Chapter 55: Destroyed on Live Stream

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 55: Destroyed on Live Stream

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    First, they gave out a hundred number tags. All the number tags were quickly taken up by the crowd. Then, twenty people were chosen out of this group of a hundred to meet Master Lin.

    Those who weren’t chosen felt really regretful while the twenty people who got chosen were all extremely excited. Most of them believed in Master Lin a lot. However, there were some who were there just for fun and did not believe in fortune-telling.

    The daily limit was twenty customers and that lightened Lin Fan’s workload by a mile. If the situation from a few days ago had continued, Lin Fan would probably have died of exhaustion.

    “Thank you, Master…”

    Lin Fan just nodded and shouted, “Last person, number 35!”

    “Number 35,” Fraud Tian shouted as he stood at the door. Fraud Tian had noticed that every one of Master Lin’s customers would give him two or three hundred dollars which was more than his daily earnings at the overhead bridge.

    “Hey, where’s number 35?” Fraud Tian shouted.

    Lin Fan sipped on his tea and said to Fraud Tian, “If the person’s not here, then consider it forfeited. Then, we can end it here.”

    Those people who did not obtain the tag to meet Master Lin were all furious at the person who had forfeited his place. They had waited for so long but did not even get to meet him and the lucky one actually disappeared. How infuriating.

    “I’m coming, I’m coming…” Then, a fashionable youngster walked over to the stall from a distance. “Hmm, didn’t expect to be chosen since I’m only here for a try. It’s going to be interesting,” the younger mumbled to himself as he was walking over with a can of cola in his hand.

    Zhao Zhong Yang did not believe in Master Lin at all. He had received prestigious education and had always found these superstitious things to be a joke.

    “So you’re Master Lin, I absolutely have no belief in you but since I’ve been chosen, just conduct a fortune-telling session for me,” Zhao Zhong Yang said condescendingly.

    Then, he took out his phone and opened a live-streaming app.

    “Didn’t expect you to be a broadcaster,” Lin Fan said.

    “Of course I am. I am a famous broadcaster on the Dou Yu broadcasting company with a fan base of a few hundred thousand people,” Zhao Zhong Yang laughed and said. When he started to broadcast, the number of viewers slowly increased to over sixty thousand people.

    On Dou Yu, he was considered a f*cking awesome being.

    “Master Lin, right? Please hold on, let me speak to my fans,” Zhao Zhong Yang immediately brushed Lin Fan aside and spoke to his phone.

    “Brothers, do you know what I’m doing now? Let me tell you. I am actually consulting the famous Master Lin from Weibo. This time, I’m here to show everyone how capable he is.” Zhao Zhong Yang said as he switched his phone to bullet screen mode, allowing people to comment on his stream.

    “No way, is that really the famous Master Lin from Weibo?”

    “I am the fortune-telling God, Master Lin. I speak for myself.”

    “Host, please expose this sh*tty master. My grandma used to help me fortune-tell when I was young. She followed the advice of a ‘master’ and made my childhood years miserable.”

    “He’s so young. He’s just a fraud and he still claims to be a godly fortune-teller.”


    “Master Lin, look. My fans don’t believe in you at all,” Zhao Zhong Yang laughed and said. He was a broadcaster and naturally liked to mess things up to attract the attention of more viewers.

    The surrounding crowd also observed the situation in the shop.

    “Looks like this youngster is here to look for trouble.”

    “Master Lin is extremely capable but the youngsters nowadays do not believe in these things anymore.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang straightened his posture, gulped down his cola and said, “Just have a casual look at me.”

    This Zhao Zhong Yang was simply too much but Lin Fan wasn’t angry at all. He looked at Zhao Zhong Yang’s facial features and said, “I advise you to not drink anymore cola.

    Go to the hospital and have a check.”

    “Oh, oh…” Zhao Zhong Yang started to laugh. He then waited to see if Lin Fan would say anything else, but to his surprise, Lin Fan remained silent.

    “That’s all?” Zhao Zhong Yang asked.

    “Yes,” Lin Fan nodded.

    “What the… Just like that? Can’t you say something else since you’re a ‘master’? For example, my wealth, love life and…Master, I am live streaming, can’t you be a little more cooperative?” Zhao Zhong Yang laughed at Lin Fan and thought everything was a joke.

    Lin Fan shook his head and laughed, “Why not look at your health instead? All good luck can only be built on a good foundation, which is your health.”

    In the broadcast room

    “6666…what a f*cking awesome Master.”

    “Haha, it’s the first time I’ve seen a master with such few words.”

    “Brother Yang must be fuming in anger. He’s already told Master Lin that he’s broadcasting, can’t he be a little more cooperative?”

    “Brother Yang must be furious…what’s his plan?”


    “Just one sentence and you claim to be a master? How meaningless. This is just too meaningless. How much is it?” Zhao Zhong Yang shook his head and said.

    “Just follow your heart,” Lin Fan said calmly.

    Zhao Zhong Yang took out a coin from his pocket and placed it on the table. Then, he said, “I feel that this session was only worth this much money. That’s all.”

    “Thank you. Let me tell you something before you leave. For your safety, please go to the hospital for a check-up,” Lin Fan said with a straight face.

    Zhao Zhong Yang shrugged his shoulders, took his can of cola and walked outside. He ranted to his phone screen, “A ‘master’ indeed. I am only twenty-two years old and I’m healthy.”

    “6666…Brother Yang revealed his age.”

    “Brother Yang, quick go for a check-up. You might even be pregnant!”

    Initially, the crowd was furious at Zhao Zhong Yang for only giving a dollar. But then they soon simmered down because they saw that Master Lin wasn’t angry at him at all.

    Then, some kind-hearted women started to talk.

    “Youngster, Master Lin is very accurate. You should really go to the hospital for a check-up.”

    “Yeah, regardless whether it’s accurate or not, going for a check-up isn’t a bad thing.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang thanked the crowd for their good intentions and said, “Thank you for your concern. I don’t believe in fortune-telling and as for my health, I know myself better than any of you.”

    Fraud Tian was infuriated when he saw that the youngster had only given a dollar. He thought he was there just to look for trouble.

    But Lin Fan just smiled like he didn’t bother much about what had happened.

    The crowd and Fraud Tian were furious when they saw how Master Lin was humiliated by this youngster but at the same time, they were also impressed by his character.

    What they didn’t know was that Lin Fan was furious on the inside. If not for the second mission, he would’ve kicked Zhao Zhong Yang and cursed, “Do you think I’m a f*cking beggar?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang was walking on the streets, talking trash to his fans as he continued with his broadcast.

    “Let Brother Yang educate you. This fortune-teller is a scammer, don’t believe him. Did you see how I just gave him a dollar? He’s just a street performer and wanted to cheat my money. He can dream on.”

    “Thank you, everyone, for your support and rockets.”

    “Brother Yang, I’ll donate more rockets to you. Why don’t you go for a check-up and prove these people wrong?”

    “Yes, Brother Yang please make them eat their own words. Take the medical report and smack them in their faces.”



    Zhao Zhong Yang depended on broadcasts to make a living. The requests made by his fans were important to him. Furthermore, to receive such a generous donation of ten rockets by a single fan meant that he had to fulfill his request.”

    “Alright, I’ll head to the hospital now and use the results to hit them in their faces tomorrow.”


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