Chapter 113 - This is going to be fun!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 113: This is going to be fun!

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    Vice-President Guo was upset. Firstly, it was because Wang Yun Jie was no longer a kid and he knew that the association forbid the consumption of alcohol but he still broke the rule. Then, this newcomer, Lin Fan, didn’t know his position in the association. After all, Wang Yun Jie was his senior, but Lin Fan didn’t give him any face in front of so many people.

    Furthermore, he didn’t even give Vice-President Guo any face.

    “Vice-President Guo, I think you should ask him what he just said,” Lin Fan said. He was extremely angry. He had thought that it would be meaningful to join the association but now, he felt that it was pointless and meaningless. He wasn’t afraid of these things and since Chairman Wang wanted to play with him, he naturally followed suit.

    Wang Yun Jie said arrogantly, “What did I say? I didn’t say anything, you were the one who hit me first.”

    Lin Fan glared at him and said, “You’re so shameless. Can’t you even remember your own words? Someone said my students are handicapped and have no rights to learn martial arts. I wonder which motherf*cker said it.”

    “Who’s a motherf*cker?!” Wang Yun Jie shouted.

    “Shut up,” Vice-President Guo said. He looked a little embarrassed.

    “Wang Yun Jie, did you say those words, or not?”

    He hadn’t expected Wang Yun Jie to say such a thing. As long as someone has a brain, he should know the consequences of saying such words. The association’s reputation hadn’t been good lately and if this were to be made known to people outside of it, it would worsen their impression of the association. He was really an idiot.

    Wang Yun Jie looked at the Vice-President, nodded, and mumbled, “Yeah.”

    “You…” Vice-President Guo wanted to slap Wang Yun Jie. Even if he had been drunk, he shouldn’t have said such words. As a man of his position, he should’ve known to be more careful of his words. If it was uploaded online, people would definitely scold him too, instead of just scolding Wang Yun Jie.

    Vice-President Guo said, “Apologize now.”

    Wang Yun Jie frowned and said, “Vice-President Guo, I…”

    “Apologize,” Vice-President Guo said sternly. He was utterly shocked by his actions.?Couldn’t he have used his brains? He actually dared to say such a thing in front of so many people. Didn’t he think of the consequences?

    Especially to these kids, they were all from the Association of the Handicapped. If the Association of the Handicapped found out about this incident, their partnership would definitely be canceled. Although he was the Vice-President, he didn’t want to be implicated in this. He could only ask Wang Yun Jie to apologize to settle this matter.

    Vice-President Guo then pulled Wang Yun Jie aside and said some things to him. Wang Yun Jie’s face changed as he lowered his head.

    “I’m sorry,” Wang Yun Jie said unwillingly.

    Lin Fan brought the kids in front and said, “You should apologize to them, not me.”

    “F*cker, don’t go overboard!” Wang Yun Jie shouted.

    This newcomer must be crazy. He’s really going overboard with his actions.

    “Apologize,” Vice-President Guo said.

    Liu Ming Ming and her friends looked at Wang Yun Jie in fear. The incident had traumatized them. They didn’t have many friends in the association but they had always felt no different from the rest.

    But Chairman Wang’s words had hurt them and made them feel inferior.

    Wang Yun Jie took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry.”

    “Both of you, come to my office,” Vice-President Guo said. He had to have a good chat with them. After all, they had to be disciplined in an organization like this. They couldn’t just fight whenever they liked.

    Wang Yun Jie left with Vice-President Guo.

    “Don’t be afraid, it’s over now,” Lin Fan turned to the kids and smiled.

    “Go rest after your meal and wait for me to come back for our training.”

    “Okay, thank you, Instructor Lin,” Liu Ming Ming said.

    Zhang Tao said tearfully, “Sorry to have troubled you, Instructor Lin.”

    Lin Fan smiled and waved his hands. Then, he said, “It’s just a small matter, no trouble. People like him have no morals. He’ll be in deep sh*t in future. Go along now.”

    Liu Ming Ming and her friends nodded and left the canteen.

    “Master Lin, this… Ugh, you were right but you were a little too rash,” Jiang Fei didn’t know what to say. Wang Yun Jie deserved to be beaten up for his words and for that, Jiang Fei agreed with his actions.

    Lin Fan smiled and said, “As long as I’m right. I’m only around twenty years of age, being rash is only natural. People like him deserve it. It should help to improve his memory.”

    The association members around him were all in admiration.

    “I gotta go now,” Lin Fan said. He wanted to see what Vice-President would say regarding that. What should he be afraid of? Resignation? He was hoping for that.

    When Lin Fan left, Jiang Fei was surrounded by a large group of people.

    “Elder Jiang, is he the young man that KO-ed Han Lu?”

    Jiang Fei nodded, “Yeah.”

    “That’s impressive, I have never seen such an impressive lad like him.”

    “Wang Yun Jie is used to being an a*shole in the association. He doesn’t even respect anyone here. He’s finally learned his lesson today but he definitely won’t let it rest just like that.”

    “These kids were born with their flaws and they’re already quite pitiful. This Wang Yun Jie still dared to say such words, how inhumane.”

    “I thought it was good that he got whacked. This youngster’s good. He didn’t even think twice about it and went to teach him a lesson. If it was me, I wouldn’t have dared to do that.”


    Lin Fan had been recruited by the headquarters and even if Vice-President Guo wanted to fire him, he didn’t have the power to do so. The people in the headquarters were really keen on keeping Lin Fan.

    When he told the headquarters about the incident, what did they say?

    “He’s a youngster, it’s normal to be hot-tempered…”

    When Vice-President Guo heard this, he was infuriated, but he just gave in. He didn’t want to offend anyone there.

    If he didn’t handle the matter properly, Wang Yun Jie would be unhappy. But he had no choice, the headquarters had such high expectations of Lin Fan. He couldn’t possibly fire him.


    Wang Yun Jie looked at Lin Fan with rage, as if he was going to eat him up.

    Lin Fan smiled and said, “What are you staring at? If you’re not happy, meet me outside tonight and I’ll beat you up until you don’t know what’s wrong and right. Do you believe me?”

    “Don’t be so arrogant. Just because the headquarters have high expectations of you, it doesn’t mean that you can run rampant in our association,” Wang Yun Jie said furiously.

    “Haha,” Lin Fan laughed sarcastically. “In future, be more cautious. If this is to happen again, I won’t be satisfied with just a simple apology.”

    Wang Yun Jie was fully sober now and he knew that he was no match for Lin Fan, so he just remained silent, but he was extremely furious. This incident was far from over.

    Lin Fan wasn’t bothered by it. If Wang Yun Jie wanted to fight, he could just come at him. Lin Fan just wanted to go back to the classroom and continue to teach the kids. After all, the annual show was approaching. They had to work hard for it.

    Initially, he had wanted to just leave and forget the association and its rubbish. But after thinking of those kids, he decided to stay for two more weeks to help them fulfill their dreams.

    At night.

    A video had been uploaded on QQ. It then got uploaded to WeChat and Weibo.

    The video was being viewed by many people and was going viral.

    The netizens were extremely angry when they saw the video.

    How infuriating!

    The title was, “Chairman Wang of Shanghai Martial Arts Association got beaten up after insulting a group of handicapped teenagers.”

    If this were to be uploaded in the past, it wouldn’t have a great impact.

    But now?

    The matter involving the MMA fighter, Han Lu, was still ongoing and this incident just added oil to the fire.

    In the morning.

    Lin Fan was elated when he saw the video on Weibo.?Looks like it’s going to be fun!

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