Chapter 221 - Something's not righ

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 221: Something’s not right

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    A distance away, Lin Fan’s father could be seen smoking a cigarette. Lin Fan waved and greeted, “Dad”.

    Lin Fan’s dad smiled and quickly helped Lin Fan with the box he was carrying.

    Lin Fan shook his head and said, “I’m not tired. However, you really have to get rid of your smoking addiction. It’s so bad for health.”

    Lin Fa’s Dad immediately extinguished the cigarette and tossed in the rubbish bin, “It’s not really an addiction, I’m sure it’s ok to smoke every once in a while. Hurry, we were just waiting for you to have dinner together. Your mother’s almost done with cooking.”

    After he reached home.

    Wang Ming Yang had just arrived in this small block and headed directly towards the lift. He quickly observed which level the lift had stopped at and snickered to himself. With this, it could be said that he had a detailed understanding of his target. After checking the time, he quickly gave Xu Zi Yue a call, asking him out for dinner.

    His fiance was still in Zhongzhou shooting for her new show. His wanted to visit to catch up on Lin Fan’s blind date progress. Also, he wanted to check on how his wife was doing and ensure that she wasn’t getting bullied by the crew. If anyone was doing so, he would personally take revenge for her. Of course, the possibility of that happening was absolutely zero.

    At home!

    “Mom, I’m home!” Lin Fan went ahead to place his luggage in the living room before heading towards the kitchen.

    Lin Fan’s Mom said, “Quick, go take a seat in the living room with your Dad. He has the pictures of the girl you’ll be meeting. Dinner will be ready in no time.”

    “Mom I’m still young! There’s no need to rush into these kinds of matters.”

    “You are still young? Look around in our neighborhood, everyone’s married. Lao Li’s Son who is only twenty-two even has kids already. How can you expect me to not worry and panic.”

    “Alright, I’ll go and have a conversation with Dad.”

    What else can I say?

    Living room!

    “Look at these photos. Mom and I have already taken a look and we think she’s the one. What are your thoughts, son?” Lin Fan’s dad whipped out his handphone and opened up the pictures, showing them to Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan reluctantly took a look, realizing that his parents were right. The lady looked absolutely stunning. However, it didn’t matter to him, the reason for his visit this time was to ditch his old life. Besides, he was still young, marriage didn’t have to be rushed.

    “Let’s talk about it on the day itself,” Lin Fan said irritably.

    Lin Fan’s Dad looked at the photographs and nodded, “Your mom and I both think that she is the right one for you. Listen up kid, just do your best tomorrow, your mom and I will take care of the wedding if you succeed.”

    Lin Fan sighed.

    Looks like it’s really that urgent. I guess this time there’s no more escaping marriage.

    Not long after, Lin Fan’s mom called out, “Come and get the dishes, dinner’s ready. We’ll talk more about t over dinner.”

    Lin Fan entered the kitchen and brought the dishes to the dining table.

    Dining table.

    “Eat up son, these are all your favorites. Look at how skinny you’ve become. I’m sure it because there no one to cook for you.”

    Lin Fan enjoyed the dishes and looked at himself, “It cant be, I’m pretty sure that I gained a few pounds these few days.”

    “How are things in Shanghai? I hope you’re used to it. I really think you should come back home. Zhongzhou is also a big city and it’s pretty much the same as Shanghai. Why put yourself under so much stress?” Lin Fan’s mom nagged.

    Lin Fan said, “Mom, that’s not right. You guys have already taken care of me for the past ten to twenty years. No matter what you think, I have to go out there and experience life for myself.

    Lin Fan’s Dad nodded his in approval, “I agree with what our son says.”

    Lin Fan’s mom stared briefly at him, “You just focus on eating, I’m just caring for our son, what’s your problem?”

    Lin Fan quickly stepped in to ‘save’ his Dad from his Mom’s scoldings. “Mom, why do you always scold dad?”

    “It’s impossible for anyone to stay off your Dad’s case. Anyway, how are things in Shanghai? You mentioned that you opened a shop… Is it doing well?” Lin Fan’s Mom asked caringly.

    Lin Fan nodded his head and said, “It’s decent. Getting paid every day has been working out well.”

    “Work hard son… It’s important to work hard while you’re young. Or else, you won’t even have the energy to do so when you’re old,” Lin Fan’s Dad lectured.

    “I know that Dad, I’m working really hard now. You guys don’t have to be worried. So… back to the topic of matchmaking… I don’t really think I want to go for it.”

    “No way, you have to go for it. We have already made an appointment with their family. Don’t you think about messing up our plans? After dinner, Dad will bring you to get some clothes. You have to look absolutely stunning for tomorrow, you know.. First impressions are everything. Look at your Lao Lee, he’s a few years younger than your Dad and he already has grandchildren.”


    Lin Fan was speechless, “Mom, Uncle Lee’s son married early, that’s why. Besides, I was in university studying then, don’t you remember?”

    “That is why we can no longer delay further. If it doesn’t work out this time, let’s keep trying until it does. I refuse to believe that there isn’t anyone in Zhongzhou that is suitable for my son.”

    He had no more counter-arguments left. If this were to fail, they would only set him up on more blind dates.

    “The photos that Dad showed you. Aren’t they ok? The girl you’re meeting is highly educated, pretty and comes from a good family background. Her parents have the same mindset as us too. They are looking for someone who is born here. If you feel that there’s chemistry tomorrow then the wedding is set.”

    Lin Fan chewed on a vegetable, “Mom, you think so highly of the girl. However, do you think she will fancy me?”

    “I’m sure she will. As long as you are a hard worker I’m sure she’ll be moved. Besides, if this fails, we’ll just keep trying. There’s no such thing as a guaranteed success on the first try in matchmaking.”

    Upon hearing this Lin Fan knew there was no way he was escaping this. If he did, he would drive his parents crazy and his hopes of returning to Shanghai would be dashed.

    Let’s just wait and see. This marriage will definitely not work out. I went to get my hand pattern checked out, my marriage is still a long way from being due.

    So… don’t get your hopes up. I’m pretty sure that this will not work out.

    To Lin Fan, there was no hurry, he was doing it to please his mother.

    After dinner…

    Lin Fan wanted to help his mom with the dishes but was immediately chased out and forced to go shopping with his dad for the date tomorrow.

    “Son, I want you to give your best tomorrow. You still have a long way ahead of you. Let’s just get this wedding set and focus on getting me a grandchild. No matter where you want to go, you go ahead, leave the child to your mom and me.”

    Lin Fan looked at his dad and said, “Why do I feel like you guys are making me get married just so you can get grandchildren.”

    Lin Fan’s Dad coughed and said, “Don’t let your thoughts run wild. We just want the best for you so we can have the peace of mind.”


    Although he believed his Dad’s story, his gut told him they were doing this just so they could have grandchildren.

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