Chapter 239 - You're really amazing!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 239: You’re really amazing!

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    Qiao Fei was infuriated. He hadn’t expected this fella to argue with him and even call him names.

    He pointed at Lin Fan and crossed over. He wanted to give Lin Fan two tight slaps to teach him a lesson.

    He wanted to take action against him.

    The surrounding passengers were all shocked. Just as Qiao Fei approached him, Lin Fan immediately slapped him on his face and he collapsed to the ground.


    There was a loud noise. The surrounding passengers were shocked. They hadn’t expected the situation to turn out like that.

    Even the three farmers were stunned.

    The security officers on duty rushed over. They were the policemen of the airport and when they heard the loud noise, they immediately rushed over to prevent anything from happening.

    When the officers saw him lying on the ground, they didn’t understand what had happened. Qiao Fei just lay on the floor and covered his face. He looked miserable.

    “What happened?” the security officers asked as they helped Qiao Fei up.

    Lin Fan didn’t wait for Qiao Fei to reply. He innocently said, “I don’t know. This person has no manners at all. He tried to cut the queue and tripped over the barricade.”

    When Qiao Fei heard what he said, he was infuriated. “F*ck you and your rubbish. You were the one who hit me.”

    Lin Fan shrugged. He didn’t want to admit it at all.

    The security officers looked at the surrounding passengers, “Did they fight?”

    The passengers already hated this fella a lot and they were elated with what had just happened. Lin Fan had taken one for the team.

    Then, the passengers replied.

    “They didn’t fight. This fella has no manners at all. He wanted to cut our queue and tripped over the barricade. His face planted onto the ground but he blamed him for it.”

    “I can attest to that. They didn’t fight at all.”

    “Yeah, this man tried to cut our queue and tripped. Now, he’s even blaming someone else. He’s so scheming. We all witnessed what happened.”

    “I can attest to that. This man didn’t hit anyone.”

    The passengers continued to talk amongst themselves. They weren’t afraid since there were so many ‘witnesses’.

    Qiao Fei pointed at the people surrounding him, “You guys are all blind!”

    The passengers were infuriated. “Please watch your words. Don’t just scold innocent people like us.”

    When the security officers saw what was happening, they were stunned. They noticed that there was a red mark on this person’s face. He looked like he had really gotten hit but they didn’t want to create trouble for themselves. Hence, they went to the counter to find out more details.

    “Did you see them fight?”

    The staff at the counter looked at him curiously. “Fight? I didn’t see anything. I was busy with work and didn’t notice anything. I don’t think they did. There are so many passengers that can be witnesses.”

    The staff had actually witnessed the slap but he didn’t want to be involved in that matter. Therefore, he pretended that nothing had happened.

    The security officers were puzzled. They looked at Qiao Fei and thought he was being unreasonable.

    Qiao Fei was extremely furious. He hadn’t expected everyone to lie through their teeth. Then, he said angrily, “I want to take a look at the CCTV monitors. I want this matter to be investigated.”

    The security officer furrowed his brows. “Sir, an investigation would require written comments from a superior. It would also require a fair amount of time. It will affect your current flight. If you insist on it, I will apply for the footage now.”

    “It’s just a footage clip. It won’t take that long. I want to see it, now!” Qiao Fei exclaimed furiously.

    Lin Fan chuckled, “Security officer, please chase him out of here. I suspect there’s something wrong with this man’s brain. Everyone said that he tripped on his own accord but he’s insisting that we are wrong. I feel that this man will create unnecessary trouble if he’s allowed to board the plane.”


    The surrounding passengers laughed. They weren’t bothered by this man at all. The security officers were there and he definitely wouldn’t dare to hit anyone. Furthermore, there were so many people. If he really dared to hit someone, they wouldn’t let him off so easily.

    Qiao Fei was extremely furious. He looked at Lin Fan and pointed at himself. “There’s a problem with my brain? Look, I’m a VIP of this airline. You’re the one with brain problems. Do you know how many trips I make per year? At least two hundred trips, do you know that?”

    The security officer furrowed his brows. “Sir, please control your emotions. This is the airport and it’s a public space. Please do not raise your voice.”

    Lin Fan glanced at Qiao Fei and twitched his mouth. “A man with no manners indeed. You’re making so much noise. I wonder what kind of compulsory education you had. You don’t even have basic courtesy. Everyone, please ignore him. You’d only bring more trouble to yourselves if you care about this person. He’s such a disgrace. The airport is like the windows to our nation. It should bar people like him in the future.”

    The surrounding passengers nodded in agreement.

    “Let’s ignore him and not cause trouble for ourselves.”

    “Let’s not even talk about his manners. He doesn’t even have any manners at all, making so much noise in a public area like this. Even my three-year-old child knows that.”

    We have too many of this type of people in our country. They’ve affected the overall quality of our people.

    “Hey, nowadays, people only dress up well but they’re rotten on the inside.”


    Qiao Fei was furious. He hadn’t expected to become a victim of everyone’s personal attacks.

    The security officers realized that the matter was becoming more serious. Then, they looked at Qiao Fei. “Please come with us.”

    Qiao Fei was both stunned and angry. “Why should I follow you? What about him?”

    “I’m sorry, sir. Please cooperate with us. If not, it would delay the flight,” the security officer said.

    “I want to complain about all of you. Do you know I’m a VIP customer of this particular airline?! Do you know who you’re talking to?” Qiao Fei shouted at the security officers and he looked extremely fierce.

    The security officers placed their arms behind them as if they were waiting for a retaliation to happen.

    Lin Fan chuckled, “VIP customer, you’re really amazing! The boarding time is almost up. You might not be able to make it anymore.”

    Qiao Fei was speechless but he knew that he had things to do in Shanghai. Then, he pointed at Lin Fan. “You’re good. You’re very good.”

    Lin Fan laughed, “I’m glad you know that. You didn’t have to say that. After all, I won’t change my impression you.”

    Finally, Qiao Fei left with the security officers. He glared at Lin Fan as he left.

    But Lin Fan wasn’t afraid at all.

    *clap clap*

    The crowd clapped and Lin Fan bowed to the three farmers. Then, he continued to queue behind. The incident had delayed the flight but they should have no problems boarding the plane.

    A tanned man said gratefully, “Thank you for helping us.”

    Lin Fan waved his hand. “Don’t mention it. Nobody would’ve just let him get what he wanted. Even if I wasn’t here, there would definitely be someone here to help you guys out. This person looks like a dog and is indeed one.”

    After all the checks were completed, they proceeded inside.

    He still had to walk some distance. He had to hurry up.

    The fortunate thing was that the boarding area for his plane wasn’t very far away. It was just in front. If it was the furthest boarding area, he’d have to walk at least twenty minutes to reach the place.


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