Chapter 1093.1 - I dabble a bit in everything

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1093.1: I dabble a bit in everything

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    The group them had a simple meal before immediately boarding the chartered vehicle and heading towards the Kunlun mountain range.

    With regards to going to such a remote and far away place, everyone was extremely curious as to how it was going to be. After all, this was not the type of place that they would have the chance to visit frequently. They may not even ever come back to this place ever in their entire lifetime.

    After all, China is such a big country. There were a lot of places that people considered to be mystical and magical. However, many people opted to just go overseas for holidays rather than explore China.

    Even though some of the people in China would want to go on such a mystical adventure, due to their friends’ persuasion, in the end, they would just opt for a simpler vacation location.

    Meanwhile, Fraud Tian was very depressed. He felt like he had been cheated.

    Zhao Zhong Yang took out his phone and then pointed the lens at Fraud Tian. He was laughing as he said to his live broadcast’s loyal fans, “Everyone, take a look. Fraud Tian isn’t in a very good mood right now. The ‘expert’ that he sensed was actually a beggar who took the plane here to beg for money.”

    “Go away. Don’t disturb me,” Fraud Tian said as he waved his hand, motioning for Zhao Zhong Yang to go away as he did not want to speak to him at all. Right now, he was in a really bad mood as the situation was totally different from what he had expected.

    In the past, his father would bring him out to travel across the country. Whenever he found someone who was out of the ordinary, especially in those clean and luxurious areas, that person would definitely be an expert.

    Thus, at the airport, when he saw that footprint of mud, he felt like that was the case as well.

    However, it seemed like times had changed. Even his occupation had changed already.

    Lin Fan closed his eyes and tried to rest. This time around, he did not feel like it was a very big event. However, they had to come to such a far and remote location. And due to the fact that it was a martial arts exchange, with many big shots coming from all over the world, conflicts were going to be inevitable.

    President Niu clearly was afraid that something like this would happen, thus, he requested for Lin Fan to be the one to take charge and lead them over there.

    Then suddenly, he felt that there was someone touching his arm. He immediately opened his eyes and realized that there was a young man staring at him with eyes filled with adoration.

    Upon seeing that, Lin Fan smiled and said, “What’s up?”

    The young man was only 18 or 19 years old and he still looked very young and immature. However, because of his martial arts training, his body looked very strong and developed. With one look, you could tell that he was filled with vigor.

    “President Lin, what kind of martial arts do you know?” the young man curiously asked. He had wanted to ask that question since a long time ago but before this, he had not dared to. But now that they were in the car, he could not hold himself back from asking any more.

    He had heard from all over the association that President Lin was very amazing. However, he knew that President Lin would normally be selling scallion pancakes as well as attending to the sick and he would not appear much in the martial arts scene.

    “Zhang Xiao Ming, why would you ask President Lin such a blunt question?” Jiang Fei said as he glanced over. He felt that this batch of young members was very impolite. However, needless to say, he was also very curious to know the answer to that question.

    Although he knew that President Lin was very amazing, he still really wanted to know what kind of classification of martial arts President Lin specialized in.

    Lin Fan smiled and said, “It’s okay, Jiang Fei, it’s not a big deal. However, as for how many I know, it’s a little hard to answer that question as I know a little of everything.”

    “Huh?” Zhang Xiao Ming was dumbfounded. It was very clear that he had some doubts. It was almost as if he felt like President Lin was just trying to boast.

    After all, to them, it was already very difficult to become skillful in a single classification of martial arts. To dabble in every single one of them was something scary and probably unrealistic.

    Jiang Fei coughed softly. He felt like President Lin did not really want to say much about that topic so he decided to just find a way to avoid it.

    “Okay, President Lin has already answered your question so you guys don’t need to ask about it anymore. There’s still a very long way to go in our journey so you should go and get some rest. Don’t cause any trouble when we get to the Kunlun mountain range, okay?” Jiang Fei instructed the members.

    Wang Yun Jie added on, “The Kunlun mountain range is filled with crooked people. At the same time, they all practice some form of martial arts so they can be very rash, making fights a very common thing. Our main purpose of going there this time is to just take a look at the situation, as well as to honor and flatter them.”

    “Got it,” the members said as they nodded their heads. They were all extremely eager to attend the exhibition.

    For them to be chosen by the association to come here was something that made them extremely happy. You could even say that they were filled with elation to be selected.

    After all, this was a once in a lifetime chance.

    “Then isn’t this exchange going to be very dangerous?” Zhang Xiao Ming curiously asked. His mind right now was just filled with thoughts, trying to imagine what the situation over there was going to be like and whether or not it would be like what he had seen on television.

    “I can’t tell how dangerous it will be but as long as we look out for ourselves, we should be fine. Just don’t get into any conflicts with other people. Furthermore, in this day and age, with all the laws that we have in our society, there definitely won’t be cases where you will get beaten to death or anything like that. If a fight really does happen, it will probably just be injuries to your flesh and bones,” Jiang Fei said.

    When the members heard that, they all nodded, indicating that all of them understood.

    Ever since they had joined the association and learned martial arts, they had strengthened their bodies. As a result, there had been times where they had had to use that to act heroically. However, they had never even thought about using their martial art abilities to fight other people.

    If they were to injure someone, they would have to take responsibility for it. They would probably end up having to pay money. If things got even more serious, they could even be thrown into jail.

    Do you really think that the moment you learn?a bit of?martial arts, you can start going around and starting teaching people a lesson?

    People nowadays are all very astute.

    They remembered that they had this one friend, who had learned a bit of martial arts and thought that he was d*mn awesome. Whenever he got into an argument with other people, he would immediately resort to using his fists to teach the opposite party a lesson.

    However, that guy knew how to send a message but did not dare to leave a huge mark on the other party. He would always just hurt the other person a little but he would never injure them badly.

    However, in the end, the person that he had beaten went to grab some tools to hit his own hand, breaking it. After all of that, he went to report it to the police and went to the hospital.

    The ending goes without saying. That friend had to pay the other guy money and was also thrown behind bars. It was a miserable thing and it had also taught them a very important lesson – don’t fight with other people.?If you really want to fight with someone, you better get your wallet ready and be prepared to go to jail.

    Don’t start crying for your mum and dad after all of that. You would just be embarrassing yourself.

    The vehicle was jerking about, making it hard for everyone to sleep. However, when they all took a look at Master Lin, completely knocked out on the chair, they were just filled with even more admiration, thinking that he was really very awesome.

    However, the outside scenery was also pretty good looking. Everyone took out their cell phones and started snapping pictures before sending them to their chat groups.

    Zhao Zhong Yang broadcasted a bit of the journey before he cut it off. After all, he had been talking all this while and his throat had started to feel a little coarse. Afterward, he followed in Lin Fan’s footsteps, putting his cap on and forcing himself to sleep.

    They traveled all the way until the following morning.

    The car stopped.

    “We’re here,” Jiang Fei excitedly said.

    The members sighed in relief. They were completely exhausted after riding in the car for so long. Some of them immediately got up and started to stretch their bodies. Then, they took a look outside and they all exclaimed in surprise, “Wow! It’s so beautiful.”

    “Look over there…” some of the members exclaimed as they pointed at the area in the distance. Over there, there was a small bit of haze accompanying a mountain that was completely covered in snow.

    To them, this sight was really too magnificent.

    Lin Fan opened up his eyes and then gave his muscles a stretch. It had been a long and tough journey but they had finally reached their destination.

    “President Lin, let’s get off the car. This is the Kunlun Mountain village, Nachitai. Pretty much everyone attending the exchange will be here. We’ll have people coming to receive us as well,” said Jiang Fei.

    “Yeah,” Lin Fan nodded and said.

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