Chapter 203 - Monkey Bro Mask

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 203: Monkey Bro Mask

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    The leaders that were discussing amongst themselves turned to look at the entrance. Their expressions instantly changed. They hadn’t expected the fabled hero to be of such a young age.

    There were a lot of notable leaders in the room. Lin Fan just nodded at them.

    “He’s indeed young and capable.”

    “I guess the younger generations will surpass us in no time. Youths these days have such a strong sense of justice.”

    “I didn’t expect this man to see through the plans of the chief of the human trafficking organization. It’s not easy to do so!”


    The crowd was praising him profusely and Lin Fan was a little embarrassed, having to face their compliments.

    Then, a sensibly dressed man came over. He said, “Bro, I thank you on behalf of all the children that were abducted from the North-east.”

    Liu Xiao Tian briefly introduced, “This is Mr. Chen Jia Jun, Chief Chen of the Northeastern police force.”

    Lin Fan nodded. He hadn’t expected him to be such a high-ranking officer. Then, he smiled. “You’re too courteous, Chief Chen.”

    Chen Jia Jun waved his hand, “This isn’t about courtesy. It’s true gratitude!”

    “Brother Chen, are you done? Please leave when you’re done. We haven’t even gotten a chance to speak to him,” said a man standing behind him.

    Chen Jia Jun smiled, “Brother He, why are you in such a hurry?”

    Liu Xiao Tian continued to introduce them to Lin Fan, “This is the leader of the Anhui province, Mr. He Chang Fei, Chief He.”

    Lin Fan nodded. “Greetings, Chief He.”

    He Chang Fei was extremely interested in Lin Fan, “Brother, how did you know that Wang Shen was the leader of the human trafficking organization?”

    Lin Fan just smiled. The question was a little hard to answer. “If I said that it was based on his appearance, would you believe me?”

    He Chang Fei smiled and shook his head. “You’re such a humorous man. I won’t believe in that.”

    Sometimes, people won’t believe you when you speak the truth. What else could he have said? Then, he just smiled. “I just based it on my instinct. I could sense it just from one look.”

    Even Lin Fan wouldn’t buy this story and he didn’t expect He Chang Fei to believe it. “Brother, that, I believe. Sometimes, a person’s sixth sense can be very accurate. With so many years of experience, sometimes when I’m investigating a major case without any leads, my sixth sense would guide me to some minor leads.”

    When Lin Fan heard his words, he started to laugh. Then, the next leader in line was from Zhejiang. Lin Fan interacted with him for a while. At the same time, several other leaders also greeted Lin Fan and spoke to him.

    The leader from Zhejiang asked, “Young chap, what are you currently working as?”

    Lin Fan smiled, “I’m just a fortune-teller that happens to sell scallion pancakes. I don’t hold any official profession.”

    The leader was a little taken aback. “Do you want to join me? I can make an exception and recruit you.”

    Lin Fan waved his hands as a gesture to reject his offer. Although being a police officer was decent, he would have to bear heavy responsibilities and he wasn’t in favor of that.

    Chief He and Chief Chen laughed hysterically, “Brother Shen, you’re taking the opportunity to recruit a talent like him to your unit. We haven’t even spoken to him about this yet. Do you think you’ll succeed?”

    Chief Shen smiled and replied, “Why not? I am confident in him. He is such a young and capable chap. If I don’t take this opportunity to recruit him, it would be such a waste.”

    Lin Fan smiled. “Thank you for all your recognition. I am not so capable at all. I shan’t disturb you anymore.”

    He was already having such a good time selling scallion pancakes and the fortune-telling side was well managed by Wu Tian He. He was leading such a carefree life.

    Chief Shen patted Lin Fan on his shoulder. “Young chap, if you would like to join us in the future, please let me know. I would welcome you anytime.”

    “Thank you very much,” Lin Fan said.


    Lin Fan went to sit beside Liu Xiao Tian. Liu Xiao Tian said, “See? I said it, you’re very welcome here.”

    He hadn’t expected these leaders to be in such harmony. “Oh, right, you mentioned something about a gift for me. Why haven’t I seen it yet?”

    Liu Xiao Tian looked at the time. The show was about to begin. He quickly ran backstage and took out a Monkey God mask. Lin Fan was stunned when he saw it. What was he trying to do?

    “How is this? This mask is awesome, right? I prepared this especially for you. Monkey God, the hero of man,” Liu Xiao Tian said excitedly.

    Lin Fan didn’t understand it. “Why did you prepare this for me? It’s not like I’m going up on stage to perform!”

    “This isn’t for you to perform in. It’s for you to wear when you go up on stage. It’s to prevent you from being recognized by the human traffickers,” Liu Xiao Tian said, “The current situation isn’t very good. Although the human trafficking organization has been shut down, there are still many human traffickers hiding in the society. Today, you have to wear the mask to cover your face. If the vengeful human traffickers were to recognize you, you might be in serious trouble. It would be extremely dangerous.”

    Lin Fan didn’t want to wear the mask. He felt that it was a little weird. He immediately waved his hands. “I’m not going to wear it. Why should I wear it? I’m not afraid of them and I’m going to show my face.”

    Liu Xiao Tian felt helpless as he tried to warn Lin Fan, “You must think through this carefully. This is for your own good. Although people might not take revenge on you, it is good to be cautious.”

    Lin Fan chuckled, “Would I be afraid of people taking revenge on me? I would just arrest them one by one. There isn’t much of a problem at all.”

    He knew that Lin Fan was a powerful individual. His kungfu wasn’t a joke. Then, he thought through what Lin Fan had said. His thoughts were pretty logical. If the criminals were to cause trouble for Master Lin, perhaps they were the ones that should be afraid.

    After all, Master Lin’s true power had already been revealed. Who would dare to take him on?

    If these criminals were to approach him, they would probably just be surrendering themselves. All of them would end up in jail.

    Then, Liu Xiao Tian looked at the time. “The ceremony is about to begin. This time, there are a lot of reporters. Even the reporters from China Central Television (CCTV) are here.”

    “Oh, CCTV!” Lin Fan exclaimed.

    Liu Xiao Tian was extremely excited. “Of course. It’s such big news. How could the CCTV reporters not come? They might even do a live stream. It’s going to be exciting.”

    Lin Fan slapped his thigh and said, “Of course it’s exciting! Please take this Monkey Bro mask away. Now that the CCTV reporters are here, they have to see my true identity.”

    “Haha,” Liu Xiao Tian laughed. He quickly neatened his police uniform. This was a major operation. He was feeling a little nervous.

    Meanwhile, Lin Fan took a deep breath. Then, he combed his hair. At the same time, he felt a little regretful. Although he was wearing a smart outfit, it wasn’t good enough. If he had worn a formal suit, it would definitely make him seem more dashing. However, it was too late for him to purchase a new suit.?Forget it…

    At the venue.

    The reporters were all buzzing. This honors ceremony wasn’t a simple one, it was a big thing. They had already snatched the best seats by coming to the venue as early as they could. They were rehearsing their sets of questions to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

    As the CCTV reporters were there, the other reporters were more cautious of their actions and words. This was definitely going to be broadcasted live to the entire nation.

    At that moment!

    On the Internet.

    Dozens of netizens were watching the live stream, waiting for the annual show to begin. To most of these netizens, they wanted to know who that incredible man who provided that piece of information was. It was indeed pretty d*mn scary.

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