Chapter 181 - Flustered!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 181: Flustered!

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    Yang Yue Chen had been supporting Jiang Li and Chen Juan, but after watching the videos, she quietly went to delete her previous post. However, the netizens didn’t let her off the hook.

    “There’s no point in deleting the post. We have already taken a screenshot of it!”

    “Chen Juan is your greatly respected teacher. It seems that you also didn’t manage to escape Jiang Li’s grasp back then. From now on, stop acting like a celebrity. We all know the truth in our hearts.”

    “‘I, Yang Yue Chen, can vouch that this highly respected teacher would not do such an act…'”

    “Today, everything is made clear. It turns out that she is not such a good person after all.”

    Yang Yue Chen was regretting her actions, but it was already too late. At that time, her intentions had been to curry her teacher’s favor. Who knew that there would be such a change of events? In the end, she just turned off Weibo. One wouldn’t worry about what one couldn’t see.

    However, the one that suffered the worst wrath of the netizens was Jiang Chen Yu. Even though his Weibo post had been deleted, the netizens had taken a screenshot already. It was one particular sentence that the netizens especially quoted.

    “Teacher Jiang helped you to tackle your introverted nature. It seems that he used certain methods to help you tackle the problem.”

    “Brothers, I just knew that this person was a little sissy. It is no wonder that you sold your butt to Jiang Li to get famous. I really couldn’t tell.”

    “That’s disgusting. I’m no longer a fan of him.”


    All the celebrities that had stood by Jiang Li and Chen Juan were flustered. They hadn’t thought that the situation would have such a drastic change of events. Since this was the case, they urgently went to delete their posts on Weibo so as to signify that they had no part to play in the matter.

    Even though this issue that they were involved in would go up on the news, it was still a scandal. All the reputation that they had built up before this would most probably crumble.

    At this moment, many of the celebrities that had gotten dragged into the situation were filled with hate, especially the female celebrities that had graduated at the hands of Jiang Li and Chen Juan. One by one, they posted on Weibo to refute the rumors.

    They didn’t want to be involved in this matter at all.

    Jiang Li and Chen Juan were already stunned by this. They had no idea how those videos had been taken. They were in constant confrontation with each other, but in the end, they both had no alternatives out of this.

    The videos had been through professional inspections and there were proven to be real and trustable. The leaders from Starlight Film School were extremely anxious.

    They had had their suspicions about this matter from the beginning. However, since Jiang Li and Chen Juan held high positions in Starlight Film School, they had chosen to trust them instead. Since then, they had been trying to suppress the spread of the issue. After all, regardless of whether the matter was true or false, it had already had a tremendous impact on them.

    But now that the concrete evidence was out, there was no room left for argument.


    The Director of Starlight Film School pointed at the two of them on the computer screen. He was so angry that he was lost for words. He had been completely played by them.

    Starlight Film School immediately released a press statement. The issue had actually already quietened down before, but the release of the videos had thrown it straight back into the eye of the storm. If they didn’t release an answer to satisfy the public, their reputation would really be harmed because of those two.

    As of now, they were under great scrutinization. They had never expected the matter to change like that. The videos had already spread like wildfire and it was too late for them to do anything now. If they still decided to attempt to suppress the issue, what would the outcome be? Who would shoulder the responsibility?

    Jiang Li and Chen Juan had already been put under supervision. They would be kept away from any interaction with anyone for as long as the outcome wasn’t out.

    However, when the netizens saw their press release, they got even angrier.

    “There already is concrete evidence. What’s there to investigate? A wool thread?”

    “The brother above, don’t be overly anxious. The process is as such. The outcome will be out very soon.”

    “Starlight Film School is definitely more anxious than us right now. They wouldn’t throw their reputation to the ground just for those two people.”

    It was all because of this matter that people from all walks of life had decided to voice out their concerns.

    Capital Film School: “We hope Starlight Film School will be able to deal with this fairly.”

    Shanghai Drama School: “The art world doesn’t need such pests.”


    Cloud Street.

    Wu You Lan was happily pouncing around. “Master Lin, you are just too good! How did you get those videos?”

    Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders. “I meant what I said when I said that I downloaded those videos. Don’t you trust me?”

    Wu You Lan didn’t believe him. Neither did Fraud Tian.

    What a boast.

    However, they were also exhilarated at this development. With the change of the events, in the end, there would be a just way of settling the issue.

    Lin Fan was scrolling through his own Weibo.

    “Master Lin, I am so sorry. I was too rash. I thought that you did what you did to become famous.”

    “Master Lin isn’t such a person. For everything he does, he definitely has an underlying reason for doing so.”

    “Watching those videos, I am really frustrated. I never knew that such people could exist.”

    “I’ve just learned that all the celebrities whom Master Lin had flamed have decided to forgive him. Not only that, they also gave him some praise.”

    “However, is it true that you really downloaded those videos? How come I have a feeling that you’re lying?”

    “The person above me, what are you talking about? Of course Master Lin really downloaded those videos. Do you want Master Lin to be in trouble?”


    At this moment, one particular Weibo post caught the attention of Lin Fan.

    Web Inspector: “I have already watched those two videos. Master Lin has a good motive. However, there is suspected illegal activity. As such, we have already informed the Shanghai Web Supervisors. We hope that Master Lin will cooperate with us and come in for investigation.”

    When this post was sent out, the netizens were extremely angry.

    “Wow, what logic is there in this? Master Lin has already said that he obtained those videos by downloading them, what more do you want?”

    “B*stard. Even if Master Lin did hack into their network to obtain those videos, what he’s doing is a good deed. On what basis do you have to conduct an investigation on him?”

    “Exactly…f*cking Web Inspectors.”

    “Support +1”


    Lin Fan heaved a sign upon reading that Weibo. The worst he feared had indeed come.

    Not long after, a group of Web Supervisors arrived in front of his shop.

    One of the guys said, “How are you, Master Lin? I’m Li Xiangrong from the Shanghai Web Supervisors. Regarding those videos that were secretly taken, we would like to ask you a few questions.”

    Those Web Supervisors were clear on the situation and were all filled with admiration for Master Lin. However, the law still had to be obeyed.

    Lin Fan laughed, “Sure, no problem. I will definitely comply.”

    Li Xiangrong asked, “May I ask how you obtained those videos?”

    Lin Fan replied, “I downloaded those videos from a small website online. I originally wanted to watch a movie, but who knew that I downloaded those videos instead?”

    The Web Supervisors didn’t trust him. Following their orders, they asked him a few more questions, then decided to go to Lin Fan’s apartment.

    Inside the house.

    Lin Fan pointed at the old computer, “I used that computer to download those videos. Right now, it should still be downloading a few movies. I’m just not sure if it’s done.”

    One of the Web Supervisors went to inspect the computer. Looking at the contents of the movies he was downloading, he was stunned. He thought that Master Lin was a genius to be able to download a few gigabytes of videos at once.”

    The technical experts continued checking the computer and were trying to follow some backend traces.

    Lin Fan had faith in the Encyclopedia.

    Before long, the technical experts gave a report. It was indeed true that Master Lin had downloaded those videos from a small website online.

    However, the Web Supervisors knew that it was impossible, yet they were full of appraisal for Master Lin’s skills. Those two b*stards should be subjected to the law.

    Li Xiangrong said, “We’re done. Thank you for your cooperation. It is indeed true that you obtained those two videos from the web. However, please be reminded that those videos are prohibited inside our country. It is illegal to spread it.”

    Lin Fan nodded his head. “Understood, understood.”


    A loud and crisp ringing sound was heard. The video download had been completed!

    The technical experts had already recorded down the name of the website and were going back to block the website. However, seeing that the video download had been completed, the title of the file caught their attention. They opened the file.

    A shocking noise came from the video.

    “Gourd doll, gourd doll, seven flowers lay above a cane, and when the wind and rain came, it wasn’t scared. Lalalalala…”

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