Chapter 191 - I won't crush your dreams

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 191: I won’t crush your dreams

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    Before Director Zhang could say a word, Professor Li who was standing next to him went up and shook Lin Fan’s hand. “How do you do, Master Lin? Your humble servant’s name is Li Ming Hao and I am currently the coordinator between the capital and the hospital in researching anorexia. What we have found from our studies is that your scallion pancakes are like medicine for people suffering from anorexia. I have been researching this issue for a long time and I have never come by something quite like this, so I immediately took a flight down from the capital and contacted Director Zhang so I can see the scallion pancakes made by Master Lin with my own eyes. If we could have a better understanding as to what goes into the scallion pancake, it would be a huge leap forward in treating this disorder.”

    This person was too courteous. Lin Fan was a little sluggish in processing what he had just heard. He only managed to nod his head. “Hello. How do you do?”

    Director Zhang stepped forward. “Master Lin, Professor Li is one of the leading experts in the country in researching anorexia and has had international acclamation for his work. He’s here to ask you for a favor.”

    “I don’t really know how to help, but I’ll try my best however I can. I don’t think there’s anything special with my scallion pancakes. I just use normal ingredients so I don’t see how much value it’ll add to your research.”

    Professor Li had spent his whole professional career in researching on how to combat anorexia. His discovery of Master Lin’s scallion pancake was like a light at the end of the tunnel. If he could find out the crucial point of the scallion pancake, he perhaps could find the cure for this disorder.

    “You don’t have to be humble Master Lin. Your scallion pancakes have been proven to lift anorexic patients out of their disorder. There must be something about it which makes it so special. Perhaps it could be the chemical interaction between two or more of the ingredients used in the scallion pancake which forms a certain compound.” Professor Li was a smart man and his mind was full of ideas. He managed to think of all these in such a short span of time.

    Director Zhang nodded. “There’s always that possibility, but we have done an analysis of his scallion pancakes before, and there wasn’t any type of new or special element present in the scallion pancake. Perhaps our equipment isn’t sophisticated and advanced enough to detect if there was any?”

    Lin Fan stood there feeling helpless. The two people in front of him were engrossed in their discussion. He very much wanted to tell them not to think too much because there really wasn’t anything special with his scallion pancakes.

    Lin Fan only ever used normal ingredients in making his scallion pancakes, and whatever came out of the oven was because of the Encyclopedia. It had absolutely nothing to do with one ingredient forming a chemical reaction with another. But even if he told them about the Encyclopedia, they would never believe it.

    “Professor Li, Director Zhang, how would you like me to help you?”

    Although there were anorexic patients who courted their own disaster, there were still a few patients who weren’t like that. Some of them suffered from it because of excessive stress causing a change in their psychological state. These people accepted help from Professor Li and Director Zhang when they offered help because it was better than nothing.

    “Master Lin, if it is not too much trouble, could I film the whole process of you making a scallion pancake from scratch so that I can conduct my analysis when I get back?” Professor Li replied.

    Lin Fan looked at Professor Li, not knowing what to say. He very much wanted to reject his request, but looking at the aging Professor, he just couldn’t do that. He should at least give him some hope.

    “Okay but I’ll only make one portion,” Lin Fan replied.

    Master Lin’s scallion pancakes were famous all around Shanghai. There always was a long queue in the morning and it would snake down the whole street. The shop would have a hundred queue numbers and only ten would be selected from the queue numbers. Getting a single scallion pancake was extremely difficult. There was even a black market for queue numbers, with a single queue number going for a few hundred dollars. If one got selected, the scallion pancake could be sold off again for a huge sum of money.

    There were a lot of people who wanted to buy scallion pancakes, some of them were CEOs of major companies. Whenever they felt like eating, they would just buy it from other people for a huge sum of money.

    There was a saying amongst the townsfolk that it was harder to get a scallion pancake than it is to obtain a bar of gold.

    There were even many foreigners who came from many different countries after hearing of its reputation.

    Inadvertently, Master Lin’s scallion pancakes in Cloud Street became a brand name.

    Professor Li thought that one portion was rather little, but Director Zhang who was standing at his side reminded him, “Professor Li, Master Lin’s pancakes are almost as good as gold, to get one portion from him is already a great favor.”

    Professor Li nodded his head after hearing what Director Zhang said. He never thought that it would be this hard to buy a single scallion pancake.

    Thereafter, Professor Li took out his phone and passed it to Director Zhang to take a video. He took out his own journal to record down the steps Master Lin took to make his scallion pancakes.

    “Watch closely, I’m about to begin,” Lin Fan said.

    Director Zhang and Professor Li were paying full attention to Master Lin’s actions, afraid that they might miss a step.

    Spread oil on the pan, add some flour…

    Every single step appeared very ordinary, and there was no special method being used.

    Adding condiments.

    Professor Li’s pen never stopped writing. He was furiously jotting down every step in his journal.

    At this moment, a fragrance spread across the room. Professor Li’s expression had completely changed after he took a whiff of it. The smell was simply divine. This portion was to be analyzed by him, so how could he eat it?

    Professor Li swallowed his saliva and resisted the tempting smell as he continued to record down notes.

    A portion of scallion pancakes came out from the oven.

    Lin Fan wrapped up the scallion pancake, handing it to Professor Li. “It’s done.”

    Director Zhang was very familiar with Master Lin’s scallion pancakes. He could resist the smell of it but for Professor Li, the smell of it was out of this world. Every single taste bud was screaming out for a taste of the scallion pancakes.

    But he resisted it. The scallion pancake was for his research and he was going to use the most advanced equipment to analyze it.

    Professor Li continued to jot down more notes. The steps towards the end were a little more complicated, so he had to slow down and analyze the last part properly.

    Professor Li shook Lin Fan’s hands. “Thank you so much, Master Lin!”

    Lin Fan shook his hands, not thinking very much about it. He really wanted to tell Professor Li not to waste his time trying to analyze the footage since he probably won’t get anything out of it, but he decided not to. Professor Li was getting on with age and finally got some form of hope in his life.

    Lin Fan was also still a little confused over what was happening, and all he could do was act dumb as he went with the flow.

    He never thought such a simple scallion pancake would bring about so many different reactions and situations.

    “Professor Li, I wish you all success in your research,” Lin Fan smiled as he said.

    Professor Li nodded his head. He was satisfied. “Master Lin, could you let me take a few samples of the raw ingredients you used?”

    “Help yourself…”

    Professor Li meticulously placed small samples of the raw ingredients into used plastic bottles and sealed them up, preparing to bring them back for analysis.

    Looking at the current situation, Lin Fan didn’t think that Professor Li’s research would have any success at all. If he did, pigs would probably fly.

    “Here’s my number. If there’s anything you don’t understand or need to clarify, just drop me a call!” Professor Li said cheerily, passing a slip of paper to Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan didn’t object as he pocketed the paper.

    Director Zhang felt that Professor Li’s chances of finding something new were small. Although the lab equipment in Ren He Hospital was not as good as the one in the capital city, it wasn’t lagging too far behind either. He feared that their trip to Master Lin’s shop was for nothing.

    However, Director Zhang and Lin Fan both had something in common. They didn’t want to dash Professor Li’s dreams.

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