Chapter 1095 - Experts are just that arrogan

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1095: Experts are just that arrogant

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    The next day!

    Jiang Fei had woken up much earlier and gone over and gave their door a knock. When he came over to President Lin’s room, he softly called out, “President Lin, are you awake already? The exchange is going to start soon.”

    The door opened.

    Lin Fan was already tidily dressed. He smiled and said, “I was already awake a long time ago. How about the rest of them?”

    “They have been notified already. They’ve all gotten out of bed and are washing up now,” Jiang Fei said. He was clearly very excited. You could definitely see that he was filled with anticipation waiting for this exchange.

    Although Lin Fan was not too interested in this event, the fact that there were so many people gathering together for an exchange definitely would make anyone a little excited.

    Then, the whole group of them pushed the door open. Some of them had already been filled with excitement since last night. The day they had been waiting for had finally come and it was impossible for them to contain their excitement.

    Jiang Fei waved his hand and said, “Okay, everyone, follow me. However, please don’t wander around. If you guys get lost, please come back here to the lodge. Don’t run all over the place. Got it?”

    “Got it,” the members all replied. They were all filled with excitement as they had been eagerly waiting for this event for a very long time.

    When they reached the ground floor, they realized that there was a lot of people on the street heading to the area already. The whole scene was bustling with excitement as everyone was already exchanging information about their martial arts.

    “There’s really a lot of people here,” Zhao Zhong Yang said as he took out his phone to start his live broadcast of what was going on here. Also, all his loyal enthusiasts of his live broadcast were filled with anticipation.

    After all, this was something that they would rarely ever get the chance to see. They definitely had to be excited.

    Fraud Tian looked at Zhao Zhong Yang and said, “You better carefully follow us and not get lost. From a glance at you, I can see that you have a very punchable face and that someone might come over and beat you up.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang scoffed and then shot a glare at Fraud Tian. However, after giving it a thought, he let it go. He decided that it would probably be better to just stay next to Fraud Tian as it would be safer.

    Wu You Lan firmly held on to Lin Fan’s arm and it was clear that she was not scared at all. After all, with Brother Lin by her side, there was nothing to be afraid of.

    “Where is our position?” LIn Fan asked.

    Jiang Fei looked at the admission ticket in his hand and said, “We should be in the first row. After all, we are an association, a government-approved organization. Thus, for the exchange, our position here is more important. Also, when this whole thing is done, I’ll also have to write a report to give an account of everything that happened.”

    “This feels good. Looks like I’ll be able to do an even clearer live broadcast,” Zhao Zhong Yang smiled and said. The excitement was very clearly plastered on his face.

    “Actually, any position is good already. However, there is a little bit of a risk of being here in the front row. When the rest of them are doing their exhibition. If they suddenly unload the weapons they have in their hands or they accidentally let it slip out of their hands and they fly towards us, there will be nowhere to hide at all. I guess you’ll just have to see how unlucky you are,” Jiang Fei smiled and said.

    “Huh?” Zhao Zhong Yang was a little stunned. “F*ck, that’s pretty dangerous.”

    Afterward, he rushed to shout to his loyal enthusiasts in the live broadcast.

    “My brothers, you heard that right? I’m having to go through all sorts of dangers to do this live broadcast. Don’t complain if I’m not able to do it properly. After all, this activity is not safe at all.”

    “6666… Come on Brother Yang. I’ll send you some gifts.”

    “That’s so scary, I almost peed my pants. I swear that this is the grandest exchange that I’ve ever seen and I didn’t even know that such things existed before this.”

    “That’s right. A martial arts exchange. That’s definitely not something we can see on television.”

    His loyal fans were all very excited. They felt that things would really be amazing this time. They would probably get to see some amazing characters.

    They had to travel quite a bit before they finally reached their destination. Also, the security on site was extremely strict. They had to go through an inspection just to get into the area.

    Even the most violent people had to just behave themselves and go through with the inspections.

    In the first row.

    Lin Fan and the rest of them sat down. Right in front of them was a huge arena. The arena was huge. Measuring about 10 meters in width, it would definitely allow them to exhibit their skills.

    Also, in the distance, there were a few tables with some people seated down at. These people were pretty old in age and were dressed in their training attire. All of them were looking like they were in very good spirits.

    Jiang Fei seized this opportunity to sit next to Lin Fan. He said, “President Lin, those people are the people from the three major families and the 4 major categories of martial arts. This exchange is organized by them. However, they are all descendants of masters and are not part of an association or anything like that.

    Lin Fan looked into the distance and nodded his head.

    “Are they going to fight later?” Lin Fan asked.

    Jiang Fei blushed in shame and said, “President, it is not a fight. It is an exchange.”

    “Haha… ” Lin Fan laughed. “Of course. An exchange. However, how are they even going to conduct this exchange?”

    Right now, he was very curious. After all, the people at this exchange were all experts so it was definitely going to be very intense later. With a quick glance, he could see that there were a couple of hundreds of people on the scene.

    Furthermore, inheritor of the Tiger Fists that they had met yesterday was in their midsts as well.

    The inheritor of the Tiger Fists also caught a glimpse of Lin Fan. After seeing Lin Fan, he furrowed his brows and snorted. The events that had unfolded yesterday clearly were etched in his heart.

    Fraud Tian took a look at everything that was unfolding in front of him and could not help calling out in surprise.

    “Oh my, I did not think that this would be such a large scale event. How did I not know about this before?”

    He had not thought that there was actually an event like this. If he had known about this earlier, he definitely would have come to participate.

    Where else would he have a chance to use his skills?

    Very soon, an old man appeared.

    Jiang Fei rushed to introduce him, “That man is one of the oldest and most senior descendants of the Great Sage Clan. A strike from the Great Sage Fist is something truly awesome.”

    “This Grand Emperor Fist is also known as Monkey Fist. It was created by Kou Si and further developed and made famous by his disciple, Geng Hai. This Geng Hai achieved mastery of Monkey Fist, Taizuquan, Xingyiquan, Ba Gua Zhang, Tai Chi, and other kung fu styles. He refined all these styles and created the Great Sage Pigua style, also known currently as the Great Sage style.”

    Jiang Fei spoke about all of the knowledge with so much assurance. It definitely seemed like he had done an extensive amount of research on the topic.

    The old man on the stage cupped his fist in his other hand as a sign of respect. Although he was pretty old in age, he still spoke very loudly clearly and was full of energy. He introduced himself to everyone before bowing to everyone who was below the stage.

    “Huang Ru Zhong.”

    Lin Fan nodded when he heard that name. He had not thought that he would actually be able to meet a true descendant and master of martial arts. However, in this day and age, martial arts were not very practical anymore. It was not like the old times when everyone would be learning about it.

    “Fraud Tian, do you think you can beat him?” Lin Fan smiled and asked.

    Fraud Tian looked at him and said, “Of course I can beat him. However, if he was 10 years younger, then I think my chances wouldn’t be very good. But right now, I can beat him in 10 moves.”

    “Stop boasting!” Zhao Zhong Yang, who was right next to him and was filled with excitement, turned around and said, “He such a huge figure over here. He’s definitely very strong and yet you are still talking about 10 moves.”

    “You better believe me.” Fraud Tian glared at Zhao Zhong Yang when he realized that this young man was trying to argue with him.

    Lin Fan smiled and said, “Fraud Tian isn’t boasting. What he says is true.”

    From a single glance, he could tell that Fraud Tian was definitely stronger than the other party. However, if the other guy were a bit younger, he could definitely beat Fraud Tian.

    Fraud Tian was extremely satisfied with himself as he shot a glance at Zhao Zhong Yang who did not want to say any more.

    Experts are just that arrogant.

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