Chapter 1096 - Come up if you dare

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1096: Come up if you dare

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    As all the commencement procedures came to a close, the exchange was finally getting ready to begin. The people below the stage were all getting extremely restless as they were filled with excitement. After all, they had been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

    Then, another elderly man came onto the stage and exchanged strikes with that Huang Ru Zhong fellow. Although their movements did not look very fierce, this was the true test of a martial arts expert.

    However, they were only doing a short exchange.

    “Right now, let’s have some people come up onto the stage. Let’s begin the exchange,” Huang Ru Zhang said. After that, the two of them got off the stage and left the rest to the people in the audience.

    “It’s beginning,” Jiang Fei said in excitement.

    Upon seeing that, the members of the association were also very worked up. They were all wondering what was going to happen.

    “I am Tong Ming of Yan Men Fist. Please give me your teachings.” At this moment, a man came up onto the stage and greeted everyone.

    Jiang Fei introduced them, saying, “This is a traditional martial art from the Hubei province and has a history dating back two to three hundred years. However, the passing down of the Yan Men Fist has been very complicated. Tong Ming seems to practice the authentic version and he is very strong.”

    The surrounding members looked on and listened. “I’ve never heard about this style of martial arts before.”

    “This isn’t something any ordinary person would know about. After all, our country has had many different classifications of martial arts passed down across the generations. Although you’ve never heard about it before, it doesn’t mean that it is not a strong martial art. Furthermore, a lot of the mainstream martial arts right now draw on the essence of this kind of martial arts.”

    Jiang Fei was clearly very knowledgeable, knowing all about these martial arts that no one else knew about like the back of his hand.

    Fraud Tian also nodded in approval. Although he very powerful, with his father bringing him to meet many different experts when he had been young, he still did not know much about these classifications of martial arts. After all, no one had passed on the knowledge of such martial arts to him.

    “Do you know about it?” At this moment, Fraud Tian glanced at Lin Fan and asked.

    Lin Fan smiled and said, “I do.”

    “Bullsh*t,” Fraud Tian said.

    “If you don’t believe me then forget it,” Lin Fan said as he shook his head. Ever since he had obtained the major classification of Wuxia, there was nothing that he did not know about.

    Then, another man came up onto the stage and said, “The Zhao Family Fist, Zhao Four.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang spoke softly to his phone saying, “My brothers, there’s another person coming onto the stage now and he clearly looks very hyped up. I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely very excited right now.”

    “What are these two forms of martial arts? I’ve never heard of them before.”

    “Forget about you not hearing about it before, I’ve never heard about it before either.”

    “I did a search on it If you don’t search for these martial arts, you wouldn’t even know about them. However, I was super shocked after searching for these. Our China really has a whole myriad of different martial arts. Some of them even have a great history, being passed down many generations. It seems like these martial arts haven’t really appealed to the eyes of famous people though.”

    “Because this isn’t some kind of bullsh*t, it is only something the experts can do.”

    Then, there was a change in the arena. They were starting their exchange.

    To those who had just come to witness the excitement of this event, the fight between the two of them was very intense. Those martial arts experts also continuously nodded. After all, there was no best martial art. Some of them were looking on in approval and others were trying to take notes and see the merits of the different martial arts.

    “How amazing,” the association members cried out. The fight was really very intense and it was completely different from anything that they had seen before.

    Jiang Fei was also nodding incessantly. He definitely could not match up to any of these guys. After all, he only did martial arts as a way to strengthen his body, unlike those people on stage who had had their knowledge passed down to them and could kill people with their martial arts.

    Right now, martial arts were on the decline. If they could not attract people, it would be very hard for them to survive. Thus, all the martial arts that were being passed around outside had no killing power at all and were just for strengthening the body.

    Very quickly, the performance on stage ended.

    The Yan Men Fist’s Tong Ming was slightly better.

    However, the two of them showed no sign of resentment as they cupped their fists in respect and got off the stage.

    *Clap clap clap*

    The people in the audience erupted into applause.

    The old-timers on the viewing-platform also started smiling and nodding in approval.

    “I am Zheng Bin of the Tiger Fist. Who wants to come up here and spar with me?” Zheng Bin came up onto the stage and shouted at the audience.

    “F*ck. That is the b*stard who wanted to beat me up,” Zhao Zhong Yang could not help crying out as he saw the person who came on stage.

    At that moment, Zheng Bin looked around and he walked to the front of the stage. He pointed at Lin Fan and said, “I heard that you’re from the martial arts association. Come up here and spar with me.”

    Lin Fan waved him off and said, “There’s no need for that. Our association is just here to watch, not spar on the in the arena.”

    “Hey, coward,” Zheng Bin said with disdain.

    The people in the audience started whispering amongst themselves.

    “Are those people from the association? Zheng Bin has already provoked them and yet they still don’t dare to go up on stage.”

    “Are you stupid? That Zheng Bin fellow is like an ox. None of us dare to fight him. They are just some people from an association who do martial arts to stay fit. There’s no doubt that they would not dare to go up. If they go up, they would be beaten up until they start bleeding.”

    “Hey, who would want to go up there and get beaten up? This Zheng Bin fella could probably break our bones without even breaking a sweat.”

    “I don’t understand. We are here for an exchange and yet these sort of people come over here and shout these kinds of things. Do they really have nothing better to do?”

    Fraud Tian heard that b*stard’s provocation and he could not help shouting, “Little rascal, what gives you the right to come here and kick up such a fuss. Come and let this old-timer teach you a lesson.”

    Zheng Bin took a quick glance at Fraud Tian before waving him off and saying, “Forget it. I’m afraid that one slap from me would be enough to kill you. Just stay in the crowd.”

    Then, he just completely ignored the rage that was plastered all over Fraud Tian’s face and said to the audience, “Does no one dare to fight me?”

    “I’ll fight you.”

    Then at that moment, a man, whose skin was a little dark, spoke. Also, the way he spoke was a little strange. From his appearance, it seemed like he was not from China.

    Zheng Bin looked at the man and then laughed condescendingly. “A Thai man? Come. Take a look at how badly I’ll defeat you.”

    The people in the audience saw how ferocious Zheng Bin was and just shook their heads, thinking that it was truly just youthful vigor. However, they were all filled with anticipation, waiting for the two of them to fight.

    After all, it was a fight between two very strong contestants.

    “My name is Sha Ma. Please give me your teachings,” Sha Ma said. He was a Muay Thai expert and he spoke very properly. “Let us use our martial arts to foster friendship and try not to injure each other.”

    “Cut the crap. Get you a*s here,” Zheng Bin said as he cracked his neck and signaled for Sha Ma to come over.

    Upon seeing what was going on on stage, Huang Ru Zhong shook his head and said, “This fierce Tiger Fist’s Zheng Bin is very overbearing. He is a bully. This can’t be good.”

    The people around him all nodded in agreement.

    Jiang Fei looked at the people at the scene and then whispered, “This b*stard is really too much. The people here are all experts in martial arts with good virtues and they are very noble. The competition here among people of the same craft should serve as an exchange of knowledge. What is happening now is truly an embarrassment to martial arts.”

    “This little rascal, even calling me old. If I had gone up, I would’ve beaten him up a long time ago,” Fraud Tian angrily said.

    Before long, that Thai fighter took a direct hit from one of Zheng Bin’s punches and he immediately collapsed onto the side of the stage. Then, he took a huge kick from Zheng Bin to his stomach.

    “Get out of here.”

    Sha Ma fell off the stage. His whole face was completely pale because of the pain he was experiencing.

    Lin Fan raised his hand and supported Sha Ma, saying, “Are you okay?”

    Sha Ma saw that someone was supporting his body and he suddenly felt like all the pain that he had been feeling just now had suddenly become better. He then nodded and replied, “Thanks, I’m fine.”

    “Heh, so weak. What a joke,” Zheng Bin said with disdain as he spat on the floor.

    Lin Fan furrowed his brows and said, “Don’t you think that this is a little too much? This is a martial arts exchange. Did you really have to use so much force? Don’t you have any sense of virtue?”

    Zheng Bin had turned his body around. The moment he heard that sentence, he immediately turned back around and said, “What? If you’re not happy then come up here and fight me. But given how terrified you look and how you don’t dare to come up, don’t spew this kind of nonsense.”

    “Sigh!” Lin Fan stood up and loosened up his body. “Never mind. Let’s spar then. Otherwise, people will start saying that Shanghai’s Martial Arts Association is weak.”

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