Chapter 275 - No choice but to put on a show!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 275: No choice but to put on a show!

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    “Chief Jin, what are you all doing? Is there some joyous thing going on? Why not share it with us?”

    “We saw you all crowding around here all happy-looking. Is there something going on?”

    All the participants of the Salon were familiar with each other. Any joyous happenings should be shared with each other. They were all chatting amongst themselves when saw this crowd gathered here and they all became curious. What’s that? They look so happy, we should go and join in the fun too!

    Zhu Zhu trusted Master Lin very much. She was prepared to heed Master Lin’s advice and go to the hospital for a check-up. As for her future lifestyle, she was just going to moderate it slightly. With so much young and fresh meat floating around before her, she couldn’t resist not hooking up with them. It was a shame.

    Lin Fan didn’t discriminate against her at all. To be able to throw so many men around like a bunch of clothes was a skill too. Some of the fresh meat was even dead set on Zhu Zhu. When this little lady said that she wanted to break up with them, some of them said they would commit suicide. This fatal charm of hers was really astonishing.

    For her to dare to play around like that, she had to have the ability as well.

    “Nothing much is going on. Master Lin is just helping us to read our fortunes. We’re really in luck this time. Brother Ming Yang brought such a f*cking awesome friend here. He’s too good to us!” Zhu Zhu smiled as she said. Her lovely face was filled with anticipation for the future Salons.

    The people who just joined were stunned.


    How can that be trusted?

    We’ve all gone through compulsory education and studied at high levels. How can we believe such a thing?

    Zhu Zhu looked at them. “Could it be that you don’t believe it? But that’s fine too. As long as we believe it. Isn’t that right, Brother Jin?”

    The forty-something-year-old Chief Jin smiled and nodded, “Right, right. I really do believe it.”

    The crowd was stunned. What kind of sorcery is this? These people have all gone insane!

    “Chief Jin, aren’t you all being too superstitious? It’s best not to believe too much in this kind of thing. This little bro might just be joking with you all,” said He Cheng Han. He knew that that was Wang Ming Yang’s friend and he didn’t want to insult him, so he just spoke his opinions from a neutral perspective.

    He expected that this little bro would probably retaliate with a joking reply but what surprised him was that the little bro didn’t reply modestly at all.

    “Chief He, I’m not joking with them at all. This is all real and true. I, Lin Fan, am well-known throughout Cloud Street. People call me Master Lin and I don’t ever try to trick people,” said Lin Fan calmly.


    Chief Jin and the rest were all stunned. Master Lin had been very modest at first but now he just talked so boldly. That really escalated quickly.

    But they didn’t know that Mater Lin was just beginning to demonstrate his true f*cking awesome abilities. Since he had already gained their recognition, what was the point of being modest? If he didn’t even have confidence in his own abilities, then who would?

    He Cheng Han was startled. “You know me?”

    Lin Fan smiled, “I saw it from my fortune-telling. With you standing before me, I can see through your whole life and I’m not just bragging.”

    Of course, there was one more line that he had left out. Lin Fan could see through his ancestors from the past eighteen generations.

    Reading the past was easy, but reading the future was much more challenging.

    He Cheng Han laughed, “I don’t believe you, I really don’t. I know, this must be some game that Zhu Zhu suggested to attract all our attention. Now that we’re all here, what kind of game are you trying to play with us?”

    Zhu Zhu was a little annoyed.”Brother He, I’m not playing any games. What I said is true. Master Lin is really amazing. He’s read all our fortunes already.”

    Even if Zhu Zhu said it like that, He Cheng Han wouldn’t believe it. “Alright, alright, enough playing around. Even the theatre kings’ acting skills can’t compare to yours. Let’s stop so I won’t be made a fool of by all of you.

    The people who just joined all started laughing.

    Lin Fan was Wang Ming Yang’s friend, so of course, he didn’t want to say anything to humiliate He Cheng Han. He didn’t try to expose him and decided to just let him be.

    Zhu Zhu was really annoyed now. “It’s true!”

    Jin Yun Min said, “Brother He, don’t you believe me? This Master Lin is really capable! Ming Yang was right. If we’re lucky to get a few words of advice from him, we would be in for a huge profit! I really believe unwaveringly in Master Lin. If in a week’s time, what he said comes true, then I’ll believe him even more deeply.”

    At that moment, Lin Fan had an idea. He had come to this Salon without any intentions but since he was such a kind person, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get some support for the Children’s Welfare Institute.

    “Chief He, you run a toy business. Why don’t we have a bet?” Lin Fan smiled.

    He Cheng Han instantly gained some interest. He said, “Alright, today is a happy day. If it was any other day, I wouldn’t have agreed. But if it’s a bet you want, then you’ve got one. What do you want to bet?”

    Lin Fan smiled. “It’s very simple. You say you don’t believe me and I definitely don’t blame you for that but if I can make you fully convinced, then you have to gift each child from the Children’s Welfare Institute a toy. If I don’t manage to convince you, I’ll give everyone here something to see. I’ll run around the house naked.”

    After he finished talking, He Cheng Han didn’t say anything. The surrounding people started talking.

    “This bet seems interesting. I’ll join in as well. If Brother He is convinced, I’ll gift each child a set of clothes.”

    “I run a computer business. I’ll gift them a hundred Lenovo computers.

    “I’ll join in too. I’ll gift them a hundred Smart Study devices. With my Smart Study devices, studying will be ‘so easy’!”

    Zhu Zhu opened her mouth as well, “Since you’re all siding with Brother He, I’ll side with Master Lin. If Master Lin loses, I’ll streak together with him.”

    Chief Jin laughed, “I’m already a middle-aged man but I’m still young at heart. I’ll stand with Master Lin too. I’ll streak too.”

    Li Hao gave Lin Fan his support as well. “Me too. If Master Lin loses, I’ll give that sports car outside that I just bought to Brother He.”

    He Cheng Han laughed, “Why would I want your car?”

    Li Hao laughed in reply, “Brother He, you say that as if you can win.”

    He Cheng Han roared with laughter, “Master Lin, aren’t you afraid that I won’t admit defeat? That you won’t be able to convince me?”

    Lin Fan gave a slight laugh, “I trust that Chief He isn’t that kind of person. If you’re willing to bet, you have to be willing to lose. If I’m right, why wouldn’t you admit defeat?”

    “Alright, alright. That’s meaningful. Don’t you worry. I, He Cheng Han, may be a stubborn man but when it comes to betting, I will admit my loss if it comes to it. As long as you can convince me, I promise I won’t refuse to admit my defeat,” said He Cheng Han.

    The people who were chatting at the far side had all gathered around as well.

    “What are you all doing? Let me join in.”

    “I want to join in too.”

    “Ahh, that little bro is betting with Chief He? My money’s on Chief He!”

    “He wants to convince Brother He with fortune-telling? I don’t believe in such things. I’m betting on Brother He as well.”

    More and more people were siding with He Cheng Han. He Cheng Han just smiled and said, “Master Lin, it seems that not many people believe you. If you want to back out, it’s still not too late.”

    Lin Fan waved his hand. “No backing out. I only wish that everyone here will be my witnesses. Don’t refuse to admit defeat when it comes.”

    “Don’t worry. We won’t be so shameless.”

    Lin Fan said, “I’m not worried about all of you. I’m worried about that older brother over there who is putting ten million at stake. That’s a bit much, do you want to lessen it?”

    “It’s not a problem. I don’t believe that you can win. Anyway, ten million for Chief Jin to streak. I think that’s worth it.”

    Lin Fan laughed, “Okay, then I’ll begin. But Chief He, if I say anything unpleasant, don’t get angry.”

    He Cheng Han waved his hand. “I won’t be. Everyone’s gathered together, this is a joyous occasion. If you can convince me, I’ll call you Brother from now on.”


    That much has been said.

    No choice but to put on a show.

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