Chapter 238 - Has anyone seen this species before?

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 238: Has anyone seen this species before?

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    For the next few days, Lin Fan spent some time chatting with his parents and also went to Bai Ke’s place. By the third day, Bai Ke had made huge improvements to his ‘Cherry Pork’ and pretty much met Lin Fan’s requirements.

    With two signature dishes in his arsenal, he could now relax. As long as he ran his shop properly, he definitely would not have any problems. As for the operations side, Lin Fan didn’t know much but Bai Ke, with his experience, should be able to find a suitable operating style.

    At the apartment entrance.

    Lin Fan waved at his parents. “You can go back now. I’ll be fine alone.”

    Mom said, “Be careful on the road. When you come back next time, bring your girlfriend along with you so we can see her.”

    He had been most afraid that his Mom would say that but it couldn’t be helped. “Alright. You guys can go back. The car is here, I’ll be going.”

    The taxi was here. He placed his luggage at the back, then got onto the car as he waved at his Mom and Dad.

    Mom said, “Next time our son comes back, we should be able to see our daughter-in-law.”

    Dad said, “That’s his business. Why are you caring so much?”

    Mom said, “That’s your son, don’t you know how to show some concern for him? And you keep wanting to have grandchildren too. Do you think that will happen if we don’t prompt him?”


    At the airport!

    Pushing his luggage, Lin Fan headed inside the airport. The timing was just right. It was time to check in and wait for his flight.

    “Little Bro, wait a moment.” At that moment, a voice came from behind. Lin Fan looked back, a little surprised.

    There were three people. Among them, a slightly old, dark-skinned man dressed in slightly inappropriate clothes handed Lin Fan two red bills. “Just now, when you alighted from your car, I saw that you dropped your money.”

    Lin Fan reached into his pocket and felt inside. He wasn’t used to using a wallet, so he just put his cash inside his pocket. It seemed that when he had been alighting from his car, he had really dropped his money. He smiled and said, “Thank you.”

    “No need to thank me, it’s what I’m supposed to do,” said the dark-skinned man. This was the first time he was at the airport. Seeing such a big place, he was a little nervous.

    Lin Fan realized that some passersby would turn their gaze towards him as if they never thought that a farmer would come to take a plane.

    After thanking him again, Lin Fan smiled at him, then headed inside the airport. He was going to go to the counter to get his boarding pass but then it was still early so he went to the toilet.

    At that moment, a call came.

    Bai Ke: “Young Fan, have you reached the airport?”

    Lin Fan said, “I just reached. I drank so much with you last night that I’m still slightly dizzy.”

    Bai Ke laughed, “That’s what it’s like to be happy. When will you be coming back again?”

    Lin Fan replied, “I don’t know about that but it won’t be too long. The latest is the new year when I’ll definitely come back.”

    The two of them exchanged a few more words, then hung up.

    At the counter.

    There were many people getting their boarding passes, so there was a queue. But there was no hurry. Lin Fan could take his time. After all, they still had to check through his baggage.

    Suddenly, a voice rang out from the front.

    “Can you three farmers hurry it up? Once you’re at the counter, just hurry up and get your boarding pass. If you’ve never taken a plane, then don’t take one. You’re wasting other people’s time.” This voice was a little piercing. The surrounding passengers were startled as well. They never thought someone would say such things.

    The counter staff smiled thinly at the three people. “Could you please show me your IDs?”

    When the three of them heard this, it was like they just woke up from a dream. They hurriedly reached for their identity cards.

    The words from the person behind were insulting to them but they didn’t show any particular response. When they entered the airport, they had already been astonished by this big place.

    They couldn’t understand the English words and names on the tickets. They had only found this place, after much trouble, thanks to the staff’s guidance.

    Lin Fan took a glance at the person who had said those insulting words. Although he couldn’t see that person’s face, Lin Fan saw that he was dressed in Western-style clothing that appeared really expensive. At that moment, he seemed to be talking to the other passengers.

    “Look at those three people. Coming here, not knowing how to get their boarding passes and looking in every direction. It seems like they’ll be climbing over the counter soon. They really are like three stupid ghosts.”

    The surrounding passengers just shook their heads and smiled. They didn’t say anything.

    This matter had nothing to do with them, so they just watched.

    However, what that man said wasn’t entirely wrong. Those three people were indeed a little like he said.

    The man stood there as his mouth kept talking like a machine gun, “There was a foreigner here just now and he saw everything. They’re simply disgracing the Chinese.”

    When the staff at the counter heard this, he frowned slightly and looked up at the man but in the end, he just sighed and continued serving the three farmers.

    When Lin Fan saw the three of them, he was a little surprised. These were the three people he had seen at the entrance.

    At that moment, the slightly older, dark-skinned farmer said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’ve wasted your time. This is the first time we’re taking a plane, so we’re a little curious.”

    The man in Western-style clothing laughed coldly. He tilted his head up and said, “If you’ve never taken a plane, why start now? If you’re traveling to work, you should be sitting in a bus or cramming into a train.”

    “We’re not going there to work, we’re going there to see our children graduate. They bought airplane tickets for us to go over…” said the dark-skinned farmer in a soft voice as if he knew that they had disturbed the other people and was being reserved because of it.

    “Hehe…” the man laughed and didn’t say much else, but the disdain in his eyes only grew.

    Some of the surrounding passengers couldn’t stand it. They felt that the way this man spoke was really insulting. But it was a big world and there were many different kinds of people that existed. Some people really thought that highly of themselves and looked down on some kinds of people.

    Lin Fan smiled, then walked forward from the side to face that man. With his eyes open wide and in a slight squat, he stood there looking at the man.

    When the man realized that there was someone standing right in front of him and staring at him, he frowned. “What do you want? What are you looking at?”

    The other passengers were disgusted with that insulting man but they didn’t know what this other youngster was doing.

    Could it be that he couldn’t stand the man’s words and wanted to quarrel?

    Lin Fan shook his head, then he clicked his tongue and said, “It’s a big world and there are all kinds of things. An animal that can talk is rare, but an animal that can take a plane on its own is unheard of.”

    He then looked at the surrounding passengers and asked, “I haven’t seen many animals but I have never seen an animal that looks like this. Does anyone know what species of animal this is?


    The surrounding passengers couldn’t help bursting into laughter. A youngster held his phone as he laughed and said, “Brother, I have never seen such an animal before either. I’m filming it right now. Later on, I’ll upload it and ask my online buddies. They are very knowledgeable, so they should know what species that is.”

    Lin Fan nodded. “That’s very kind of you. Who knows? You might even discover a new species of animal.”

    When the man heard these words, his face turned greenish and pale. Then, he glared at Lin Fan and said, “Are you retarded? Do I even know you? I dare you to say that again!”

    Lin Fan shook his head. “What bullsh*t are you spewing? You obviously don’t know me. I have never raised an animal of your species! If you knew me, I would have to give myself two hard slaps. How could I have raised an animal like you?”

    The passengers, once again, burst into laughter.

    Even the staff at the counter couldn’t help laughing.

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