all trash
Chapter 506 每 Seeking a Husband
Chapter 505 每 Mount Huaguo and the Wate
Chapter 510 每 Scourge
Chapter 509 每 Come and Die!
Chapter 508 每 I protect the Fox Yaos
Chapter 513 每 Hundred Years Peach of Im
Chapter 512 每 Ill-fated Relationship
Chapter 511 每 Su Yiyun and Gu Li
Chapter 516 每 Ability of the Bomb
Chapter 515 每 Since you want it, then I
Chapter 514 每 Robbing Spiritual Treasur
Chapter 519 每 The Jade Emperor*s alt a
Chapter 518 每 Jade Emperor has sent a f
Chapter 517 每 Zuo Qingcheng
Chapter 522 每 Trouble
Chapter 521 每 Pitiful Shi Qian
Chapter 520 每 Mount Supreme
Chapter 525 每 Got into huge trouble
Chapter 524 每 Unable to Withstand Flick
Chapter 523 每 Immunity Medallion and To
Chapter 528 每 The First Girl Band
Chapter 527 每 Arguing with the Jade Emp
Chapter 526 每 Cloudy Palace of the Gold
Chapter 531 每 Art of Soul Guidance
Chapter 530 每 Pill Refinemen
Chapter 529 每 I want to learn Pill Refi
Chapter 534 每 The Sickly Heavenly Cour
Chapter 533 每 Awkward Date
Chapter 532 每 Chang*e*s Visi
Chapter 537 每 I Want Your Position as
Chapter 536 每 Suspicion
Chapter 535 每 The System*s Ambition
Chapter 540 每 Girl Band Server
Chapter 539 每 News of Beast Fire
Chapter 538 每 Yang Jian*s Choice
Chapter 543 每 Envoy
Chapter 542 每 Earth Traveler Sun
Chapter 541 每 Kidnapped
Chapter 546 每 The Seven Fairies Were in
Chapter 545 每 Two Keys
Chapter 544 每 Staying in the City Lord
Chapter 549 每 Entering Mount Biluo
Chapter 548 每 Summoning the Divine Drag
Chapter 547 每 Zuo Hongxin
Chapter 552 每 Staying at the Snow Rabbi
Chapter 551 每 Strange Seal
Chapter 550 每 News about the Fire
Chapter 555 每 Rules of the Black-Robed
Chapter 554 每 Chosen One
Chapter 553 每 Gathering
Chapter 558 每 Undefeatable
Chapter 557 每 Triggered
Chapter 556 每 Third Fatty Jin*s Return
Chapter 561 每 Those who think too highl
Chapter 560 每 Defea
Chapter 559 每 Helper
Chapter 564 每 Su Yan the Runaway
Chapter 563 每 Great Emperor Qingming Ap
Chapter 562 每 Profound Art 每 Sundering
Chapter 567 每 Just try and hit me!
Chapter 566 每 Mount Supreme Appears
Chapter 565 每 Back Up
Chapter 570 每 The Enraged Su Liu*er
Chapter 569 每 Entering the Mountain
Chapter 568 每 Yang Jian and the Great S
Chapter 573 每 Enemies Only Get Angrier
Chapter 572 每 A Bit Older, and Been Thr
Chapter 571 每 The Great Deity with a Di
Chapter 576 每 A Test of Strength
Chapter 575 每 Chief Disciple of the Hun
Chapter 574 每 Trouble and Fortune Comes
Chapter 579 每 Duan Gu, who screws peopl
Chapter 578 每 Swirling Flash Plate
Chapter 577 每 A Different Ending
Chapter 582 每 Identity Exposed
Chapter 581 每 Contrac
Chapter 580 每 Tiantian, Bluey, Tenner
Chapter 585 每 A Sky Supreme Exper
Chapter 584 每 Wait there for me
Chapter 583 每 That Guy
Chapter 588 每 The Kidnapped Su Yan
Chapter 587 每 Qiu Yuan 每 The Chosen On
Chapter 586 每 Holy Woman of the Nine Li
Chapter 591 每 Come and find me in the D
Chapter 590 每 Souls
Chapter 589 每 Trouble in the Underworld
Chapter 594 每 The Domineering Lu Lu
Chapter 593 每 The Elder in the Prison
Chapter 592 每 There*s a Spy amongst th
Chapter 597 每 Figh
Chapter 596 每 Seeing Su Yan
Chapter 595 每 Poisoned Old Li
Chapter 600 每 Leyline
Chapter 599 每 Given You Everything
Chapter 598 每 The Unsealed Xuan-Yuan Sw
Chapter 603 每 Unable to Withstand Even
Chapter 602 每 Delay
Chapter 601 每 Bribery and Threats
Chapter 606 每 A Love-Hate Relationship
Chapter 605 每 Escaping from the Demon R
Chapter 604 每 Unchangeable History
Chapter 609 每 The Great Sage*s gossip
Chapter 608 每 Should I understand?
Chapter 607 每 The Same Scen
Chapter 612 每 The City Lord*s Son
Chapter 611 每 Zuo Zhencai
Chapter 610 每 Leisure House
Chapter 615 每 Blood Zombie
Chapter 614 每 Battling a Sky Immortal
Chapter 613 每 Bloodthirsty Old Man
Chapter 618 每 Chancellor of the Grand S
Chapter 617 每 Establishing Dominance
Chapter 616 每 Poisoned
Chapter 621 每 Must Kill
Chapter 620 每 The System*s Malteser
Chapter 619 每 Red Packe
Chapter 624 每 The Miraculous Dragon Bal
Chapter 623 每 We*ll Go Back
Chapter 622 每 Three Pairs of Wings
Chapter 627 每 I*m telling you, don*
Chapter 626 每 Mu Chengtian*s Visi
Chapter 625 每 Divine Stone
Chapter 630 每 Apology
Chapter 629 每 God
Chapter 628 每 Cronyism
Chapter 633 每 A Life of a Dream
Chapter 632 每 Battling Youmuu
Chapter 631 每 Clich谷
Chapter 636 每 Engagemen
Chapter 635 每 Liu Qing*s Change
Chapter 634 每 Shattering the Dream
Chapter 639 每 Going to the Sacred Land
Chapter 638 每 One Hi
Chapter 637 每 Yin Xiong*s Provocation
Chapter 642 每 Trial Nulled
Chapter 641 每 Herb Harvesting
Chapter 640 每 Daoist Temple Disciple
Chapter 645 每 Cui Twelve*s Invitation
Chapter 644 每 The Yellow Emperor*s Rei
Chapter 643 每 Not Quite According to Pl
Chapter 648 每 The Great Sacred Emperor
Chapter 647 每 Damn Rules
Chapter 646- Liu Qing*s Letter.
Chapter 651 每 Rescue
Chapter 650 每 Battle
Chapter 649 每 Third Fatty Leads an Army
Chapter 654 每 None of them are commoner
Chapter 653 每 Completely Messed Up
Chapter 652 每 Identity
Chapter 657 每 Hero
Chapter 656 每 Chaos is Coming
Chapter 655 每 Prediction
Chapter 660 每 Herbman
Chapter 659 每 The Herb Garden Undernea
Chapter 658 每 Argumen
Chapter 663 每 Repeat of History
Chapter 662 每 Meeting of the Immortal R
Chapter 661 每 The System*s Arrangemen
Chapter 666 每 Two Immortal Kings
Chapter 665 每 Who can do anything to me
Chapter 664 每 The Herbman is Mine
Chapter 669 每 Qiu Yuan*s Strength
Chapter 668 每 Retreat in order to advan
Chapter 667 每 Timing
Chapter 672 每 Before the War III
Chapter 671 每 Before the War II
Chapter 670 每 Before the War I
Chapter 675 每 Your King Has Returned!
Chapter 674 每 Chaos has Come
Chapter 673 每 Before the War IV
Chapter 678 每 A Slight Problem with the
Chapter 677 每 They Are Unworthy
Chapter 676 每 Changing Sides and Betray
Chapter 681 每 Bi*an
Chapter 680 每 Traitor
Chapter 679 每 The Two Clowns
Chapter 684 每 Qiu Yuan*s story
Chapter 683 每 Think up a plan
Chapter 682 每 Sky Supreme Liu Qing
Chapter 687 每 The Fall of Qiu Hai
Chapter 686 每 Personal Feelings and Gre
Chapter 685 每 Going to Pool City
Chapter 690 每 Qiu Hai is alive again
Chapter 689 每 Master Yao
Chapter 688 每 Let the game begin!
Chapter 693 每 Mental Warfare
Chapter 692 每 Revolts
Chapter 691 每 Qiu Yuan makes a move
Chapter 696 每 Secre
Chapter 695 每 King!
Chapter 694 每 Arrogance!
Chapter 699 每 Publicizing His Identity
Chapter 698 每 The Law Appears
Chapter 697 每 True Strength of the Whi
Chapter 702 每 Heaven-Shrouding Formatio
Chapter 701 每 Messenger of the God Real
Chapter 700 每 Who permitted you to sit?
Chapter 705 每 Guest from the Beast Regi
Chapter 704 每 Six Months Later
Chapter 703 每 Parallel Dimension
Chapter 708 每 Comforting
Chapter 707 每 Liu Qing*s news
Chapter 706 每 Liu Qing the Messenger
Chapter 711 每 The Ley Line Surfaces?
Chapter 710 每 The Demons* Actions
Chapter 709 每 Action
Chapter 714 每 Regaining the Cities
Chapter 713 每 The Eight Formation Origi
Chapter 712 每 Mirage Formation
Chapter 717 每 Primordial Dragon
Chapter 716 每 Consecutive Breakthroughs
Chapter 715 每 Prepare for a Beatdown
Chapter 720 每 Condition
Chapter 719 每 The New Master of the Law
Chapter 718 每 Making a Scene
Chapter 723 每 The Demon Realm*s Change
Chapter 722 每 Death of Great Emperor Yo
Chapter 721 每 The Vanished Ley Line
Chapter 726 每 You are far better than m
Chapter 725 每 The Cuckoo and the Swallo
Chapter 724 每 Lord Gu Li
Chapter 729 每 King Qinguang turned as w
Chapter 728 每 The Innocent Nezha
Chapter 727 每 Reports Shall be Rewarded
Chapter 732 每 The Jade Emperor*s Thoug
Chapter 731 每 Didn*t I Come In Anyways
Chapter 730 每 Heavenly Court Blacklis
Chapter 735 每 Her
Chapter 734 每 Foreign Call
Chapter 733 每 Jade Emperor Arrives
Chapter 738 每 Not Friends but Foes
Chapter 737 每 First Meeting
Chapter 736 每 Xiao Yumei Returns
Chapter 741 每 Four Directional Spirit A
Chapter 740 每 I*ve come to find you
Chapter 739 每 Six-Leafed Lotus
Chapter 744 每 I beg of you
Chapter 743 每 Extreme of Fire
Chapter 742 每 Diviner
Chapter 747 每 Six Months
Chapter 746 每 He is Big Brother*s Frie
Chapter 745 每 Time*s Up
Chapter 750 每 Prophecy
Chapter 749 每 Bi*an Is Injured
Chapter 748 每 Spatial Collapse
Chapter 753 每 I Don*t Trust You
Chapter 752 每 Trap
Chapter 751 每 An Useable Pawn
Chapter 756 每 The Clan Head
Chapter 755 每 The Jade Emperor Ascends
Chapter 754 每 That*s where my home is
Chapter 759 每 Finally Here
Chapter 758 每 Handover
Chapter 757 每 Love
Chapter 762 每 Who are you threatening w
Chapter 761 每 Who dares to object!?
Chapter 760 每 Why are you so confident?
Chapter 765 每 Let him go
Chapter 764 每 Grand Fortune
Chapter 763 每 I refuse
Chapter 768 每 The Heavily Injured Lu Lu
Chapter 767 每 The heavens have not aban
Chapter 766 每 Three Things
Chapter 771 每 Nine-Tails
Chapter 770 每 Yang Jian Gets Injured
Chapter 769 每 Lady Providence
Chapter 774 每 Compensation
Chapter 773 每 The Emperor and the Serva
Chapter 772 每 Houqing
Chapter 777 每 Moment of Emergency
Chapter 776 每 Sky Repairing Stone
Chapter 775 每 Nuwa Descends
Chapter 780 每 Strange Things
Chapter 779 每 Salvaging the Situation
Chapter 778 每 The Woman With the White
Chapter 783 - The Loli-voiced Girl
Chapter 782 - The Flame Qilin*s Migh
Chapter 781 - Denglongs True Power
Chapter 786 - Three Feet of Ice, an Ins
Chapter 785 - Sixth-level Soul-locking F
Chapter 784 - What will Become of the Th
Chapter 789 - Do you Dare Fight me One-o
Chapter 788 - Secure in his Strong Backi
Chapter 787 - Flying Zombie
Chapter 792 - Fused with an Abyssal
Chapter 791 - Big Sister Xiang, Help me
Chapter 790 - The Xuan-Yuan Dragon Slayi
Chapter 795 - Heavenly Tribulation Ligh
Chapter 794 - Divine Bestowal
Chapter 793 - Death? And Rebirth!
Chapter 798 - Big Sister
Chapter 797 - Another Bol
Chapter 796 - The Eighty-first Bolt of H
Chapter 801 - Back Then 3
Chapter 800 - Back Then 2
Chapter 799 - Back Then 1
Chapter 804 - Amitabha
Chapter 803 - The Dominating Su Liu*er
Chapter 802 - Heart Demon
Chapter 807 - Follow me
Chapter 806 - Tit for Ta
Chapter 805 - The Buddha
Chapter 810 - Is This Some Kind of Chick
Chapter 809 - The Buddha*s Tes
Chapter 808 - Oh Merciful Buddha
Chapter 813 - The Turning Point of Desti
Chapter 812 - Recondensed Godhead
Chapter 811 - Take a Treasure
Chapter 816 - Lady Providence Departs
Chapter 815 - The Origin of the Bells
Chapter 814 - Xia Liuli and King Zhou of
Chapter 819 - The Lord of Seven Stars
Chapter 818 - The Su Sisters First Meeti
Chapter 817 - Three Chances
Chapter 822 - Obscuring Secret Truths
Chapter 821- Emperor Chaofeng
Chapter 820 - Selection
Chapter 825 - Emperor Star, Auxiliary S
Chapter 824 - The Emperor Star Lights Up
Chapter 823 - The Emperor Star
Chapter 828 - An Invitation
Chapter 827 - Zuo Mo*s Changes
Chapter 826 - The Heavens Chose Two Empe
Chapter 831 - I Have the Perfect Plan
Chapter 830 - Verbal Warfare
Chapter 829 - Arriving Uninvited
Chapter 834 - Start your Performance
Chapter 833 - Inciting a Rio
Chapter 832 - Living Sacrifices
Chapter 837 - Don*t Let Them Down
Chapter 836 -The Goddess of War
Chapter 835 - Bright Moon
Chapter 840 - Black Dragon Arrives
Chapter 839 - Everyones Here
Chapter 838 - Zhao Ziming*s Murderous A
Chapter 843 - Who are they?
Chapter 842 - A Crowd of Mirror Images
Chapter 841 - Reversing the Situation
Chapter 846 - How could it be you?
Chapter 845 - Departure
Chapter 844 - Long time No See
Chapter 849 - The Night Before the Strug
Chapter 848 - The Master of the Laws Can
Chapter 847 - Su Yiyun*s Intentions
Chapter 852 - Finally Crossing Swords
Chapter 851 - Mutual Dread
Chapter 850 - Forced Teleportation
Chapter 855 - Arena
Chapter 854 - Yang Jian is going to Asce
Chapter 853 - An Inescapable Space
Chapter 858 - Stubbornness
Chapter 857- Listen to Me
Chapter 856 - Disappointed
Chapter 861 - Living in Darkness
Chapter 860 - I Chose You, You Decided o
Chapter 859 - A Consciousness like the M
Chapter 864 Gu Li
Chapter 863 - The Same Result, Countless
Chapter 862 - Star of Slaughter
Chapter 867 - The Worst Has Yet to Come
Chapter 866 - Beast God Soul Crystal
Chapter 865 Just Watch Him Die
Chapter 870 Earnest Teachings
Chapter 869 - Yang Jian vs. Gu Zichen
Chapter 868 - Battle Intent of the Stars
Chapter 873 - Voting for the Master of
Chapter 872 - The Young Lady of the Xiao
Chapter 871 - Wiping Out Tribulation Lig
Chapter 876 - A Battle for the Future
Chapter 875 Provocation
Chapter 874 - The Two Emperors Mee
Chapter 879 Defea
Chapter 878 - A Tentative Exchange of Bl
Chapter 877 - Voting
Chapter 882 - Recommendations
Chapter 881 - A Tie
Chapter 880 - Take my Staff!
Chapter 885 - The Deciding Vote
Chapter 884 - The Probationary Meng Po,
Chapter 883 - Withdrawal and Rejection
Chapter 888 - Yuan Hong*s Death
Chapter 887 - The Detestable Great Sage
Chapter 886 - A Brazen Attack
Chapter 891 - The Path You Must Walk
Chapter 890 - The Enraged Great Sage
Chapter 889 - True Fury
Chapter 894 - Double-layered Formation
Chapter 893 - Breaking the Formation
Chapter 892 - The Great Sage in a Mirage
Chapter 897 - The Maddened Great Sages W
Chapter 896 - A Berserk Gian
Chapter 895 - Someone from a Higher Real
Chapter 900 - Facing Despair
Chapter 899 - Extend your Life
Chapter 898 - A Changed Future
Chapter 903 - Absolute Suppression
Chapter 902 - If not for you, I might*v
Chapter 901 - Heaven-shaking Fury
Chapter 906 - Burned Ou
Chapter 905 - Ambush
Chapter 904 - Two Against One
Chapter 909 - Its Up to Me to Buy Time
Chapter 908 - You*ll Always be a Beast,
Chapter 907 - Listen Obediently
Chapter 912 - A Reason to Bloom
Chapter 911 - The Black Rose Shall Bloom
Chapter 910 - Sorcerer
Chapter 915 - Going Out with a Bang
Chapter 914 - The Price of Blooming
Chapter 913 - Black Rose, Bloom!
Chapter 918 - Facing the Progenitors Sin
Chapter 917 - The Might of the Fifth Ros
Chapter 916 - Get the Battle Over With
Chapter 921 - Jiangchen, I Want Your Dog
Chapter 920- A Floral Burial
Chapter 919 - Wither, Blooming Black Ros
Chapter 924 - Psychological Warfare
Chapter 923 - Taking Action!
Chapter 922 - Accompany her to the Grave
Chapter 927 - Probing
Chapter 926 - Provocation
Chapter 925 - Complete Disappearance
Chapter 930 - A Lead
Chapter 929 - Shock
Chapter 928 - Indignation
Chapter 933 - My Life
Chapter 932 - Suspicion
Chapter 931 - Late-night Discussion
Chapter 936 - But Surely I Can?
Chapter 935 - It was him
Chapter 934 - The Dragon Race Spy
Chapter 939 - Enlightenmen
Chapter 938 - You Have to Wait a Little
Chapter 937 - Judgmen
Chapter 942 - Put an end Them
Chapter 941 - Four Beast Formation
Chapter 940 - The Sacred Beast Clans Ass
Chapter 945 - Clearing up Confusion
Chapter 944 - The Flying Serpent Clans B
Chapter 943 - Who did it?
Chapter 948 - An Unforeseen Inciden
Chapter 947 - Before the Battle
Chapter 946 - Sending in the Troops
Chapter 951 - Please Go Ahead
Chapter 950 - Only if you Dare
Chapter 949 - Are you at Ease?
Chapter 954 - Take our Bombs!
Chapter 953 - Ambush Site
Chapter 952 - There*s Someone Backing U
Chapter 957 - Accompanimen
Chapter 956 - How About I Let you?
Chapter 955 - A Friend*s Love is Thinne
Chapter 960 - Im Sorry
Chapter 959 - The Empress has Arrived
Chapter 958 - Determination
Chapter 963 - The Seven Treasures Pagoda
Chapter 962- Intimidation
Chapter 961 - Try it if you Dare
Chapter 966 - The Immemorial Divine Bell
Chapter 965 - The Golden Cicada
Chapter 964 - Heavenly Emperor of Suprem
Chapter 969 - The White Tiger*s Roar
Chapter 968 - Little Lorie*s Man-eating
Chapter 967 - Settling the Score
Chapter 972 - I am the Laws
Chapter 971 - Despair
Chapter 970 - The White Tiger*s Death
Chapter 975 - Come Back with me
Chapter 974 - The Rewards of Hunting the
Chapter 973 - The Man Behind the Curtain
Chapter 978 - Agree to our Reques
Chapter 977 - Xia Hua*s Feeling of Help
Chapter 976 - Absolute Power
Chapter 981 - Su Liu*er*s Divine Tribu
Chapter 980 - The Absolutely Invincible
Chapter 979 - A Vermillion*s Bird*s Ni
Chapter 984 - Bai Di, the White Emperor
Chapter 983 - Su Yiyun*s Strange Behavi
Chapter 982 - Heart Demon Heavenly Tribu
Chapter 987 - Remembering That Year
Chapter 986 - I*ve got a Present for yo
Chapter 985 - Big Brother
Chapter 991 - Giving In
Chapter 990 - Undergoing Tribulation Aga
Chapter 988 - Eighth-level Soul-locking
Chapter 994 - Ask?
Chapter 993 - Xuan Ji*s Fury
Chapter 992 - I Don*t Care
Chapter 997 - The Divine Tribulation End
Chapter 996 - The Veiled Woman
Chapter 995 - Barging In
Chapter 998 - You*ve Still Got this Old