Chapter 227 - Upcoming best dog actor

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 227: Upcoming best dog actor

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    Seeing Lin Fan return, Bai Ke snickered to himself, thinking of all the things he would do to annoy him.

    However, he had to rush to join another crew meeting. It was an anti-war film with an especially overbearing name. The film even contained special agent team who had magical powers.

    In one of the elaborate scenes, he would get plummeted by one of these special agents blows, causing him to ‘fly’ a staggering 400 meters into the air and his body to explode into a million pieces. However, he was just glad that he would be able to get some screen time.

    In addition, it had already been set that he would meet with Lin Fan that night to have a good catch up session.

    Since Lin Fan had nothing on, he decided to stay to watch Bai Ke’s performance.

    Xu Zi Yue chatted for a while before saying, “Guys, I have to go, the next set is about to begin.”

    Wang Ming Yang nodded his head in agreement and assured him, “Go ahead brother, we’ll catch up again later.”

    At this moment, Director Qin walked over and said, “Let’s not hurry for this shoot. The dog we need for the next scene is still unsettled. Teacher Liu is still having a hard time trying to get it to calm down.”

    “Woof Woof!”

    A distance away, a huge dog barked away loudly and aggressively.

    Xu Zi Yue was confused and asked, “Wasn’t little blackie still doing fine yesterday? I wonder what’s wrong with him? He’s been barking non-stop since this morning.”

    At this moment, a young man walked over and reported, “Director Qin, I’m afraid we won’t be able to proceed with today’s shoot. Little Blackie’s still not cooperating.”

    Director Qin lost his patience knowing that his plans would be heavily held back. “Teacher Liu, I’m running out of options here, can you please try to coax him and see how it goes?”

    Teacher Liu was stunned by what Director Qin said. “Coax him? I’m not even a dog, how do you expect me to understand what he wants from that incessant barking!”

    Xu Zi Yue sighed, “The main characters for today’s shoot are little blackie and I. Director Qin, is there any way we can edit the script? I’m sure we have a better chance of getting the audience to accept a change in the plot rather than getting little blackie to cooperate.”

    Director Qin was frustrated knowing that he messed up. Initially, he thought the little blackie played a minor role in the show. However, it was only now that he realized little blackie was the backbone of the show, supporting the main character and paving the way for the story ahead.

    Since the other leads have yet to show up, the recent scenes were all about Xu Zi Yue. However, this scene was one for one of the later episodes which take place during the National period. Xu Zi Yue’s was the wife of a husband who went to fight the war. He did not return home for a long time and as such, she left the village with little blackie in search of him.

    After a long and trying journey, Xu Zi Yue finally finds the place that the husband went to war. In a myriad of corpses, they finally found his body. They respectfully load him up onto a cart and head for home with little Blackie who had finally found his owner following alongside.

    “There’s no way to change this. If we remove little blackie from the scene, it kind of feels like something is missing from this show. All we can do now is to stall for time.” Director Qin had no choice too, he knew that it was way easier to have a crew of humans rather than dogs since they were much easier to work with.

    All along the dog was so cooperative during shoots, but who would have known that its temperament would suddenly change, potentially destroying the whole show.

    Throughout the shoot, the most difficult element to control would have to be the dog.

    The dog’s trainer said to Teacher Liu in desperation, “I’m running out of ideas too, I guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see how things go.”

    Director Qin could only nod his head in agreement, “I guess we shall call it a day. All the scene we were supposed to shoot have to do with little blackie. Given his mood, I don’t think we can get anything done.”

    Wang Ming Yang upon witnessing this sight immediately asked Lin Fan, “Aren’t you able to communicate with dogs?”

    When he said that the others quickly diverted their attention to Lin Fan, not knowing what Wang Ming Yang meant by that statement.

    Teacher Lin was the most skeptical and refused to believe how anyone could communicate with animals.

    Lin Fan was tempted to give it a try although it was his first time. “I’m not sure if it will work though…”

    Director Qin was shocked and asked, “Boss Wang, what do you mean by this?”

    He was clueless as to what Wang Ming Yang had just said. It was impossible for anyone to talk to animals unless they had some hidden powers or talents.

    Wang Ming Yang, “Do you not know who this person is? Have you read the news of the guy who instructed hundreds of dogs to look for the missing kids?”

    “I know about that news! I watched that video so… so… many times…” Director Qin said in awe. Are you saying that…”

    “You are absolutely right. He is the legend that managed to control those dogs. So… why not let him try to tame little blackie.” Wang Ming Yang said with a smile on his face.

    Lin Fan laughed and said, “Alright let’s see what I can do here.”

    Director Qin was delighted, “Master Lin, please give it your best shot, you’ll be heavily rewarded if you succeed.”

    Teacher Liu was curious as to how Lin Fan was able to pull off the impossible – Commanding the hundred of dogs to save the missing kids. He had his doubts about what he had seen on television but he had no evidence to disprove it. What Lin Fan had achieved was absolutely stunning.

    Teacher Liu had already gone around asking many experts for their opinion on the possibility of such a thing happening. The only answer he got back was that it was definitely impossible. Even if the dogs were trained, the possibility of such a feat being pulled off was very low.

    Pertaining to humans being able to communicate with dogs, that was even more impossible.

    Lin Fan was about to ‘speak’ to little blackie.

    People began to gather, hearing that someone was about to attempt to communicate with little blackie. They were all curious as to how someone would be able to make this aggressive hound calm down.

    “Talking to Little Blackie… That’s a first!” Technician Huang proclaimed.

    Videographer, “Even Teacher Liu can’t handle little blackie, how would he even be able to.”

    Lin Fan arrived in front of little blackie and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you so flustered?”

    Little Blackie: “Woof woof.”

    Upon hearing the barks instantly commented, “Oh… I see… It’s too hot and stuffy isn’t it?”

    Those who had gathered around were all shocked. They started to question Lin Fan’s sanity. How could anyone possibly understand what dogs say?

    Teacher Liu, “What is going on? Why did the dog only bark twice as if it was speaking to Lin Fan?”

    Liu teacher frowned and said; “This should be the auditory nerve responses to the dog, they don’t understand the words, but are especially sensitive to sound. The dog thinks that you are talking about it so it barked twice. However, as far as I know, no one in this world can understand a dog’s barking.”

    A few minutes later.

    Lin Fan stood up and said, “Director Qin, Little Blackie shouldn’t be giving you any more trouble. Why not you tell me a little more about Little Blackie’s part. I’ll help you explain his part to him so he’ll know what to do.”

    Director Qin froze up as if he couldn’t understand Lin Fan’s words.

    Explaining to a dog his acting roles?

    He must be joking.

    However, looking at Lin Fan’s expression, he was definitely not kidding. In addition, Little Blackie had also stopped barking as if someone had pacified him.

    When Mr. Liu saw this scene, he was shocked that Lin Fan actually accomplished such an impossible feat.

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