Chapter 73 - Look, that’s the expression!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 73: Look, that’s the expression!

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    The next day, at a certain hospital.

    Zhao Zhong Yang was scared stiff after he found out about his illness, but after a few words from Master Lin, he was filled with hope again.

    What was stomach cancer?

    It wasn’t anything serious. The master already said that he had much longer to live. What was there to be scared of?

    However, his parents didn’t share the same thoughts.

    When they found out that their son had symptoms of stomach cancer, it didn’t matter whether it was in it’s early or late stages. They were both so frightened that they couldn’t eat or rest in peace, and they cried for days straight.

    Mother Zhao’s eyes were red and puffy, “Doctor, my son will be fine, right?”

    Father Zhao remained silent by the side. He had an ugly expression on his face too, and his heart was heavy with worry.

    He only had one son. If anything happened, he wouldn’t know what to do.

    The doctor said, “It’s fortunate that we discovered it early, so the success rate of treatment is high. However, it all depends on how we follow-up with the treatment.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang was already warded, but because the hospital was too boring, he continued to broadcast.

    He even changed the title of his broadcast room.

    “Fight stomach cancer with Brother Yang”

    Zhao Zhong Yang was chatting happily with his fans when he turned his head, “Mom, it’s nothing serious, there’s no need to worry.

    “Doctor, please carry out the operation as soon as possible. I have lots of things to do.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang’s attitude was so twisted that it made new viewers shocked.

    “666…the broadcaster’s attitude is crazy. If it was me who found out I had stomach cancer, I’d have been scared to death.”

    “Hehe, you must be a newcomer. You must not have seen anything like our Brother Yang’s dominant attitude.”

    “Wishing Brother Yang a speedy recovery…”

    Dou Yu operations center.

    An employee stared at the Dou Yu room, “Brother Lee. Look at this big broadcaster. He’s broadcasting his fight with stomach cancer!”

    Brother Lee, the leader of the operations center, looked at the broadcast, “Yeah, not bad. That’s Brother Yang’s broadcast room. It averages 10,000 viewers and can hit up to 200,000 viewers at its peak, so you could say he’s a big broadcaster. Moreover, his broadcasts are very positive”

    “Hasn’t our country been advocating a culture of positivity lately? Give him a homepage promotion.”

    Employee: “Alright.”

    By then, even the hospital’s doctors had given in. This young kid could face something so terrifying like cancer calmly and fearlessly. They couldn’t help but admire him.

    Mother Zhao wiped the corners of her eye, “Yang Yang, how could I not worry about this?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang chuckled, “Relax, Mom. Master Lin has already seen it all already. I’ll have a happy family in the future. You’ll even have a few granddaughters and I’ll live a long life. Don’t doubt him, he’s the reason why I found out about this illness early.”

    Right now, he only trusted three people in his life. Apart from his parents, the only other person was Master Lin.

    Master Lin’s word was more effective and useful than whatever miracle pill or treatment.

    “Who’s Master Lin?” Mother Zhao didn’t understand.

    Zhao Zhong Yang laughed as he opened the internet browser on his computer and searched “Master Lin”.

    In just a moment, a large number of results popped up.

    ‘Thanks to Master Lin’s advice, a family of three canceled a vacation and avoided a disaster’

    ‘Master Lin tells a secondary school teacher to buy a lottery ticket, and he wins the grand prize’

    ‘Master Lin gives celebrities predictions, and each one comes true.’


    The number of articles related to Master Lin amounted to over a hundred thousand.

    As Mother Zhao saw all these articles, she became fascinated.

    This time, Zhao Zhong Yang had successfully promoted Master Lin’s name.


    At Cloud Street.

    Master Lin.

    The name “Master Lin” had been spreading further and wider. Everyone who lived in nearby areas knew about this Master from Cloud Street, whose predictions were godly, but the most critical thing about him was still his absurdly delicious scallion pancakes.

    Lin Fan came to the shop early in the day, but what he saw shocked him.

    “Little Boss, you’re here. We’ve been waiting all this time. We were starting to get anxious.”

    “Everyone has queued properly. If it was anywhere else I wouldn’t care, but at LittleBoss’ place, I’d scold anyone who doesn’t queue properly.”

    In front of the ‘Master Lin’ shop, everyone was orderly. There was no pushing, no cutting of queues, everything was done in a fair and organized manner.

    Lin Fan blinked a few times. Something wasn’t right.

    “Fraud, what’s going on? There’s no one queuing for fortune-telling?” asked Lin Fan.

    Fraud Tian was puzzled as well, “I don’t know. It’s been like that since I opened the shop in the morning. Everyone was queuing for the scallion pancakes.”

    “Everyone, don’t be in such a hurry. Let me drink some tea first.”

    Without knowing when Lin Fan has started to enjoy drinking tea. A cup of tea each morning, to cleanse his body and to lift his spirit.

    Lin Fan took a sip of tea, but inside, he was anxious too. Things weren’t looking good.

    He had to complete his second task.

    If he focused on selling scallion pancakes, he would take forever to complete it.

    What Lin Fan didn’t know was that his scallion pancake customers and his fortune-telling customers had reached an agreement.

    They even created a group on WeChat.

    The group’s title was: Work hand in hand to build a better tomorrow

    The goal of this group was to have everyone queue together. For those who didn’t want to eat the scallion pancakes, they would still queue, and then get paid for the scallion pancakes afterward.

    When it was time for fortune-telling, Even the scallion pancake group would queue. If they were chosen, they would sell their queue numbers to the fortune-telling group.

    This was a win-win situation.

    When the strategy emerged, both sides agreed to work together.

    After his cup of tea, Lin Fan got up and checked again. Was there really no one queuing for fortune-telling?

    It turns out Fraud Tian had already given out the queue numbers long ago.

    Lin Fan drew out the numbers.

    Those who were chosen were overjoyed, but those who weren’t chosen weren’t depressed either because they still had a chance.

    9 o’clock.

    Cloud Street was almost at its liveliest.

    Kang Wei Fan was at a shoe shop, looking at shoes. He was 1.8 meters tall, wore glasses and he had a cultured and refined feeling about him.

    “What is that shop opposite from here? There’re so many people queuing,” Kang Wei Fan asked curiously.

    The employee giggled, “That’s Master Lin, a fortune-telling shop, but recently, it started selling scallion pancakes and the queues have gotten especially long.”

    Kang Wei Fan got interested instantly, “Are the scallion pancakes very tasty?”

    “I’ve tried queuing a few times, but never got to the front of the queue, but I heard they’re really good,” said the employee.

    “You’re just ten meters away from this shop, how could you not have tried it before?” Kang Wei Fan chuckled. He couldn’t quite believe her.

    Kang Wei Fan was the sponsor of a gourmet food programme. At the same time, he was also a gourmet himself. There were three generations of chefs before him, but he decided to get into the business of gourmet food tasting and critiquing.

    He owned a food magazine publishing firm, which was quite well-known in the gourmet food scene.

    The magazines published by them were regarded by foodies as gourmet treasures.

    Many foodies would open up the magazines during the weekends, and then look up delicious food from a certain city. They would then embark on a food adventure to that city.

    The employee could tell that this man wasn’t from around, so she asked, “Sir, you don’t really understand. This Master Lin has many rules. He limits his clients to fortune-telling, and even for the scallion pancakes, they have to queue for numbers. This limits the number of orders.”

    “There are so many rules?” Kang Wei Fan was getting even more interested.

    “Yeah, those who eat his scallion pancakes all let out a ridiculous expression. How does one describe it…do you know about Chūka Ichiban, the cartoon?” The employee was young. She was a 90’s baby, and Chūka Ichiban was part of her childhood.”

    Kang Wei Fan laughed, “That cartoon where delicious food shine right?”

    “Right, that one. These scallion pancakes may not shine, but when people eat it, their expressions are just like those in the cartoon, as if they’ve taken some kind of drugs.”

    Kang Wei Fan glanced at the shop, “Real gourmet foods make your whole body go limp, they pleasure your taste buds and this ridiculous expression…”

    Before he could finish his sentence, a teenager, with a scallion pancake in his hand, took a bite of it. He then let out an expression that even Kang Wei Fan thought was ridiculous.

    The employee pointed to the teenager, “Look, that’s the expression.”

    Kang Wei Fan shook his head. He thought that it was a little too exaggerated.

    “Give me this pair of shoes.” Kang Wei Fan was dumbfounded, but at the same time, he was skeptical.

    Even the most delicious food on the planet wouldn’t cause someone to make this kind of crazy expression.

    Perhaps only the hosts of gourmet food television programmes would make this kind of expression, but that was just acting.

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