Chapter 1144 - Collaboration established

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1144: Collaboration established

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    Two days later!

    Lin Fan was in the research lab, producing sets of perfect artificial limbs one by one. Although it took very long, he would definitely be able to resolve the problem for the children in Nanshan Children’s Welfare Institute.

    *Ding ding!*

    Lin Fan answered the call.

    “Brother Lin, how are things going?” asked Zhao Zhong Yang anxiously through the phone. He didn’t know how the situation now. Brother Lin hadn’t been to Cloud Street in a few days. Initially, Zhao Zhong Yang hadn’t dared to call for fear of disturbing Brother Lin.

    But as time passed, and with the rest of them in the shop urging him, he decided to call.

    “Things are going pretty well.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang: “Brother Lin, does that mean you’ve succeeded?”

    He didn’t ask too directly. If Brother Lin didn’t answer this question, he wouldn’t ask more. However, he felt that it would have a pretty big impact on Brother Lin if it failed.

    After all, there was the situation on the Internet. A lot of people were waiting to laugh at Brother Lin.

    Zhao Zhong Yang really felt helpless about those people. They were a bunch of people with nothing better to do than to laugh at others.

    In the research lab, Lin Fan finished producing another set of artificial limbs and said with a smile, “Of course I succeeded. Don’t you know who I am? If I fail on something like this, it would mean that I’ve wasted my whole life.”

    “You’ve really succeeded?” Zhao Zhong Yang was thrilled. His tone suddenly went very high as if he couldn’t believe it.

    Lin Fan replied, “Yes, really. Why would I lie to you? If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up. I still have to make a few more artificial limbs. When I’m done here, I’ll head back.”

    Lin Fan was busy working. In these two days, he had helped many of the children from the welfare institute regain working limbs. Although they weren’t real limbs, these limbs allowed the children to move about like normal people.

    “Mmm. We’ll be waiting for you at the shop.”

    They hung up.

    Cloud Street!

    Wu You Lan immediately came over and asked, “How is it? Did Brother Lin succeed?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang nodded. “Mmm. He succeeded. Judging by his tone, there weren’t any problems at all. But I still don’t know the full situation.”

    Fraud Tian commented from the side, “Are you all stupid? What are you still waiting here for? If you want to know, why don’t you just go straight to the welfare institute?”

    “You’re right!” Zhao Zhong Yang suddenly realized that, then said to Fraud Tian in surprise, “Fraud, you’re actually really wise! You even thought of something like that. Let’s go. We’ll go to the welfare institute right now to check out the situation.”

    “Alright.” Wu You Lan was now very curious about this matter. She wondered what exactly had happened.

    Nanshan Children’s Welfare Institute.

    Wu You Lan and the rest appeared.

    “Why are you all here?” Han Lu asked curiously when he saw them.

    “We came to take a look at the situation,” said Zhao Zhong Yang.

    Hearing that, Han Lu instantly smiled. “That’s a good idea. Master Lin is really too incredible. I have to respect him. Let’s go. I’ll bring you to see how the children are doing.”

    Even though two days had passed, Han Lu was still thrilled when this matter was brought up.

    Lil’ Fatty brought Little Mei Mei to play in the courtyard and they were running around crazily, so were the other children.

    Wu You Lan was startled. “Isn’t something different here?”

    Han Lu pointed at those children. “Can’t you tell what’s wrong with these children?”

    “What’s wrong?”

    The group of them strained their eyes, trying to take a closer look but they couldn’t find anything wrong at all. “What’s wrong? I can’t see anything wrong with these children.”

    “Yeah, these children seem really happy running around. But it isn’t good to run around so vigorously. They might collide into something or trip over.” Fraud Tian nodded in agreement. He had no idea what Han Lu had brought them here for.

    Han Lu smiled. “Can you really not tell?”

    “Nope.” Everyone shook their heads. Then, Fraud Tian suddenly jolted in shock. He said in disbelief, “Don’t tell me that these children…”

    Seeing Fraud Tian’s shock, Han Lu nodded. “Mmm. Your guess is right. These children were all previously crippled. But now, after putting on Master Lin’s perfect artificial limbs, they can run and jump as they want. You couldn’t tell, could you?”

    “Actually, it’s not just you. Even I wouldn’t have been able to tell if I hadn’t known.”

    “D*mn. Those are actually artificial limbs. But they don’t look any different from real limbs. They’re so nimble. Can artificial limbs really do that?” Zhao Zhong Yang was dumbfounded and he couldn’t believe it.

    “Little Mei Mei, come here,” Han Lu called out to the little girl beside Lil’ Fatty.

    Lil’ Fatty held Little Mei Mei’s hand as they came over to Han Lu.

    “Uncle Han,” Lil’ Fatty and Little Mei Mei greeted.

    “Lil’ Fatty, why didn’t you greet me when you saw me?” Fraud Tian pinched Lil’ Fatty’s face as he asked.

    “Hehe,” Lil’ Fatty giggled. “Hello, Grandpa Tian.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang went forward and rolled up Little Mei Mei’s pants. When he saw what was underneath, he couldn’t help but be stunned. “This is incredible.”

    Fraud Tian was looking as well. Those legs were too nimble. They seemed like real legs. It was really astounding.

    Han Lu smiled. “If you ask me, it’s Master Lin who’s incredible.”

    Over at the government side.

    Wang Ming Yang had started working on this matter. He wouldn’t look for just any leader because it would be useless. Instead, he went straight to the most powerful leader in Shanghai.

    He had already recorded videos and gotten through some procedures to prepare for the discussion.

    When he had brought this matter up to some leaders previously, no one believed him. They felt that Wang Ming Yang was just boasting or perhaps he was bluffing.

    Hence, they hadn’t paid much attention to this matter at all.

    This time, Wang Ming Yang was looking for the biggest leader in Shanghai. He hoped that they would find a good way to collaborate on this project. According to his brother’s wishes, the price definitely couldn’t be too high.

    When Wang Ming Yang met Secretary Chen and they looked through the information and documents, Secretary Chen paid a lot of attention. When he found out that these limbs were developed by Master Lin, Secretary Chen was shocked.

    The last time he had met Master Lin was for the construction of the apartment building. But he hadn’t expected something like this to happen not long after.

    To him, this was great news!

    Thinking about how Master Lin was actually willing to collaborate with the government in distributing these artificial limbs, Secretary Chen was speechless.

    He had met many people before.

    But he had never met someone who would give away a fortune that was put in front of him.

    After Wang Ming Yang had explained Lin Fan’s intentions, Mayor Chen immediately nodded. As long as they could maintain the flow of production, he didn’t demand a high price. He would abide by Master Lin’s intentions.

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