Chapter 133 - Joint performance, begin!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 133: Joint performance, begin!

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    Two days later…

    It was a bright and sunny day. There were two premium private cars parked outside the Chinese Martial Arts Association building. They had attracted the attention of members of the association as they didn’t know what these cars were for.

    Elder Niu sat on a stool at the entrance. He smoked as he looked at these two cars. Then, he looked at the sports car beside them. He recognized the car. It belonged to Master Lin.

    In the building.

    Lin Fan clapped and said, “Kids, change into your costumes. We’re going to leave soon.”

    “Yes, Instructor Lin!” The children replied as they smiled joyously. These costumes didn’t belong to the Chinese Martial Arts Association, Lin Fan had hired someone to custom-make them. They were of top quality.

    They were also comfortable to wear, which should help the children with their performance.

    Jiang Fei looked at Lin Fan and said, “Instructor Lin, let’s not talk about other stuff. I’ll be with you today.”

    Lin Fan chuckled and said, “What’s wrong? Are you afraid that I’ll create trouble again? Don’t worry, I won’t let that happen today. You don’t have to follow us.”

    Although Jiang Fei denied it, he felt as if something bad was going to happen.

    They had gathered together and were ready to leave.

    At the main walkway of the building, Vice-President Guo, Wang Yun Jie, Yuan Guang and a bunch of other people had also gathered together.

    Vice-President Guo took a glance and then he turned away. He didn’t want to speak to Lin Fan at all.

    Wang Yun Jie looked a little unhappy as he tried to speak softly, but everyone still managed to hear him. “Their outfits are so formal and proper. Could it be that they really think that they’ll be performing?”

    Wang Yun Jie’s face was still bruised and it was all because of Lin Fan. He couldn’t recover in such a short time.

    He understood everything now. This fella was a crazy man. There was no need to quarrel with him any further. Wang Yun Jie was especially amused when he saw them all dressed up. The performance name list didn’t include them, yet they still thought that they could perform. Then, he whispered to Vice-President Guo as if he suddenly thought of something.

    Vice-President Guo had wanted to ignore Lin Fan, but when he heard Wang Yun Jie’s words, he became a little nervous. Then, he got Ding De to find out what was happening. They had already dressed up for the show and if something stupid were to happen at the show, they’d be in deep trouble.

    Ding De heaved a sigh and said, “Master Lin, what are you guys doing…?”

    Lin Fan glanced at him and said, “We’re just sitting amongst the audience, that won’t be a problem right?”

    That better be it.?Vice-President Guo thought to himself. He waved his hands and said, “Alright, since we’re all here, let’s leave.”

    The Yang Tai Chi and the Da Cheng Quan members pointed at Zhang Tao and the rest as they whispered amongst themselves with disdain and ridicule.

    In their eyes, these people were different from them. They were normal people while these people were disabled.

    At the main gate of the Chinese Martial Arts Association.

    Vice-President Guo directed the trainees up an old bus which was rented. It charged several hundred dollars for a half day’s rental.

    Elder Niu laughed and said, “All the best, kids!”

    Lin Fan smiled and replied, “Thanks, Elder Niu.”

    Zhang Tao and his friends stood at the entrance as they didn’t know which vehicle to board.

    Wang Yun Jie gathered his members and got them to board the bus. Then, he laughed at Lin Fan. It was difficult to hail a cab in that district and although the bus wasn’t full, he wasn’t going to let any of them in.

    Ding De said, “Instructor Lin, there’s still some space on the bus. Let your students board it.”

    Wang Yun Jie said in a mocking tone, “Instructor Lin doesn’t need any vehicle.”

    Lin Fan immediately opened the door of the premium private car and asked the children to board it. Then, he turned around and said, “It’s good that you know.”

    “You…” Wang Yun Jie was furious, but when he saw them entering the black car, he was taken aback. Enraged, he went up the bus immediately.

    The children were extremely happy upon boarding the premium cars. These were borrowed from Wang Ming Yang, even the drivers. For a wealthy man like Wang Ming Yang, if there was anything he lacked, it wasn’t cars.

    Fraud Tian and the rest of the shop crew went to the venue on their own without Lin Fan.


    On the bus.

    Wang Yun Jie said, “Brother Guo, I’m afraid this chap won’t let things rest just like that. I think he’ll cause trouble again.”

    Vice-President turned and said, “You think he dares to cause trouble again?”

    Wang Yun Jie thought of the reputable leaders that would be attending the show and heaved a sigh of relief. This fella was a tough person to handle, but it didn’t seem like he was brave enough to cause trouble at the show with so many leaders around.

    But the few Chairmen that sat behind them, including Ding De, felt uneasy. They could only hope for Lin Fan to do the right thing.

    The joint performance was a platform for members to perform. But the main purpose was still to raise awareness for the nation’s quintessential culture. This time, there were great leaders from Shanghai as well as foreign VIPs who traveled the world to look at different performances of Chinese Martial Arts. Although they weren’t Chinese, they were big fans of the Chinese cultural landscape.

    At the same time, this joint performance was the final performance show before the Americans and Chinese would proceed with building the first ever International Martial Arts Academy in Shanghai. It was a breakthrough, as well as an experiment which attracted the attention of many people.

    Outside the venue.

    The performers gradually made their way into the venue. Meanwhile, Lin Fan and his students had to use another door to enter the hall as they didn’t have the tags for performers. The hall was already pretty packed. Fraud Tian and the shop crew were sitting a short distance away while Lin Fan brought the kids to their seats and waited for the show to start.

    The reporters were preparing themselves backstage.

    The reporters broadcasted the show live on the Internet.

    “Meaningless, this show is meaningless.”

    “Yeah, it’s just a joint performance. There’s nothing special about it. I’m going to watch something else.”

    “I heard that Shanghai is going to have the first International Martial Arts Academy in the country, which will be similar to any other university. It will even have a certification.”

    “So what? It doesn’t concern us at all.”


    After a while, the hosts appeared on stage.

    The male host said, “Greetings to all the leaders and guests.”

    The audience replied, “Good afternoon.”

    “Thousands of years of Chinese culture. Its virtues and values will be awakened and spread across the four seas,” said the male host.

    “Hundreds of years of Martial Arts. Its brilliance and elegance will be spread across the world.”


    The two hosts were starting the show.

    At the audience’s seats.

    Zhang Tao and his friends were nervous. He held tightly onto his clothes with his only arm. Even his breathing was a little rushed. It was the first time they were there and they wanted to prove to themselves and everyone else that they were capable too.

    Lin Fan said, “Don’t be nervous. Just follow the usual steps and believe in yourselves. You guys are the best.”

    “Instructor Lin, will we really go on stage?”

    Lin Fan smiled and said, “Trust me, I’ll definitely make you guys perform.”

    “Thank you, Instructor Lin.”

    “Why are you thanking me? I’m your teacher and I have to be responsible for you,” Lin Fan smiled and said. He had already made the necessary preparations and it was soon to be show time.

    Although it was going to offend a lot of people, he wasn’t afraid at all.

    The male host said, “Today, they will be showcasing their best on stage for everyone. Please warmly welcome the performers from the Shanghai Chinese Martial Arts Association as they perform the Da Cheng Quan.”

    At that moment, the joint performance officially began.

    The first performance was by the trainees that were trained by Ding De.


    Even Ding De was a little nervous. He said, “Do your best, don’t be nervous!”

    The trainees replied enthusiastically, “Yes!”

    “Let’s go…!”

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