Chapter 52

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 52: I’m Not Afraid

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    “Master, how did you know?” the female reporter asked. She swore that it was her first time meeting Master Lin. Moreover, it had been a long distance relationship that she had with her ex.

    Lin Fan furrowed his brows and pointed outside. “What does it say on my door?”

    The female reporter was stunned and speechless.

    The crowd in the surrounding laughed as they replied, “Master Lin.”

    At the same time, they were all shocked at how powerful Master Lin was. Just one look at the reporter and he could tell about her boyfriend. It was unbelievable.

    “Master Lin, your predictions on Weibo all came true.?Did you predict them a long time ago?” another reporter asked.

    “Yes, of course.” Lin Fan replied confidently.

    “Master Lin, Wen Chan said that you stole his information and wanted to sue you. Regarding this, do you have anything to say?” another reporter asked.

    “Hehe, he’s in the Beijing and I’m in Shanghai. How would I have been able to steal his information? Moreover, he has only a wife and no children. How could I have obtained it?” Lin Fan replied

    Lin Fan really wasn’t bothered about Wen Chan and there was a hidden meaning in his reply.

    To the more experienced reporters, they obviously understood. If it wasn’t Wen Chan, then it had to be his wife…

    Lin Fan was full of confidence when dealing with those reporters as he made the predictions based on true ability. Therefore, he wasn’t afraid.

    “Master, have you made a wrong prediction before?” a reporter asked.

    “I’ve never been wrong before.” Lin Fan replied confidently.

    The reporters were all stunned by how confident Lin Fan was. Then, the reporter thought of all the news that had been going around and asked, “Master Lin, the number one master in the country, Wu Tian He, is the president of the Metaphysics Society. He’s said that in metaphysics, only 3 out of 10 predictions are legitimate. What do you think of this?”

    The other reporters were all eager to find out as it was a potential eye-catching headline.

    Lin Fan looked at the reporter and smiled as if he knew that the reporter was trying to imply something. Although Fraud Tian was a little dumb, he made eye contact with Lin Fan, hinting at him to not speak about that matter.

    Wu Tian He was a formidable force in the Metaphysics world and had many connections. If Lin Fan was to offend him, it would be disastrous.

    But Lin Fan was fearless. He didn’t care who it was. As long as the person said something wrong, he had to correct it.

    “This Master Wu Tian He is quite capable. At the same time, he is a kind master. He knows that his skills are not that great and he doesn’t want to deceive others. But for me, all my predictions are accurate.” Lin Fan said as he smiled.

    It’s over…?Fraud Tian was dumbfounded.?This kid is looking for trouble again…

    Meanwhile, the reporters recorded it down excitedly.

    The others in the crowd obviously didn’t know who Wu Tian He was. They were there just to look for Master Lin for him to read their fortunes.

    “Are these reporters done? We are still waiting for Master Lin, for our fortunes to be read,” the impatient crowd complained.

    Lin Fan looked at the crowd intently. They didn’t just represent money, they were potentially capable of helping him increase his reputation.

    For him to give accurate predictions and become the well-respected Master Lin wasn’t for sure yet.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, the Q&A is over. They’ve flown a long way over here and are waiting for me to read their fortunes,” Lin Fan said.

    “Yeah, you guys should move since you’re done with your questions.”

    “Master Lin, read mine first, please.”

    The reporters felt that they had made a worthwhile trip as they had obtained several pieces of potential top headlines, especially the last part about the great master, Wu Tian He.

    Perhaps it wouldn’t have a great impact on ordinary people who didn’t know who Wu Tian He was. But for those who were interested in Metaphysics, it would definitely be impactful.

    Finally, it was the moment the crowd had been waiting for.

    The reporters stood at the side, waiting to see if there were going to be any more interesting information.

    Lin Fan felt a little helpless with the situation. The questions that the townsfolk were asking were weird, but he didn’t find any major problems with them.

    Lin Fan had fully understood the rules in the Encyclopedia. They were all rules to ensure that he wouldn’t tell the people the facts directly. As long as he followed that rule of thumb, he wouldn’t be struck by lightning.

    For example, “You will get badly beaten up by someone wearing a full black outfit tomorrow.” He would get struck by lightning if he said it so directly.

    But if he just told the person that he would get beaten up the next day, the Encyclopedia wouldn’t fault him for that. Sometimes, Lin Fan wondered what exactly was the difference since it was so minute. But to the Encyclopedia, it was a huge difference.

    The fortune-telling lasted for the whole day. Finally, Lin Fan sighed in relief as he sent the last customer out of the shop at night.

    “I’m too exhausted. My lips are completely dry!” Lin Fan lay motionlessly on the chair and complained.

    Fraud Tian was also exhausted but the fact that the business was booming made Fraud Tian jump in excitement. However, he was still a little worried. “Bro, you shouldn’t have answered that reporter’s question. You’ll offend people like that.”

    Lin Fan just rolled his eyes.

    “Why should I be afraid? I just spoke the truth. You haven’t reached my level yet. Once you’re here, you’ll understand,” Lin Fan said proudly with a fearless look on his face.

    If he just followed what others were saying, then he wouldn’t be able to express his own opinions. Furthermore, what he said was nothing but the truth. Why should he be afraid?

    Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan and said, “You’re f*cking awesome, you’re good. Just wait till you get beaten up by all of them, then you’ll face the consequences.”

    “Haha, I’m not afraid. Let’s talk about something else. If things go on like this, I will die here someday. For the sake of my life, we will have to set new rules tomorrow,” Lin Fan said as he didn’t want to be the first fortune-teller to die on his table.

    “Ah, but this is earning us money.” Fraud Tian said sadly.

    “Even if you have money, you wouldn’t be able to spend it if you’re dead. Why don’t you try it?” Lin Fan rolled his eyes at Fraud Tian.?This Fraud only thinks about money.

    “I’m not as capable as you.” Fraud Tian gave in to Lin Fan. The more they interacted, the more Fraud Tian had to give in to Lin Fan.

    Meanwhile, at a certain University.

    Liu Ang Xing returned to the hostel. She saw Xu Hao Jie drinking beer alone and had a bad feeling in her heart.

    “Today’s interview…”

    “I failed.”

    Xu Hao Jie was extremely depressed. He had prepared for it for so long and he still failed it. It had dealt a heavy blow to him.

    “It’s okay, you will find a better company,” Liu Ang Xing tried to console him.

    At the same time, her trust in Master Lin increased.

    Master Lin had already said that Xu Hao Jie would have the same bad luck as Liu Ang Xing for those two days.

    Liu Ang Xing believed in his words and the fact that she had fallen down a few times today for no reason confirmed that it was indeed true.

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