Chapter 1203 - Who would dare to offend him now?

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1203: Who would dare to offend him now?

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    The camera followed the middle-aged man as he walked out from the backstage.

    The middle-aged man smiled with his signature smile and he waved to the people in the crowd as he walked towards Lin Fan. “Master Lin, it’s nice to meet you. Thank you for all you’ve done.”

    Lin Fan smiled. “It’s what I ought to do.”

    After Lin Fan received the commendation certificate, he raised it up high. Although it was not of much use, it was a great sense of achievement.

    Then, he put it down before shaking the prize presenter’s hand.

    It was Lin Fan’s proudest moment thus far.

    The two of them looked at the cameras in front.

    The camera shutters clicked repeatedly.

    Papa Lin clapped enthusiastically for the man on the stage was his son.

    At Zhongzhou.

    Lin Fan’s close friends and relatives were gathered in front of their televisions.

    “Look, that’s Lin’s son! I’m so, so proud of him.”

    The relatives smiled as they watched the scenes on television.

    It is normal to have some conflicts between relatives due to trifles but these conflicts did not have great impacts.

    Lin Fan was never involved in such conflicts because it was something that was between the elderly and it was not appropriate for him to interfere.

    Even though he finally became a successful man, he still could not interfere with things like this.

    After all, these things had to be resolved by the people of the older generation.

    Lin Fan shook ‘The Great”s hand and even took a picture with him. This made all the relatives proud of his achievements.

    “I guess Elder Lin is going to become cocky in the future.”

    “So what? Lil’ Fan is so remarkable. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

    “Yeah, if only my son was half as powerful as Lil’ Fan.”

    Lin Fan had not been in touch with most of his college classmates.

    Now that the event was being broadcasted everywhere, all of them were stunned. They knew that this classmate of theirs was really capable but they did not expect him to become so successful.

    Lin Fan smiled as he spoke to the middle-aged man. They were practically whispering to one another and besides them, nobody else could hear what they were talking about.

    Soon, the award ceremony ended.

    Lin Fan took the award with great satisfaction and he waved to his group of friends and family members.

    The award ceremony was then closed with some stunning performances but most people did not focus too much on them.

    After some time, the entire ceremony ended.

    Everyone went to crowd around Lin Fan.

    Wang Ming Yang went over and hugged Lin Fan. “Bro, you’ve really made it this time.”

    “Hahaha,” Lin Fan laughed. “I’m not that great.”

    Wang Ming Yang tried to take the award from Lin Fan’s hands. “Let me have a look at it. It must be extraordinary.”

    Fraud Tian immediately held onto Lin Fan’s hands tightly.

    “Fraud, what are you doing?” Lin Fan was stunned.

    Fraud Tian smiled. “I just want to have a feel of the elder’s aura. Perhaps my luck would become better.”

    “You…” Lin Fan was speechless at how ridiculous Fraud Tian’s actions were.

    “Son, I’m really proud of you.” Papa Lin walked over with puffy eyes. It was obvious that he must have cried earlier.

    Lin Fan smiled. “Dad, did you cry just now?”

    Papa Lin replied, “Isn’t that normal? How could I have thought that you would be achieve such great things?”

    “Brother Lin,” Yun Xue Yao went towards Lin Fan and greeted. “Congratulations.”

    “Xue Yao, why are you here? Don’t you have a lot to attend to in Haojiang?” Lin Fan asked.

    Yun Xue Yao replied, “Brother Lin, it’s the most important award ceremony in your life. How could I miss it?”

    Lin Fan smiled and did not know what to say. He was just thinking about how to complete the task in the Encyclopedia. If he did not complete it in time, it would be impossible to unlock any new knowledge classifications.

    However, was it really that simple to complete the task?

    Lin Fan’s parents were there and Yun Xue Yao and the other ladies were being really passionate towards them.

    Mama Lin knew what the situation was like but she felt really helpless. She could not possibly choose any one of them as all of them were really eligible. Hence, she decided to just be nice to all of them.

    She did not want to seem biased towards any of them.

    Her son suddenly created this dilemma for her and it was causing her a lot of trouble.

    In the past, she kept trying to rush her son to find a partner. However, he suddenly created this dilemma for her.

    If Lin Fan knew about what she was thinking, he would have argued that he was innocent.

    They left the Assembly Hall.

    Wang Ming Yang and the others suggested to have a celebratory outing. After all, it was near lunchtime.

    However, there were a lot of people and they had to find a suitable place.

    Everything was not a problem as Wu Yun Gang had always been living in Beijing and he was more familiar with the place than anyone else there.

    But they definitely had to spend the night somewhere.

    Elder Zheng specifically asked Lin Fan to visit him at night. If he did not go to his place, he would probably be furious about it.

    Lin Fan already knew what Elder Zheng wanted to do. He just wanted to make Lin Fan drunk so that he would draw several art pieces for him. Elder Zheng would probably feign ignorance the next day.

    He had already seen through his tricks but it would require a great effort for Elder Zheng to make him drunk.

    Wu Yun Gang said, “Master Lin, I have booked the transport needed to bring everyone to our destination.

    Lin Fan smiled. “Director Wu, sorry for the trouble.”

    “Hey, it’s not troublesome at all. I have to do my best to give Master Lin a great time here.”

    Wang Ming Yang smiled. “Yun Gang, you’ve changed. Why don’t you do this for me whenever I’m here?”

    Wu Yun Gang replied helplessly, “Ming Yang, how could you say that? You frequent this place. Master Lin comes here once in a blue moon. I obviously have to prioritise him.”

    “Let’s go. Follow me.”

    The large group of people left.

    Lin Fan’s car was filled with no one but ladies.

    Lin Fan obviously had to drive because if not, there would not be enough space for everyone in the car.

    On the Internet.

    “This time, Master Lin is definitely going to go big. Who would dare to go against him in the future?”

    “Yeah, especially the haters on the Internet. They have to be careful with what they say online now.”

    “Hahaha, I’m a little disappointed that Master Lin did not decide to make himself known worldwide earlier.”

    “^ what do you know? Master Lin is really famous now and the foreigners must be wondering why Master Lin did not exist in their countries. They must be really envious.”


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