Chapter 1113 - This is a hooligan’s behavior

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1113: This is a hooligan’s behavior

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    In the conference hall.

    The place was filled with people. Everyone was seated upright and looking at the leader who was speaking on the rostrum. He was giving his opinions on the future development of the association.

    Actually, the members had only come to listen casually and they wouldn’t treat it seriously. After all, to them, this was an outsider.

    But because it was a leader, they had to listen even if they didn’t want to.

    At that moment, the government leader on stage who had come to inspect was talking about something related to the association’s future developments and he was just getting excited.


    The conference room doors were flung open all of a sudden.

    “You can’t go in. You can’t go in!” The security guard who was guarding the door shouted in a panicked tone.

    But how could he stop Lin Fan? Lin Fan’s strength was tremendous. Even if someone was hugging his legs, he would still be able to drag the person in.

    At that moment, the people in the conference hall looked towards the entrance. They were wondering who was so ferocious to kick open the door like that.

    Could it be that this person didn’t know what this place was and who was inside?

    The leader who had been speaking suddenly stopped. He looked curiously as he wondered what was going on. Then, he looked over at the association President and Vice-President as if to ask what was going on.

    Seeing so many people inside having a meeting, Lin Fan grumbled in his heart.If a fight breaks out, I’ll probably have to use a bit of strength.

    But at that moment, Lin Fan didn’t think too much. He had already come so he couldn’t stop now.

    “Beijing association, who is the President? Stand up and let me see you,” Lin Fan was indifferent to everyone’s stares as he shouted.

    Some of the members who were seated below recognized Lin Fan and they started whispering amongst themselves.

    “D*mn. This looks like Master Lin from the Shanghai association. Before this meeting, I saw that he was quarreling with our association on Weibo and he claimed that he was coming to crush our association. He really came.”

    “It can’t be. We’re just having a meeting. How can all this happen?”

    “F*ck. Hurry up and look at the news on Weibo. This Master Lin is really here to crush the association.”

    “What? Is he really so rash?”

    The association members discussed amongst themselves. Then, they took out their phones. When they saw the news on Weibo, they were completely dumbfounded.

    Those photos appeared before their eyes. The first was a photo of the association main door that had collapsed. Next were the photos of Huang Hao and the rest lying on the ground after being beaten.

    Their eyes nearly popped out when they saw this.

    How brave must he be to do this? This is the Beijing association!

    “That’s me. You’re Master Lin from Shanghai.” At that moment, a middle-aged man stood up. His brows furrowed. Although he recognized who Lin Fan was, they were welcoming the leader now. How could he allow Lin Fan to just charge in like that?

    “Young man, we’re having a meeting now. Please leave,” the leader who had been interrupted said in an unhappy tone.

    However, with so many people around, he wouldn’t just point at Lin Fan and tell him to scram. Instead, he said it in an amiable manner.

    Having found the main person, Lin Fan didn’t care about the other people anymore.

    As for what this leader had said, Lin Fan wasn’t bothered at all.

    Lin Fan looked straight at the association President and said, “I came to ask a question. President Niu has been doing perfectly fine in the Shanghai association. On what basis are you giving your order to transfer President Niu away?”

    When President Chen heard these words, he was startled. It was as if he didn’t understand Lin Fan’s words. Then, he looked at Vice-President Jiang who was by his side.

    President Chen knew about the matters in Shanghai but he didn’t know about the transfer order. But right now, with the leader around, if this person had charged in just because of the transfer order, wouldn’t the Beijing association lose its prestige as the headquarters?

    Then, President Chen’s expression changed. “Master Lin, this is the association’s order. As the Shanghai association’s Vice-President, I hope that you will heed the order. Now, get out at once. If there’s anything else, we’ll speak afterward.”

    Lin Fan immediately waved his hand. “I’m in a rush. We’ll clarify the matter right now.”

    “You…” When President Chen heard that, it was as if blood was about to spew out from his heart. He really couldn’t stand it. This guy was really unreasonable.

    Could it be that this guy didn’t have any situational awareness at all? They were having a meeting with the leader. How could they care about such a matter right now?

    Moreover, he was leaving a bad impression on the leader. It would affect the association tremendously.

    Vice-President Jiang’s expression changed. He hadn’t expected this Master Lin to actually dare to come all the way here. Then, he stood up and said, “Where’s the security? Get this man out.”

    But even after a long while, no one came.

    At that moment, someone shouted, “It’s bad. Director Huang and the rest have been beaten down.”

    The crowd’s expressions slowly changed.

    Huang Hao was the Security Director of the association and he had been beaten down. Moreover, he had tens of other people with him. Thinking about that, the crowd looked over at Master Lin who was standing at the entrance.

    Could it all have been done by Master Lin?

    “You’re Master Lin?” At that moment, the unhappy leader found out that this person was Master Lin and let out a smile.

    He had heard about this Master Lin many times in Beijing.

    Shanghai’s Master Lin. Who wouldn’t know about him?

    Even his unhappiness from being interrupted had evaporated. Then, the leader went forward. “Master Lin, I’ve been hearing about you for a long time. I didn’t think that I would see you here.”

    Lin Fan nodded at the leader as a form of greeting but he turned back to President Chen. “I’m here to tell you that President Niu cannot leave. If anyone dares to come to the Shanghai association, I can guarantee that he will be beaten until he runs away in despair.”

    As an Internet celebrity, Zhou Qing had promised the netizens that he would broadcast the scene, so he definitely had to rush over immediately. When he saw the scene, he quickly took out his phone and recorded it, posting it on Weibo.

    “This is big. Master Lin is getting into a conflict with the association President. There is even a leader on site. I feel that Master Lin is in a lot of danger this time.”

    When this post was sent, the netizens immediately started commenting in a frenzy.

    “D*mn. He’s defying nature. Master Lin is too ferocious.”

    “The leader is there but he doesn’t seem to give a d*mn. I want to ask this: Is there anyone who can still defeat Master Lin?”

    “I feel like Master Lin is being a little rash. This kind of thing should be properly discussed in private and settled peacefully. Now, things have gotten so tense. I think this will be difficult to resolve.”

    Vice-President Jiang was the one responsible for making the decision to transfer President Niu to Beijing. When he heard those words, he angrily raised his hand. “Vice-President Lin, as the Vice-President of the Shanghai association, how could you say those words? Your behavior is simply causing trouble unreasonably. It’s a hooligan’s behavior.”

    Lin Fan nodded. “I am a hooligan.”

    The crowd was stunned.

    This is way too f*cking fierce.

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