Chapter 208 - Terrifying three seconds

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 208: Terrifying three seconds

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    At night, Lin Fan didn’t go anywhere. He just sat in front of the television. He was going to be on the news broadcast. It really was a rather emotional moment.

    It was the first time for him to appear on China Central Television. If he said he wasn’t emotional, he had to be lying.

    This case regarding the human traffickers could be said to have shaken the nation. Even overseas newspapers reported about it. Nationally, this case naturally appeared on the news broadcast.

    It was time.

    A familiar sound rang out from the television. At the same time, a globe appeared on the screen and finally, the words appeared,


    ‘News broadcast!’

    A host and hostess sat there holding reports in front of them. The male host said, “Good evening to all our viewers.”

    The female hostess greeted, “Good evening.”

    “In today’s programme, the main content includes: In the BRICS’ leadership meeting, the foreign minister will be meeting representatives of the respective nations. New scientific developments have been made in the Jiashan. The Shanghai police have cooperated with the Northeastern China police forces to perform a raid on a large human trafficking group and made great progress. An honors ceremony was held at the Shanghai Ceremonial Hall…”

    Lin Fan sat there without looking away even for a moment. When he heard the host announcing the content, he became excited. His heart was filled with anticipation.?It’s here. It’s finally here.?He wondered what he would look like on television.

    He was prepared to tell his parents about this, to let them know how f*cking awesome their son was but then he thought it was better not to. He couldn’t tell them about this, otherwise, they would surely be worried.

    He lay on the sofa, cheerfully watching the television.

    After a while, the main programme finally came. His image finally appeared on the television.


    “What the heck? Why did they only flash my face? Was it even three seconds? F*ck…”

    He had waited full of anticipation, but the reality left him upset. “Did they have to do that? That’s f*cked up. I said so much awesome stuff on stage but in the end, they only showed three seconds of it. That’s really upsetting,” Lin Fan thought.

    Lin Fan turned off the television frustratedly. The content afterward didn’t involve him much. Forget it. No matter what, he had still appeared on the news broadcast, even if it was just three seconds. In future, at least he could talk about it and be proud of it.

    He washed his face, rinsed his mouth and went to sleep.

    The next day!

    The internet erupted.

    The human trafficking incident still remained the talk of the town. It topped the internet trending list and was especially popular on Weibo.

    The video of Lin Fan commanding a hundred dogs, after going through editing by an expert to make it smoother and clearer, got uploaded onto the internet again. Within moments, it completely blew up.

    “God d*mn, this guy is too f*cking incredible. How is it even possible to communicate with dogs?

    “F*ck, isn’t this a Formosan Mountain dog? Didn’t the officials say that Formosan Mountain dogs have very low IQ? Why does it feel like this Formosan Mountain dog has a very high IQ?”

    “In future, if anyone says that Formosan Mountain dogs have low IQ, I will be the first to beat him to death. This Formosan Mountain dog in the video is incredible. Those various rare and expensive breeds of dogs are simply nothing compared to it.”

    “Haha, Master Lin really is formidable. Who would have thought he would be involved in another big incident?”


    At the train station.

    “This guy is f*cking awesome!”

    “Yeah, I never thought that there would be an organization of human traffickers. If they didn’t report this, I wouldn’t dare to believe it.”

    “Everyone saw it, right? Next time, if you ever see those people begging for money along with a child, it’s best to inform the police. You might just save a child’s life.”

    “This Master Lin is just at Cloud Street, Shanghai. If I have the time, I must go and pay a visit. He’s a hero.”

    On Weibo, a certain professor who researches dog breeds: “This is simply sensationalism. Formosan Mountain dogs have the lowest IQ among all dog breeds in the world. The intelligence shown in this video is simply not possible. As for speaking to dogs, that’s even more absurd. Everyone knows that when humans communicate with dogs, it’s done by repeating commands that have been drilled into the dogs so that when the command is given, the dog will respond by carrying out the action that it was previously trained to do. Therefore, this video is nothing but a fake.”

    “F*ck off! I hate it when some professor runs his mouth. You can’t just say whatever you like. This Formosan Mountain dog is extremely intelligent but you just don’t want to admit it.”

    “This video originated from Brother Yang’s broadcast. At that time, there were over ten thousand people who saw it but you say that it’s not possible just like that. You should go and die.”

    “Everyone, stop flaming him. Against a stupid person like him, reasoning won’t work.”

    “There’s an insult that goes ‘You’re just so and so’s dog’. If you use it on a person, it’s an insult but to a dog, it’s a kind of praise. A Formosan Mountain dog’s uniqueness lies in its understanding towards a person. It can see through the slightest change in expression of its owner and act according to circumstances. It is very loyal to its owner. Even if you beat it every day, it won’t run away. It will still wag its tail behind you. I used to own a toy poodle. It really broke my heart. It just treats whoever feeds it as its owner. I sent it to a friend for three months. When it saw me again, it completely ignored me.”

    Cloud Street.

    Lin Fan reached his shop very early. There were many townsfolk there that day. When Lin Fan reached, the townsfolk all came forward cheerfully.

    “Little Boss, I saw the news broadcast last night. Even though it was just three seconds, Little Boss really is f*cking awesome.”

    “Yeah, I didn’t even notice it the first time but when it played again, I finally saw Little Boss’ face. Not bad at all.”

    Lin Fan stood there, laughing awkwardly. These townsfolk were praising him but he couldn’t escape from the ‘three seconds’. It sounded weird when they said it as if something wasn’t right.

    Fraud Tian laughed happily. He now felt that being with this kid was not bad at all. Although he himself didn’t get praised, Lin Fan being praised was like all of them getting praised.

    Fraud Tian had a rather big heart. He thought very positively.

    *rumbling noise*

    At that moment, the sound of trumpets came from afar. It seemed like there was a lion dance too.

    The townsfolk looked over curiously, wondering what was going on.

    Fraud Tian was curious as well. “What’s going on? Could it be that a new shop just opened?”

    Lin Fan tiptoed and looked over. It was Wang Ming Yang and Yan Shu Ren and they had even brought a lion dance team with them, blowing a trumpet as they came. What the heck were they doing?

    Wang Ming Yang smiled widely, “I saw the live broadcast yesterday. I saw the news broadcast too. You really are incredible.”

    Lin Fan asked awkwardly, “What are you doing?”

    Yang Shu Ren stepped forward. “Young Fan, this is to bring some liveliness and excitement. You did a big thing, we definitely had to give you a good celebration.”

    Lin Fan sighed frustratedly, “It isn’t some joyous occasion, how can you do this? Hurry and make them stop. If someone reports this and news gets out, things would not be good.”

    The surrounding townsfolk and shop owners started talking.

    “Who would report this? We’re the owners of Cloud Street. No one will report it.”

    “That’s right, this deserves a proper celebration. If anyone reports it, they’ll have to deal with us. Isn’t that right, everybody?”

    “Yeah!” the crowd yelled simultaneously.

    Everyone was merry.

    Although Cloud Street hadn’t been bad in the past, it had never been bustling like now. Not only the business was better, but it was also much more lively. In the past, the shop owners had never been this close to each other. They wouldn’t even chat with each other back then.

    But it was different now. They had suddenly developed all these new relationships.

    Sometimes, they would even eat at each others’ shops. It was a very pleasant feeling.

    Lin Fan was at a loss for words.

    Let them be, then.

    As long as they’re happy.

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