Chapter 101 - It's all original

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 101: It’s all original

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    At the stadium.

    Only 12 out of the 24 contestants on ‘The New Voice’ could progress to the next round.

    However, there was a tie. Also, at the judging panel, Mentor Qi Ming had been extremely unhappy with Ying Jin and had left the arena in anger which caused the program to end unexpectedly.

    With such a situation, the host was at a loss. He thought there was going to be a mess. This live broadcast of the show had only been made possible by their courageous and constant assurance that nothing would go wrong.

    They all knew about Mentor Qi Ming’s temper and when they were trying to host this program, the first person that they had thought of was Mentor Qi Ming.

    People were unsure of the program’s credibility and many thought that it would be rigged. But now that Mentor Qi Ming was a judge, people could be more certain of the program’s credibility. He had exposed many programs before, which offended many hosts. As a result, many people did not dare to employ him as a judge, but this program’s organizer was willing to do so.

    But they hadn’t expected to have miscalculated Ying Jin. They had been certain of her professionalism and fame, which was why they had employed her to be a judge. But they hadn’t expected her to rig the results by using her status.

    Now that they thought of it, Ying Jin had been involved in several dirty tricks and it wasn’t just for this type of competition. Some were as ridiculous as influencing the results of singer awards which left many people helpless.

    They expected their viewership rate to decrease after such a big incident but the viewership rate actually increased by a mile and became the top viewed program. They were extremely happy with it.

    Outside the stadium.

    “What brings the big boss here today?” Lin Fan asked.

    Wang Ming Yang just laughed and said, “How could I not come? Although it’s just a 12 out of 24 selection round, now it seems like it’s more important than the grand finals.”

    Lin Fan wasn’t even bothered by what was going on. He said, “Actually, there aren’t any problems, I just hope she doesn’t come back and screw with the results again.”

    Wang Ming Yang was enraged when he heard Lin Fan’s words, “If she dares to return and resort to dirty tricks again, I will definitely rush up onto the stage and beat her up.”

    “Wow, you’re a billionaire and you dare to do that? Aren’t you afraid of ruining your image?” Lin Fan laughed and asked.

    “F*ck image. If this old hag dares to fiddle with the results again, you’ll see what I’ll do to her.” Wang Ming Yang was a hot-tempered man and if he were to find out that the results were rigged, things might really become ugly.

    Lin Fan looked at his watch and said, “It’s almost time, we should go in.”


    In the stadium.

    Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang sat really close to the front and they were near the judges too. It was as if they had prepared the best position to KO Ying Jin.

    The audience slowly made their way and filled the seats as they discussed the competition. The main talking point was the battle between Wu Huan Yue and Wang Yu Chen. It was extremely difficult to get hold of the entry tickets. There were so many people who wanted to watch the competition live but didn’t manage to do so, but for a wealthy man like Wang Ming Yang, he was able to easily buy a few tickets for the front seats. The battle between Wu Huan Yue and Wang Yu Chen had been reported on the news and it was extremely popular. As a result, many reporters were also there to watch the competition.

    The broadcast started.

    “The competition is about to begin, I wonder how the results will be like.”

    “Wang Yu Chen’s information has been exposed. She’s related to Ying Jin.”

    “That’s so unfair, can’t they be fairer when it comes to this type of competition?”

    “This time, it will be even more difficult for Wu Huan Yue since Wang Yu Chen has such a strong backing. She seems really serious about winning and she’s even performing an original song. She must be really eager to showcase her talent. Wang Yu Chen’s chance of winning is at least 80%.”

    “Mentor Qi Ming looked extremely pissed off when he took a glance at Ying Jin.”

    “I really hope Wang Yu Chen loses later. I want to see how Ying Jin would react.”

    “The chances of Wu Huan Yue winning aren’t great.”



    Wu Huan Yue was closing her eyes as she tried to rest for the last push of the competition. Meanwhile, Wang Yu Chen was just sitting on the sofa with her head lowered as she was looking at her phone. She was extremely angry.

    It had been three days.

    That b*stard on Weibo had infuriated her for three days. Although Ying Jin told her to remain calm and not be bothered by these things, she found it difficult to ignore such things. She couldn’t tolerate those texts anymore. Each time she controlled herself, there would be even more hateful messages endlessly popping up on her screen.

    At the same time, the person that was sending her so much hate was really arrogant. He just privately messaged her with those hateful words.

    “I, Autumn Sword Fish Killer, will pester you till the end. How dare you block me? Even if you block me once, there will still be tens of thousands of me. You will never be able to ban all of my accounts.”

    Wasn’t it infuriating?

    Wang Yu Chen blamed everything on Wu Huan Yue and she made her way to Huan Yue.

    “No matter what you do, you’ll never win me.”

    Wu Huan Yue was taken aback but she just laughed it off.


    The host went up on stage.

    Yi Ming said, “After a series of intense competition, there are already six contestants that have been chosen to qualify for the next round. Let’s welcome Wu Huan Yue and Wang Yu Chen on stage!”


    The crowd had been waiting for this moment.

    At the audience seats, Lin Fan laughed, “Wang Yu Chen looks really confident, looks like she’s prepared for it.”

    Wang Ming Yang said, “Isn’t the song written by you? Don’t tell me you’re afraid of losing.”

    Wang Yu Chen went up on stage and the screen flashed the song that she was going to perform.

    Song Title: Fine Days after Rain

    Singer: Wang Yu Chen

    Songwriter: Wang Yu Chen

    Composer: Wang Yu Chen

    Lin Fan looked at the screen and almost vomited blood. “That’s impressive. She actually knows how to write and sing an original song too.”

    Wang Ming Yang just smiled in disdain and said, “Her details have already been exposed and she still dares to claim that this song belongs to her.”

    At the judges’ table.

    Mentor Qi Ming had a stern look as he cleared his throat.


    Ying Jin sat at the judges’ tables and looked extremely happy. Everything was going well under her control.

    The other two judges, Zhou Hai Tao and Zuo Teng Fei, did not say much but they knew what was going on.

    It was another original song provided by Ying Jin which would definitely be of a high standard. Ying Jin wanted Wang Yu Chen to win the competition and as long as she performed well, she would definitely win the competition.

    If Wu Huan Yue were to sing another old song, she would practically have lost.

    In the broadcast room.

    “What the f*ck? I’ve never seen someone so shameless before. She even claims that the song is her original. Must she be such a b*tch?”

    “When Ying Jing strikes, it’s no small matter. Aren’t you guys afraid?”

    “The New Voice? How about we call it ‘Best Dirty Player’s Voice’?”


    The music started to play and the prelude sounded exquisite. The judges were extremely experienced and they could tell if a song was good or bad just by listening to the prelude.

    Zhou Hai Tao said, “Another good song.”

    Zuo Teng Fei said, “If it was given to a professional singer, it would definitely be made into an album hit. This outcome is almost guaranteed.”

    Mentor Qi Ming was extremely unhappy. He hated those evil faces of Ying Jin and Wang Yu Chen.

    Wang Yu Chen settled herself down and started to sing. It was a song that she had practiced for a long time. She had perfected the entire song upon Ying Jin’s instructions and she was extremely familiar with the song.

    The crowd just slowly listened to it and enjoyed it. They all started to bob their heads to the rhythm of the song.

    It was so good!

    When the song ended, everyone clapped.

    Wang Yu Chen laughed. She had delivered a near perfect performance. Even though she made a small bit of error, it wasn’t much of an issue.

    Wang Ming Yang laughed and said, “That was just average.”

    Lin Fan laughed, “I think she’s really not a bad singer at all.”

    “Brother, which side are you on?” Wang Ming Yang asked.

    Lin Fan just waved his hand and said, “That doesn’t matter. This song is good indeed, but it can’t compare to the one I wrote.”

    Wang Ming Yang rolled his eyes and replied, “You’re so narcissistic.”

    Wu Huan Yue took a deep breath as she went up on stage.

    On the screen.

    ‘Song title: Sky

    Singer: Wu Huan Yue

    Songwriter: Master Lin

    Composer: Master Lin’

    The judges were all shocked at the new song that she was going to sing.

    Those that were watching the live broadcast were also shocked. Then, they tried to search the song on Baidu but couldn’t find it at all.

    “D*mn, Wu Huan Yue is singing an original song as well.”

    “That’s awesome. This is going to be entertaining.”

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