Chapter 1093 - This is the smell of an exper

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1093: This is the smell of an expert

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    The next day!

    At the airport.

    Zhang Zhao Yang took out his handphone and started the live broadcast.

    “666… It appears that the sun has risen from the west today. Brother Yang has actually started his live broadcast at such an early hour. Wow, where is this? Are you going on a holiday, Brother Yang?”

    He scanned the entire area with the camera lens.

    “F*ck, Master Lin is there as well. Brother Yang, where are you guys running off to?”

    “My female goddess is there as well. Although the only person who can win her over is Master Lin, it does not change the place of the female goddess in my heart.”

    “D*mn, there’s also a huge smile on the face of Fraud Tian. Could it be that Master Lin has struck rich and he is bringing you guys out to play?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang shouted right into his phone, “My old brothers, something huge has happened. Have you guys heard of the Kunlun mountain range? That’s where we’re headed now. We are going there to host a large-scale global martial arts exchange. As Master Lin’s employees, we have been invited to attend the event.”

    “However, as your great Brother Yang, I will definitely let you guys see every single aspect of it. The moment I get to the Kunlun mountain range, I will broadcast everything that happens live.”

    His faithful fans were all super excited after they heard that.

    “Sh*t, that’s too awesome. We are getting such an amazing opportunity, we really have to carefully watch every single bit of it. Okay, enough talking. Let’s just let Brother Yang guide us into the unknown.”

    “I’m so excited for this. However, from Shanghai to Kunlun mountain is such a long journey. They will have to go to Urumqi.”

    “Going to the Kunlun mountain range is pretty much like going to hell. Who in the world is so awesome to actually host an event over there? Just hearing about it makes me feel bad for you guys for having to go all the way there.”

    “Brother Yang, you better deliver. You better not forget what you said in this broadcast. We are all dying to see what happens in that region.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang saw all the messages that were sent to the live broadcast and felt very satisfied. He was also filled with anticipation, to be able to attend such an event.

    Brother Lin had told him that this was the place that all the martial arts experts gathered. However, he did not know if any of them even knew the 18 Palms of the Descending Dragon, the Jiu Yun Shen Gong or other sorts of martial arts.

    “Relax. With your Brother Yang here, you guys won’t miss out on anything. Okay, I have to go and board my flight soon so I’m ending the broadcast here. It’s going to be very tiring have to fly such a long distance.”

    After turning off the broadcast.

    Zhao Zhong Yang said, “Brother Lin, what time are we boarding the plane?”

    Lin Fan took a look at the time before saying, “Wait a moment. Once the people from the association arrive, we can move off.”

    Then, Jiang Fei brought some people over and said, “President Lin.”

    Lin Fan looked at the people who had arrived and could not help smiling as he said, “They’re here. We can board the plane now.”

    This time, the association had gotten Jiang Fei and Wang Yun Jie to bring a few people over. To have Lin Fan lead them and guide them, these people were super excited to go to the Kunlun mountain range.

    After all, they had never been there before. However, all the things they had heard about that area made it sound very scary.

    Also, this event was a super huge one. If it was not for the association, they were afraid that they would never have such an opportunity in their lifetimes.

    “Is everyone here?” Lin Fan asked.

    “Everyone is here. We should be able to board the flight already,” Jiang Fei said.

    When some of the people behind Lin Fan saw him, they were filled with admiration. Naturally, they all knew about Master Lin. Also, when they entered the association, they all knew that Master Lin would be their vice-president. It was a great honor to them and it made them feel very proud inside.

    And right now, their eyes were locked onto him, shining bright with admiration as they looked on to him. If it was not for the fact that they had come here with Jiang Yun and Wang Yun Jie, they probably would have surrounded him already and asked for his autograph.

    “Come, let’s move out,” Lin Fan said as he waved his hand, leading the entire group towards the plane.


    After a long period of time.

    Urumqi Airport.

    A plane burst through the clouds as it descended from the sky.

    Zhao Zhong Yang took a glance at the time and said, “Sh*t, we’ve already been flying for five hours. This is already scary enough but we still have to travel a thousand kilometer road to get to the Kunlun mountain range. We’ll have to drive there.”

    “Ah, these b*stards. Of all places to host an event, they choose this kind of bullsh*t location,” Lin Fan said. Inside, he was also filled with a large amount of animosity.

    They had come all the way here, so turning back was simply not an option.

    At the same time, he finally realized why President Nui would not come here. There was a pretty high chance that one would die halfway through this journey.

    Jiang Fei came in front of Lin Fan and said, “Master Lin, it’s 1 PM right now. We should go and get lunch before getting a ride to the Kunlun mountain range. Over there, there will be people to receive us.”

    “Okay, that works,” Lin Fan said as he nodded his head. Jiang Fei was familiar with this route so Lin Fan just decided to follow whatever he suggested.

    Zhao Zhong Yang opened up the live broadcast and started to document their journey. At the same time, he was also trying to film all the things that were going on around him. Then, when the camera lens fell on Fraud Tian, he realized that Fraud Tian had a very serious look on his face. This made him feel a little suspicious so he gave him a little nudge.

    “Fraud Tian, what’s up?”

    Fraud Tian remained in his very serious state as he said, “I have already smelled the odor of an expert. There is an expert around here just a few hours ahead of us.”

    “Odor?” Zhao Zhong Yang replied. He was dumbfounded by Fraud Tian’s statement. He took a whiff of the air around him and then said, “I don’t smell anything. Are you sure that you aren’t just going crazy?”

    “You are the one who is going crazy. I, Tian, have been around for a long time and my sense of smell is one of the most sensitive ones around. You see, the footprint here has definitely been left by someone who is extremely strong,” Fraud Tian said as he pointed at a muddy footprint on the ground.

    “You’re crazy,” Zhao Zhong Yang said. He was left completely speechless as he felt that Fraud Tian had been acting very weirdly ever since they had gotten here.

    Then, an elderly lady came over to where they were with a broom in her hand and said, “Excuse me for a moment. It’s so weird that there was a beggar taking this flight as well. The even weirder thing was that his entire foot was covered in mud. He really is ridiculous.”

    Fraud Tian became excited as he said, “You see? What did I say? This is an expert. He doesn’t care about formalities. Now that there’s such a grand event, he’s coming out into the world again.”

    Lin Fan glanced over at the two of them and said, “What are you guys doing? Get moving. We have to go get lunch before we start moving out.”

    “Oh!” Zhao Zhong Yang exclaimed as he acknowledged Lin Fan’s call. Then, he looked at the camera and said, “My brothers, don’t be fooled by Fraud Tian’s calm and collected looks. From what I’ve seen, I’ve realized that he is actually crazy. He has completely lost it ever since he left Cloud Street.”

    Fraud Tian grabbed Zhao Zhong Yang’s neck and then shifted the camera lens to himself and said, “Don’t listen to this rascal’s bullsh*t. I’ve traveled the world for decades. How could I possibly be wrong about my observation?”

    Lin Fan looked at the two of them and shook his head. Then, Wu You Lan grabbed onto Lin Fan’s arm and guided him outside.

    Outside the airport.

    Fraud Tian and Zhao Zhong Yang continued to argue. However, before they could even step out of the area, someone approached them.

    “Sirs, please pity me and give me some money.” A beggar approached them and looked at them with a very pitiful face.

    Zhao Zhong Yang was stunned as he could not believe that there would be a beggar at the airport. Then he asked, “Did you come here by airplane?”

    The beggar nodded and replied, “Yes, I did.”

    “Haha,” Zhao Zhong Yang started to laugh. He took out a 50 dollar note and handed it to the beggar. Then, he turned to Fraud Tian and said, “Fraud, this is awesome. This is the expert that you were talking about.”

    Fraud Tian heard this and then looked over at the beggar. “You…”

    The beggar smiled, revealing his black teeth and saying, “Boss, you are very rich. Share some of your wealth with me…”

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