Chapter 274 - Gasps of shock!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 274: Gasps of shock!

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    Lin Fan realized that there was something wrong with everyone’s gazes towards him. They were staring so hard at him as if they wanted to look right through him.


    Commotion filled the room.

    Gasps of shock.

    “Accurate. It’s way too accurate.”

    “D*mn! How did he know?”

    “How did you know what I’ve been troubling myself over recently? I didn’t even tell a single person about it!”

    Jin Yun Min exclaimed, “How could it be? My recent investment failed and I lost several tens of millions. But I didn’t even talk about this before!”

    The beautiful ladies let out expressions of astonishment.

    As for these sounds gasps and shock, Lin Fan was already used to them. He waved his hand. “Alright, alright, that’s enough. Saying everyone’s unhappy matters out loud was my mistake. Let’s talk about other things.”

    He had accidentally exposed everyone’s shortcomings again. It wasn’t because he wanted to show off but he just couldn’t resist showing his hand.

    Of course, it was just a very very small show of his skills. It wasn’t much to see at all.

    The crowd looked at Lin Fan’s calm expression but they, on the other hand, couldn’t stay calm at all.

    One by one, they went over to crowd around Lin Fan and started questioning him.

    “Master Lin, please help me to see what I should do about this situation.”

    “That situation of yours has already happened, it can’t be changed. What’s there to see? Master Lin, please help me to see what I should do about my situation from now on.”

    “Stop your noise. Didn’t you all not believe him at first? Why are you all believing him now? Master Lin, I’m Brother Ming Yang’s most cared-about little sister. Please, help me to take a look.”


    Everyone had something to say and this made the surrounded Lin Fan very annoyed.

    Lin Fan waved his hand. “Everyone, keep calm, don’t get excited. These things can’t be read. I can’t read your fortunes.”

    His meaning was clear: Don’t believe me. It was nothing much.

    But to the crowd, they couldn’t not believe him. They now understood what Brother Ming Yang had meant when he said those things at the beginning.

    Especially that last line: If they were lucky enough to get a few words of advice from his brother, they would be extremely blessed.

    They didn’t believe this at first, but now they did.

    He was like a living god.

    Every word of judgment was insanely accurate.

    “I know who you are now!”

    Suddenly, a lady exclaimed.

    “You’re Master Lin from Cloud Street. I’ve seen news about you on Weibo. But I’ve never thought that it was true. I’ve never thought that you really are a master.”

    This lady’s words made everyone curious. Cloud Street? Master Lin?

    It wasn’t that they didn’t have Weibos but they had never noticed these news articles.

    That lady looked as if she just had discovered a new world. “Cloud Street’s Master Lin. He’s amazing at fortune-telling and you always have to queue.”

    Lin Fan let out a little laughter. “Fortune-telling is just a secondary job. Right now, my main business is selling scallion pancakes and going to the Children’s Welfare Institute to do some volunteering. That’s all.”

    The lady gasped once more. Then, she took out her phone and went on Weibo. “I know! Master Lin’s fortune-telling is indeed a secondary job. His main job is selling scallion pancakes and it’s said on Weibo that Master Lin’s scallion pancakes are extremely hard to come by, even if you are willing to pay thousands! He only sells ten servings a day and it’s almost impossible to get.”

    Lin Fan sat there very calmly. He slowly sipped on his drink, then said with a slight modesty, “These are all thanks to the people’s support. There are only several hundred people queuing each day. It’s not that hard to buy.”

    A commotion stirred up again.

    A few hundred people queuing for some scallion pancakes? That’s pretty scary.

    At that moment, the crowd faced squarely at Lin Fan. They understood now that the man before them was actually a god. They just didn’t understand how Brother Ming Yang knew this god. If they had known earlier, they would have been in a craze.

    Zhu Zhu couldn’t help but open her mouth and ask, “Master, you said that I need to restrict myself. Could you help me take a look?”

    “Master, you were saying about an issue in my family. What should I do about it?”

    “Master, I’ve had so many losses. Will I have a chance to gain some back? When will my luck improve?”

    Everyone was asking him questions at the same time, all of them pressing him for answers.

    Lin Fan remained very calm. He sipped on his drink again enjoyingly. Then, he looked at the crowd and asked a question that caused puzzled expressions on everyone’s faces, “Do you all like doing volunteer work?”

    That question startled the crowd. What was this about volunteer work?

    People with their status generally didn’t participate in volunteer work. Usually, just to make some small news, they would donate some money to charity, maybe a few hundred thousands or a few million.

    Of course, this all depended on the circumstances.

    But since it was Master Lin asking this question, they would never have rejected.

    “Yes, I love volunteer work! I always donate money to charities.”

    “I’ve never volunteered before but I will definitely do lots of it in future. Meaningful things like these should be done often!”

    *heavy breathing*

    Lin Fan drank another sip of his drink, then raised his head and said calmly, “Next month, I’m gathering my neighbors to go to the Children’s Welfare Institute to do volunteer work. This is a meaningful activity but I think it would be even more wonderful if we could have more people join us. Would you all like to go and have a try?”

    “Master Lin, you really have a kind heart. This kind of thing is really meaningful. If I had known Master Lin earlier, I would surely already have gone with you.”

    “I’ve seen the children at the Children’s Welfare Institute before. They’re all very pitiful. I also really like little children. I think I’ll be up for it!”

    “Say no more, Master Lin. Next time you’re going to the Children’s Welfare Institute, you have to contact me. I will definitely go!”

    Lin Fan chuckled, “That’s great! Meaningful things should be done together. I have a WeChat group. You should all join it. We don’t chat much usually and we’ll typically only start talking when the day comes.

    At that moment, the crowd all took out their phones and impatiently opened up their WeChat apps to join the group.

    Lin Fan was delighted. He had never thought he that would be able to attract a group of kind and loving people.

    “Sister Zhu Zhu, what I meant was actually very simple. You changing boyfriends often is a very normal thing but judging from your facial appearance, your kidney seems a little fatigued. You should watch yourself and moderate things. When you have the opportunity, go to the hospital for a checkup. It isn’t anything terrible.”

    Zhu Zhu didn’t dare to play around with Lin Fan anymore. Initially, she had seen that Lin Fan was young and pure-looking. She had wanted to hit on him and play around a little. However, now that she knew that Master Lin was an amazing character, she didn’t dare to show that side of herself anymore.

    “Okay, I understand. I will go to the hospital tomorrow.” Zhu Zhu nodded.

    Li Hao looked at Master Lin impatiently. His heart was full of worry as well.

    Lin Fan raised his drink. “Come, let us do a celebration for Brother Li Hao. To have a child at such a young age, that’s a fortunate thing.”

    “Young Hao, congratulations!”

    “I never thought that Li hao would have a kid at such a young age. Your father must be exhilarated!”

    Li Hao looked at Master Lin in astonishment, then he raised his cup too. He decided that he would wait until the Salon ended before he went to clarify things.

    “Your family conflict isn’t too big. Just go home a little earlier every day and think of a way to have your parents have dinner together and chat together. Bring up their past. This problem shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.”

    The lady with family issues nodded her head. She hadn’t concerned herself much with her family affairs before. And since she had grown up, she naturally didn’t think so much about her family. Even if her parents had grown distant, it didn’t affect her much.

    “My dear Mister Jin, I see that your recent luck isn’t too good. If you have any plans to invest, why not place them a week later? Your luck may come by then. You can consider investing in a project then and it just might bring an unexpected blessing.”

    Jin Yun Min looked at Lin Fan in astonishment. Then, he nodded. He didn’t care whether other people believed it but he had etched these words into his mind.

    At that moment, everyone else gathered closer.

    They were all curious. What was happening? Had something happened that attracted all these people? Why was there such a big crowd?

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