Chapter 1156 - Chief of hippies

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1156: Chief of hippies

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    He Cheng Han’s business had been developing well recently. “Master Lin, those artificial limbs are incredible.”

    Lin Fan smiled. “It’s nothing. They’re just alright.”

    “How could they be ‘just alright’? They’re really amazing!” said He Cheng Han. He really envied Wang Ming Yang to death. However, when he heard from Wang Ming Yang that those artificial limbs would only be sold for three thousand dollars each, he had been completely astounded.

    Then, he realized that these sales weren’t for money-making but for charity. How could such perfect artificial limbs possibly be sold for just three thousand dollars? That was simply shocking.

    “Alright. Let’s not talk about all these during our gathering. Today is the day that Wang Ming Yang and Xu Zi Le have obtained their marriage certificates. Everyone, let’s congratulate them!” announced Lin Fan with a bright smile.

    At that moment, the crowd went into an uproar. They were all truly happy about this.

    They had all known Wang Ming Yang for quite long. They also thought that Wang Ming Yang should get married since he was so young.

    Now, it had happened so quickly.

    The lively banquet began. The crowd was chatting incessantly amongst themselves.

    Meanwhile, Fraud Tian was eating non-stop. He seemed not to care about the looks from those around him.

    But the people around were also very friendly to Fraud Tian.

    “Sigh. I never thought that, in the blink of an eye, I would get my marriage certificate. I really didn’t expect this.” Wang Ming Yang and Lin Fan leaned back on their chairs.

    Lin Fan smiled. “What? Are you sure you didn’t expect this?”

    Wang Ming Yang shook his head. “I just didn’t expect it to be so fast.”

    Lin Fan replied, “This isn’t fast at all. This is perfectly normal. Zi Le is a pretty good woman and she’s devoted to you. She will be able to support your family.”

    Wang Ming Yang nodded. “Mmm. I know all that. But now I’m thinking about you guys going overseas tomorrow and I won’t be able to go. That’s really saddening.”

    “Hahaha,” Lin Fan laughed. “Wait for the next time. There’s no hurry.”

    “Who knows if you’ll even tell me next time? Oh right, let me ask you something,” said Wang Ming Yang, “I’ve seen the news on the Internet. Do you have any suggestions regarding those people from overseas? I’m talking about the price of the artificial limbs.”

    Lin Fan said with a smile, “The price will be the same. We won’t charge them any more. Secretary Chen has the same idea as me, doesn’t he?”

    Wang Ming Yang nodded. “Mmm. Secretary Chen said that as well. We’ll charge them the same price.”

    “I’ll leave this matter to you guys but you can ask me if you have any questions. If you put a nationalistic youth like me in charge, wouldn’t the price be raised sky-high?” said Lin Fan with a chuckle. He wouldn’t treat people from other countries unfairly. Those crippled people had already suffered enough. If he were to discriminate against them, it would really be unbefitting of the traditional Chinese morals that he had been passed down.

    Wang Ming Yang nodded. “Don’t worry. I know, although other countries may enjoy bullying us, we can’t stoop to their level.

    “That’s right. That’s the right way to think,” said Lin Fan as he patted Wang Ming Yang’s shoulder. “What do you think? Do you still want to challenge me in drinking tonight?”

    When Wang Ming Yang heard that, he immediately waved his hand. “Don’t. Alcohol is bad for the body. I’m abstaining from drinking.


    Lin Fan roared with laughter. He could tell that Wang Ming Yang had grown fearful of drinking because of him.

    On this night, everyone chatted cheerfully. He Cheng Han and the rest had not met with Lin Fan in a long time, so they drank quite a lot of wine. But to Lin Fan, this amount of alcohol was nothing at all. He could drink as much as he wanted and be perfectly fine.

    The next day!

    The airport.

    It was a direct flight from Shanghai to Haojiang.

    Lin Fan and the rest had reached the airport early in the morning.

    “Hey, why isn’t that Fraud here?” Lin Fan looked at the time and asked. “Could it be that he overslept?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang sighed. “I just called him. He says that he has to prepare for a while. Who knows what he’s preparing?”

    “That Fraud… If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have let him come with us. It’s so late but he’s still not here. I really want to give him a good kick,” said Lin Fan helplessly.


    A figure appeared.

    “Motherf*cker…” Lin Fan saw that figure in the distance and was stunned.

    Meanwhile, Zhao Zhong Yang and Wu You Lan were dumbfounded as well. They rubbed their eyes in disbelief as if they thought that there was something wrong with their eyes.

    In the distance, in green pants and a red shirt, wearing a pair of spectacles, with his hair combed back, and pulling an old luggage bag behind him, he walked over with his head high and chest out.

    “I’m here!” Fraud Tian seemed not to be affected by the stares. He just waved at Lin Fan and the rest.

    “I’ll go first and wait for you guys over there.” Lin Fan felt as if he would be laughed at if he were to stay with Fraud Tian.

    “Brother Lin, I’ll go with you,” said Wu You Lan hurriedly. She felt as if this wasn’t the same Fraud Tian that she knew.

    Zhao Zhong Yang stood stiffly in his position. He was stunned. In his heart, he grumbled.?How can you just leave me with this Fraud? Do you have no shame?

    But very soon, Fraud Tian was in front of Zhao Zhong Yang. In an elegant manner, he took off his spectacles and revealed his yellow teeth as he said, “What is it? Don’t you recognize me?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang took a deep breath and said, “Fraud, have you been possessed? What’s up with your dressing?”

    “What’s wrong?” Fraud Tian looked at himself, then nodded contently. “There’s nothing wrong at all. How do I look? That girl you introduced to me is really pretty good. She’s a big inspiration for me to dress up. Although I’m already quite old, I’m still young at heart. I look fashionable and dashing, don’t I?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang almost couldn’t breathe. “You look like the chief of hippies!”

    “What the heck does that mean?” Fraud Tian was taken aback. He didn’t quite understand.

    At that moment, the people who passed by sneakily took out their phones and took photos of Fraud Tian. Fraud Tian’s style had surprised all of the passersby.

    But one had to admit that Fraud Tian actually seemed alright dressing up like that.

    He had trained in martial arts his whole life and he had a unique aura.

    Although he was dressed flashily, he still emitted an indescribable feeling.

    “Wow! That’s perfect!”

    At that moment, a trendily dressed man with long hair suddenly appeared in front of Fraud Tian. He stared at Fraud Tian and his eyes seemed to light up.

    “That’s really perfectly matched. You look brilliant!” said the long-haired man excitedly.

    Fraud Tian glanced at him with a look of disdain. “Who the heck are you? A grown man with long hair… You look neither male nor female.”

    “Hello, I’m a fashion photographer. Can you be my model? Your style is really brilliant. Those clothes you’re wearing have such color and luster and they are made of great material. They must not be cheap!” said the long-haired man in surprise.

    “Not cheap?” Fraud Tian was taken aback. Then, he looked down. “These pants cost twenty dollars, the top costs thirty dollars. If that’s not cheap, how poor must you be?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang had not expected someone to appreciate Fraud Tian’s clothes. He was speechless. “Fraud, are you leaving or not?”

    “Let’s go, let’s go,” Fraud Tian immediately replied. He was completely uninterested in that long-haired man.

    “Wait a moment, this is my name card. Please call me when you’re free.” The long-haired man saw that such a perfect model was about to leave, so he quickly took out his name card.

    “What the heck? Is this guy retarded?”

    Fraud Tian couldn’t quite understand. He saw that the long-haired man kept looking at him and he trembled. This man was quite scary. Looking at the name card, it was in English. It was indecipherable to Fraud Tian.

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