Chapter 1126 - A big bunch of geniuses

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1126: A big bunch of geniuses

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    Lin Fan didn’t really care about the news on the Internet. Those people could say whatever they wanted.

    This matter had already passed, what was the point of thinking about it? He wondered what President Niu would think if he saw this.

    However, he felt that President Niu wouldn’t think much. After all, it had already happened. There was no use in saying anything more.

    “F*cking awesome.” Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan and was speechless. He could only raise his thumb to express that he had given in. He wouldn’t give in to anyone but he had to give in to this guy. It was really too incredible.

    Lin Fan had said that he would subdue the association and he had really done it. He hadn’t given them any respect at all.

    Lin Fan waved his hand and acted humble.?This is nothing. I don’t even care about it.

    *Ding ding!*

    At that moment, his phone rang.

    When Lin Fan saw the phone display, he was a little helpless but he still answered.

    “Ming Qing, what is it?” Lin Fan had no words for this student of his. This student definitely wanted to research some prescriptions again.

    On the other end of the call, Zhao Ming Qing laughed very candidly. “Teacher, it’s been a long time and you have to be well-rested by now. Should we start researching some other prescriptions?”

    *Cough cough!* Lin Fan coughed. “Ming Qing, your teacher has been busy with something big lately. I have to resolve this matter before I can research prescriptions with you. Otherwise, if my focus is divided, it would have a very negative impact.”

    Zhao Ming Qing was stunned. Then, he suddenly became excited.?If?teacher?says it’s a big matter, it couldn’t be something simple.

    “Teacher, what’s this big matter?”

    Lin Fan pondered for a moment and decided not to hide the truth. He started talking about the prosthetic limbs.

    When Zhao Ming Qing heard this, he was stunned. It was as if he didn’t dare to believe it.

    “Teacher, could this be true?”

    To him, this was no longer a matter that had to do with medicine. It was several levels deeper.

    “Of course it’s true. Did you think it’s fake? Let me tell you that if this is successful, it would be a great thing. Don’t you think that this is very important?” said Lin Fan with a grin.

    He had really given in to this student. His student was even more immersed in Chinese medicine that him. But it was a good thing. With that learning ability, becoming a top Chinese medicine master would definitely not be a problem.

    Zhao Ming Qing nodded. “Mmm. This is a big matter. It really is. If teacher is successful, it would be a great thing for everyone.”

    “Teacher, your student shan’t disturb you then. Please carry on working.”

    Lin Fan smiled. “Alright. Take care of yourself. You have to strike a balance between work and rest. Don’t overwork yourself.”

    After hanging up, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

    Then, he thought about it and started laughing. Right now, he didn’t have much to do, so he decided to go to the welfare institute.

    The welfare institute was now undergoing construction. The construction of the apartment building was under Wang Ming Yang’s charge, so he didn’t have to worry at all.

    And the teachers of the welfare institute had very high morale too. Every day, when they came to the welfare institute and saw the apartment building that was under construction, they didn’t even know what to say.

    Perhaps it was a kind of anticipation.

    They had already told their families about this. However, their family members didn’t believe them. After all, how could there be such a good occupation in this society? It not only offered high wage and benefits, but it also provided free accommodation. Just thinking about it, it seemed impossible.

    When they sent photos of this apartment building’s construction to their family members, they received replies of disbelief. Hence, they didn’t say much more. They trusted Master Lin. Once the construction is complete, everything would be made known.

    Because of this, they put in even more effort into the children’s education.

    The welfare institute.

    “Master Lin, you’re here.” Director Huang had worked here for a very long time. She had given her life to the welfare institute. Now that the welfare institute was getting better and better, she was very happy.

    Lin Fan smiled. “Mmm. I’m here to see the children.”

    “The children are having lessons in the classrooms. I’ll accompany you to take a look.”

    Lin Fan nodded. He wanted to take a look at the children’s situation. Recently, he had been too busy outside and he had neglected the welfare institute a little.

    When they reached the outside of the classroom, Lin Fan heard what was being said inside. At that moment, he was stunned.?What are they teaching now?

    Why does it seem like junior high knowledge?

    It wouldn’t have been a big deal. However, the children inside were only seven or eight years old. Some were even five or six.

    “Director, this is…?” Lin Fan had to admit that he was shocked. He felt that it was a little inconceivable.

    “Master Lin, I’ll leave this to the teachers to explain to you.” The director had been shocked at first too but she had already gotten used to it. “Teacher Zhou, please come out for a moment.”

    Teacher Zhou, who had been teaching the children, saw Director Huang outside and gestured to the children as she said, “Students, your teacher has to attend to something. Continue reading your books for now.”

    “Yes, Teacher,” the children responded in unison. Then, when the children saw who was outside, they started crying out, “Uncle Lin is here!”

    “Uncle Lin…”

    Lin Fan waved at the children inside, then smiled as he leaned on the window. “Read your books obediently.”


    The children liked Lin Fan very much. They seemed to know that they were able to live such lives all thanks to Uncle Lin.

    “Master Lin,” Teacher Zhou came in front of Lin Fan and greeted him very respectfully.

    Lin Fan said in a surprised tone, “Teacher Zhou, are the children learning so quickly? This knowledge that you’re teaching them seems to be junior high knowledge, isn’t it?”

    When he brought that up, Teacher Zhou had a look of disbelief as well. After experiencing the children’s learning speed, she realized that geniuses really existed in this world. And if these geniuses worked hard too, it was really terrifying. It was at the limit of terror.

    “Master Lin, these children are really too smart. Initially, we were just going to teach the children Hanyu Pinyin and some simple addition and subtraction. But in just half a day, the children managed to understand all that. Moreover, they were able to deduce many things from what we taught. They could even understand addition and subtraction no matter how big the numbers were.”

    “Also, they’ve gotten very skilled in Hanyu Pinyin. Later on, we began teaching primary school programs but in just over ten days, they understood all of it already. These children would read their books when they have nothing much to do after lessons.”

    At this point, Teacher Zhou’s expression had changed dramatically.

    Lin Fan was pondering in his heart.?Could the perfect-grade little intelligence pill really be so perverse?

    This learning speed is way too fast.

    “Master Lin, we’re teaching them English, maths, and Chinese. And when we explain new knowledge during the lessons, the children absorb it exceptionally quickly. They understand it once we explain it and their deduction skills are amazing too. They would be able to understand any related knowledge. If I wasn’t personally teaching them, I wouldn’t dare to believe this. These children are all geniuses.” The more Teacher Zhou spoke, the more stirred up she became. It was as if she had seen a ghost.

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