Chapter 109 - The certificate is here

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 109: The certificate is here

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    The next day.

    All ten scallion pancakes had been sold out. The people who had been chosen were extremely satisfied. They were making devilish expressions again. If those people in the queue were new, they would’ve been scared to death.

    The devilish yet heavenly scallion pancakes had become the biggest highlight of Cloud Street.

    The third mission of the Encyclopedia hadn’t been completed yet. He thought that he would’ve completed it after the Han Lu incident but it was just him over-thinking. He hadn’t received any news even after so long, but he wasn’t bothered by it as he was satisfied with his life. Furthermore, the tasks didn’t have any deadlines or time limit. Sometimes, it’s pointless to live such a tiring life.

    “Little Boss, could you increase the limit to more than ten servings in future? Look at the queue, it keeps increasing in length. It’s so difficult to choose just ten people out of a hundred,” one of the townsfolk said.

    Lin Fan apologized, “I’m sorry, that can’t be helped. I have so much to do every day and I can’t cope with that.”

    The person just blinked. He thought that Little Boss was trolling him. But he didn’t say much because the scallion pancakes were so delicious. Based on the taste alone, he could forgive him for everything. Even if Little Boss started to go crazy on the customers, he wouldn’t be angry at all.

    A middle-aged man was extremely angry after queuing in vain for the past few days. He was even angrier after knowing that he didn’t get chosen today.

    “Little Boss, you’re really going overboard. You only limited the quantities because you know that we all love to eat them. If we don’t eat them, even if you sell just 5 pieces every day, you wouldn’t be able to sell them all. Anyway, I’ll never be queueing for them ever again. Everyone, please stand up for yourself. Things have turned out this way all because of us,” the man said. What he said was quite true and logical. Furthermore, he felt better after letting out those angry words. It was as if he had vented out all his anger at him.

    “Good. Well said. In future, don’t ever come to compete for places with us. If not, we’ll look down on you.”

    “Yeah, even if it’s just one less person, it’s still a decrease in numbers. It’d be even better if everyone just left and I get to buy all ten servings.”

    The man was speechless after hearing what they all said.

    Where are your backbones?!

    Lin Fan shook his head and said, “Everyone, ten servings daily is really my limit. If nobody comes to buy them, I’d be even more relaxed and less stressed. I’m just selling because I want to take care of some of the old, loyal customers.”

    “Little Boss, don’t ever stop selling them! We will always support you and we have no complaints regarding the limited quantity. In future, if anyone else dares to flame Master Lin, don’t blame me for personally flaming the person too.”

    “That’s right, if you don’t want to buy it, please leave. We want to buy them. Why do you have to be like that? I won’t welcome you in future if I see you here again.”

    “Little Boss’s scallion pancakes have the best taste in the world. If we were living in the ancient world, perhaps only the king would get to eat them. For ordinary folks like us to be able to eat such delicious food, it’s really a bliss. Why are you still unhappy?”

    “I support that.”

    “Me too.”

    “Even if I don’t get to eat them, I’d be satisfied to be able to smell such deliciousness.”


    Lin Fan was already satisfied with what he had heard. Then, he just greeted some people in the crowd and went back to his shop to play with his phone.

    In the top-searched results on Weibo.

    ‘Ying Jin reported ill and she’s withdrawing from ‘The New Voice’, the show is pending for a new judge.’

    Ying Jin had indeed left the show. Perhaps the incident two days ago had taken away all her motivation to stay. Even if she decided to stay on the show, it would be embarrassing for her.

    As for Wu Huan Yue’s final placing, it still depended on herself. After all, it was a fair competition and she was a contestant, unlike Ying Jin.

    A taxi came to a halt.

    Jiang Fei from Shanghai Martial Arts Society rushed over and said, “Master Lin…”

    Lin Fan stood up with a smile and shook his hand. Jiang Fei said apologetically, “I’m sorry, the documents came a little late.”

    Lin Fan replied courteously, “No, it’s not too late. Sorry to have troubled you.”

    It was the type of treatment that perhaps only Lin Fan could receive. A typical person would definitely have had to go over to collect it personally or receive it via mail.

    “Master Lin, you’re too polite. Take a look and see if there’s any problem with it,” Jiang Fei said as he handed over a plastic folder. There was a red certificate in the folder with a row of golden characters.

    He flipped through it and didn’t find any major issues. Furthermore, the craftsmanship was amazing.

    Jiang Fei was extremely excited. He stretched out his arm and said firmly, “Master Lin, we’re going to be colleagues in future. Please guide me along.”

    Lin Fan held his hand, smiled and said, “No, you’re flattering me…”

    Jiang Fei was over 40 years of age and he was a little plump. From his looks, it seemed like he had only practiced martial arts for a short while. A strong and young man should be able to finish him off easily. Perhaps he was in the recruitment or human resource (HR) department.

    “Master Lin, if you’re free, you can come over to have a look at the Association. I believe you haven’t gone over yet, right?” Jiang Fei asked.

    Lin Fan nodded and said, “Yeah, I haven’t been there before. Actually, we could go there now.”

    Jiang Fei was ecstatic. He immediately said, “Sure! That would be great.”

    He had been afraid that Master Lin wouldn’t go over to the training venue after joining the society. After all, many people didn’t bother to go there after signing up. Now that Master Lin had taken the initiative to pay a visit, it was definitely a rare occurrence.

    Lin Fan asked, “You took a cab here?”

    Jiang Fei nodded and said, “Yeah.”

    “Then you can take my car. Since you delivered my certificate to me, I’ll send you back,” Lin Fan said as he smiled.

    Jiang Fei just laughed. He thought that Master Lin was really capable at such a young age. Furthermore, he was such a friendly and humble man. It was rare to find someone like that.

    Most people would be extremely arrogant after receiving some sort of recognition in society.

    In the carpark.

    Jiang Fei looked at the car right in front of him and was really envious. He said, “This car isn’t cheap at all.”

    “My friend gave it to me as a gift and I just drive it for fun. Come, let’s go,” Lin Fan said as he opened the door and went into the car.

    Now, he understood that Master Lin wasn’t short on money at all. But with his capabilities, it would inject a shot of fresh blood into the association.

    On the road.

    Lin Fan and Jiang Fei just talked casually about the association. They talked about things such as the history of Shanghai Martial Arts Association and its achievements.

    After about half an hour, they had arrived at the destination.

    The place looked like a university but it wasn’t as big as one. The infrastructure was a little old-fashioned. It looked like it was way past its era, but the building still seemed pretty special.

    At the entrance.

    Jiang Fei shouted towards the hall, “Elder Niu!”

    An old man came out of the door, he was about sixty to seventy years of age. Although he was skinny and frail, he looked really energetic. His grey hair was shiny. It seemed that, as the gatekeeper of the Chinese Martial Arts Association, he trained pretty often.

    “Elder Niu, please remember that this is a new member of the Association. In future, he won’t need to register when he comes here,” Jiang Fei said.

    “Alright, alright, I’ll remember that,” Elder Niu said and chuckled.

    Lin Fan greeted the elder and drove into the place.

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