Chapter 112 - No matter who comes

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 112: No matter who comes

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    The crowd was stunned.

    With just one blow, they could tell Lin Fan was really powerful.

    “He’s really going to take Wang Yun Jie on.”

    “Who is this man? He must be crazy.”

    “Wang Yun Jie deserves to be beaten up for saying those words. At least this man asked him to apologize politely. If it was me, I would’ve charged towards him immediately.”

    “I know who he is, he’s the man that KO-ed Han Lu. I remember that the Chinese Martial Arts Association wanted him to be recruited.”

    “He’s no small fry, let’s see how Wang Yun Jie replies.”

    The crowd only dared to discuss softly. Wang Yun Jie was extremely petty and vengeful. Sometimes, he would pretend to like you but end up backstabbing you.


    Yuan Guang was stunned. “Master Lin, Chairman Wang is drunk, forget it.”

    “F*ck you, who are you to say that? If he had killed someone, would we say forget it too? I hate people who pretend like nothing’s happened after offending someone,” Lin Fan shouted in rage.

    “Why are you so stubborn?” Yuan Guang was a little unhappy. “Chairman Wang drank a little too much, that’s why he didn’t think through his words. Can’t you be more understanding?”

    Lin Fan chuckled, “Why must I be understanding towards him? I’ll just put it this way, it doesn’t matter who’s trying to speak up for him. As long as he doesn’t apologize, he can forget about leaving this place.”

    Wang Yun Jie immediately broke free from Yuan Guang’s grip. The blow from Lin Fan had made him soberer. With such a large crowd looking at him, he couldn’t let down his pride just like that.

    “I won’t be apologizing today, what can you do to me?”

    It was a hot mess.

    Yuan Guang looked extremely helpless. He didn’t want to be involved in such a situation and it looked really unfavorable.

    He knew that Wang Yun Jie was a hot-tempered man and wouldn’t back down, especially when there was such a large crowd. It would be impossible to make him apologize.

    “What’s happening?” Jiang Fei was shocked when he came into the food hall and saw Master Lin quarreling with Chairman Wang. He just happened to hear the commotion as he was passing by.

    “Elder Jiang, come over quickly. I can’t hold them apart!” Yuan Guang shouted. If he didn’t manage the situation properly, things would be unimaginable.

    “Don’t take pictures, stop taking pictures!”

    The crowd had started to take photos with their phones. If it was made known to everyone, it would definitely have a negative impact on the organization.

    But they couldn’t stop it from happening. He was still trying to hold onto Chairman Wang. If he were to let go, who knew what would happen?

    Jiang Fei asked, “Master Lin, what happened? We’re all colleagues, we can talk things over. We don’t have to resort to violence.”

    Then, he saw that the handicapped students behind him were a little teary and he kind of guessed what had happened.

    Lin Fan said angrily, “Wang Yun Jie said my students are useless handicapped people and have no rights to practice martial arts. I want to find out what gave him so much courage to say such a thing.”

    Jiang Fei was a little unhappy when he heard what Lin Fan said. How could Chairman Wang say such a thing?

    If this was made known to everyone, who knew how big of an impact it would cause?

    “No matter what, he has to apologize today,” Lin Fan said.

    Wang Yun Jie shouted, “You want me to apologize? Keep dreaming about it.”

    Jiang Fei was in a dilemma, but he said, “Chairman Wang, please be aware of your image. This happened all because of you. You ought to apologize to these kids.”

    “Apologize to your mom…”

    Before he could finish his sentence, he screamed in pain.

    “I will teach you a lesson today,” Lin Fan said as he threw a kick at him. Even Yuan Guang fell down as he was holding onto Wang Yun Jie.

    “You dare to hit me?” Wang Yun Jie said furiously as he lay down on the ground.

    Lin Fan didn’t say anything and just stomped on his face. He was wearing a pair of casual shoes. It was extremely painful to be stepped on by them.

    It created a loud noise and everyone in the crowd was stunned.

    “Good, he deserved it!”

    Some random person shouted.

    However, more people went forward to try and stop the fight.?What’s going on? Why did they start fighting?

    “Stop pulling me. Don’t blame me for hitting you too if you continue to pull me away,” Lin Fan turned and said sternly. He glared at the crowd and they all stopped moving towards him.

    The crowd was frightened by him.

    They finally knew who he was. He was the pro that KO-ed Han Lu. Nobody could match his skills.

    “I’ll teach you to be responsible for your words.”

    Lin Fan didn’t care about the status of Wang Yun Jie. He had been so rude towards his students and Lin Fan had already given him a chance but he didn’t cherish it. Now, he had to pay the price for it. He had already hit him and it was too late to withdraw from it. So what if he gets kicked out of the organization? Lin Fan wasn’t bothered by that.

    Wang Yun Jie was a good fighter but after being stepped on by Lin Fan, he couldn’t even move. Lin Fan continued to stomp on his face.

    “There’s blood!”

    The crowd screamed in fear.

    Lin Fan had been stepping on him forcefully and swiftly. He had stepped on him several times in just a short amount of time.

    “Are you going to apologize?” Lin Fan asked.

    Wang Yun Jie said furiously, “F*ck your mum!”


    Jiang Fei quickly turned around and said, “Master Lin, stop hitting him. Please stop hitting him.”

    Yuan Guang anxiously called the Vice-President. They couldn’t handle this matter properly and had to activate the Vice-President.

    “This is going to be a serious matter,” Jiang Fei said.

    As the news spread, more people came to the food hall to watch the fight. When they saw that the man on the floor was Wang Yun Jie, they were extremely shocked.

    This man is so d*mn brave, he even dares to hit Wang Yun Jie. Since when did the organization have such a brave man like him?

    “Stop hitting him.”

    Vice-President Guo rushed over from his office when he heard the call. He was furious. How could they fight within premises of the organization?

    “Vice-President Guo is here.”

    The crowd slowly hid their phones away.

    Vice-President was really anxious when he saw what was happening.?How did things end up like this??Then he shouted, “Stop right there!”

    Jiang Fei quickly pulled Lin Fan away and said, “Don’t hit him anymore. Vice-President Guo is here.”

    Yuan Guang quickly went over to take a look at Wang Yun Jie. His face was extremely red but he knew that it wasn’t serious. The blood was just oozing from his nose and the injuries didn’t look very serious.

    “What are you guys doing? Don’t you have any sense of teamwork? Jiang Fei, Yuan Guang, and you guys, what the hell have you guys been doing? Just standing there and watching him get beaten up?” Vice-President Guo shouted.

    Wang Yun Jie stood up and wiped the blood off his face. Then, he pointed at Lin Fan and said, “I’m going to kill you.”

    Vice-President Guo said furiously, “Shut up!”

    “All of you, come over here now.”

    Vice-President Guo was extremely angry. Although things like this had happened in the past before, they all happened a long time ago. He hadn’t expected it to happen again.

    Furthermore, the person that was involved in this fight was a newly recruited personnel. This person simply had no respect for the organization and its people.

    “Stand right there. I’ve already made myself clear. If you don’t apologize, I’ll take you on outside,” Lin Fan said.


    “D*mn, he’s crazy. He’s really crazy.”

    “Vice-President Guo is already here and he still doesn’t give a sh*t.”

    “I’m impressed, I really am. This guy here is a real man. In future, everyone in the organization will respect him.”

    Vice-President Guo was about to leave but when he heard Lin Fan’s words, he was infuriated. His tone sounded a little unhappy when he said, “What do you want from him? Do you really want things to end up ugly?”

    Lin Fan wasn’t afraid and he said, “Obviously I don’t want it to blow up but he has to apologize.”

    “You…” Vice-President Guo was speechless, “Someone tell me what the hell happened exactly.”

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