Chapter 1222 - Forget It, I’ll Just Blindly Pick

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 1222: Forget It, I’ll Just Blindly Pick

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    Not long after posting on Weibo, his phone rang. Without looking, Lin Fan already knew who it was. Who else could it be besides Wang Ming Yang?

    “What is it? Have you seen my Weibo post?” Lin Fan asked with a chuckle.

    Wang Ming Yang was clearly thrilled. “I saw it. Of course I saw it. If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t be a good brother!”

    “I know what you want. Alright, I’ll give you my word now. I’ll have the songs ready by tomorrow,” said Lin Fan. This was just an easy task to him.

    His English wasn’t good indeed. However, he didn’t have to write the songs himself. There were a lot of songs in the Encyclopedia. It would be a waste not to use them.

    Wang Ming Yang said in shock, “Is this for real? Isn’t that too fast?”

    Lin Fan laughed. “It’s not fast at all. It’s just a simple task. Just come over to my shop tomorrow to get the songs from me. Tell Huan Yue to work hard. Her placing in the competition isn’t important. What’s important is that she participates.”

    “Brother, what you’re saying doesn’t sound truthful. If you write the songs yourself, how could she not get a good placing?” Wang Ming Yang chuckled. He felt that his brother was being too modest. He clearly wanted to see Wu Huan Yue get the prize.

    Lin Fan said helplessly, “You can’t say that she’ll get a prize just because I’m writing the songs. It still depends on circumstances. Alright, let’s end the call here. I have to think about what songs to right.”

    “I shan’t disturb you then.”

    With Lin Fan facing such an important task, Wang Ming Yang definitely didn’t want to disturb his brother. Hence, he hung up the call.

    After he hung up, Wang Ming Yang immediately called Wu Huan Yue to let her know about the situation.

    Wu Huan Yue had already seen Brother Lin’s Weibo post. At that moment, when she got the call from Chief Wang, she was lost for words for a moment. She felt that the pressure was immense, but she had no lack of confidence. No matter what, she had to put in all she had.

    In the office.

    Wang Ming Yang was smiling to himself. He was just that delighted. Then, he thought about Zheng Ya and couldn’t wait to have his vengeance.

    Cloud Street!

    Wu You Lan stood behind Lin Fan. “Brother Lin, are you going to write the songs?”

    Lin Fan found a paper and a pen. Then, he placed them on the table and sank into deep thought.

    “Brother Lin, actually, there’s no need to rush. Writing songs has to be taken slowly,” said Wu You Lan.

    Lin Fan shook his head. “No, I’m thinking about which song to use. Let me think on my own for a while.”

    Wu You Lan looked at Lin Fan with a blank look before walking to the side.

    Fraud Tian shook his head and sighed. “Sigh. He even has to show off in front of his own people. These days are hard for us. We really have to give in to him.”

    Lin Fan sat there and browsed through the large number of songs in the Encyclopedia. For a moment, he was dazed.

    He really didn’t understand English. He didn’t even understand the song titles. Then, without thinking too much, he went ahead.

    “Because of You.”

    These were three English words that he could understand. They were very simple. At least he could still recognize those three words.

    Because of you.

    He started scribbling on the blank piece of paper.

    Then, he had started composing again. To other people, this was a very difficult job. But to him, it was way too simple.

    In fact, he saw on the Encyclopedia that it had topped the music charts for three different countries.

    Although he didn’t know what the lyrics meant, if it could top the charts, it definitely wouldn’t be bad.

    However, one song was definitely not enough. He had to get a few more.

    “Yesterday Once More”

    He really couldn’t understand the song title this time. He didn’t even know a single one of the three words. He only had a vague idea of the last word. But the good thing was that there was a Chinese translation of the title below.

    He continued looking. All he had to do was raise his pen and blindly choose.


    This song title only consisted of one word, but he truly couldn’t understand it. However, the translation was written below as well.

    Although he had no idea what the heck the lyrics were about, it seemed pretty good based on the Encyclopedia’s description, so he selected it.

    He wrote down the lyrics. He wrote down the tune.

    It was beautifully done.

    Looking at the time, it had taken a total of twenty minutes.

    Actually, he could have been even faster. However, he didn’t want to make any errors while copying, so he had been extra careful.

    Zhao Zhong Yang saw Lin Fan focused on writing the songs. He subtly said to his Internet buddies in the broadcast room, “Brother Lin is definitely in a tough spot. He just took a look at the time. He’s definitely worried that time is passing too fast.”

    The Internet buddies in the broadcast room were commenting passionately.

    “Sigh. Master Lin doesn’t have to do this. Even if he doesn’t write the song, I would still support him forever.”

    “That’s right. Those online trolls are really annoying these days. It’s as if they expect Master Lin to know everything. Is it an offence not to know how to write English songs?”

    “You’re right. Those songs that Master Lin wrote for Wu Huan Yue are my favourite. Hasn’t he already proven enough?”

    “That’s right. Brother Yang, hurry up and cheer Master Lin up. Don’t let him suffer under too much pressure.”

    “Sigh. It’s really tough for Master Lin. He clearly doesn’t understand English, but he’s still forcing himself to do it. I’ve felt this feeling before as well. When you force yourself to do something you can’t, it’s a thousand times more painful than constipation.

    At that moment, Lin Fan tossed his pen onto the table, leaned back and heaved a sigh.

    Zhao Zhong Yang said, “Brother Lin, don’t be in such a rush. Take it slow. Actually, if you really can’t write the songs, it’s fine too.”

    He was comforting Brother Lin. This was the first time he had seen Brother Lin so helpless. Usually, Brother Lin was always strong because he could do anything. However, they had always been by his side and could empathize with him very well.

    “Rush? What are you talking about? You must be joking! Why wouldn’t I be able to write the songs? I’ve already finished them. But that was way too tiring!” Lin Fan stretched his back and his neck. There were even cracking sounds when he did that.

    “What?” When Zhao Zhong Yang heard that, he looked at Brother Lin in a daze as if he had seen a ghost. “Brother Lin, did you say that you’ve finished writing the songs?”

    F*ck. That’s way too unrealistic. It has only been such a short time. How could he have finished?

    “Yeah. I’ve written three songs. This should be enough.” Lin Fan smiled. It was all done and it had been done beautifully. There were no problems at all.

    Zhao Zhong Yang was dumbfounded. His jaw dropped.

    Wu You Lan was the same as well. She was dazed as well. It’s only been such a short time and he said he has finished three songs. Is he trying to scare us to death?

    Fraud Tian said in shock, “Kid, were you just scribbling blindly?”

    Lin Fan picked up the piece of paper. “Are you joking? How could you say that? Even though I don’t understand English, writing songs is not a problem.”

    At that moment, the netizens in the broadcast room completely erupted.

    They had been watching the whole time and had only seen Master Lin writing for twenty minutes. Now that he said he had finished writing three songs, they could never believe him!

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