Chapter 1227 - I used to do this in the pas

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

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    “Do you sell oranges? I want $200 of oranges. Is this your personal number?”


    “Alright, I’ll add you on WeChat for payment.”

    Before Chen Xiao Dong could reply, the caller hung up the phone.

    “Dad, someone bought oranges again.”

    Chen Shan wanted to say that there were only two people who bought oranges. However, the phone rang again.

    “Hello, I want to buy some oranges.”


    The phone rang repeatedly, and Chen Xiao Dong became extremely busy.

    “Wait, may I know how did you find out about us?” Chen Xiao Dong asked. He wanted to know what was going on.

    “Master Lin reposted it. We’re just helping him.”

    After he hung up the phone, Chen Xiao Dong was stunned.

    “Master Lin?”

    Then, he said excitedly, “Dad, Master Lin helped to promote our business.”

    “Son, who is this Master Lin?” Chen Shan was stunned by the repeated calls. He did not know what was going on.

    “Dad, it’s the Master Lin who has received numerous awards. You said that he’s really impressive,” Chen Xiao Dong exclaimed. He did not expect Master Lin to repost something like this.

    After that, he continued to pick up the calls. Meanwhile, he checked Master Lin’s Weibo. He was stunned that Master Lin had really reposted it.

    The reach of Master Lin’s Weibo was incredible. The repost must have reached many fans, and it was clearly working.

    He was really grateful for Master Lin, and he did not know how to thank him. He just posted a comment on Master Lin’s repost.

    “Thank you, Master Lin. Thank you so much.”

    At Cloud Street!

    Lin Fan was surfing Weibo. When he saw the comment, he smiled and replied, “It’s fine.”

    “You Lan, I think the situation has improved after my repost. The person even thanked me for it,” Lin Fan said.

    Wu You Lan was really happy. “Of course. Brother Lin, you should know how many people follow you on Weibo, and they would definitely help.”

    “The credit goes to you. If not for you, I wouldn’t have known about this,” Lin Fan said.

    It was just a simple favour to him. However, to others, it was something worth noting.

    The next day!

    At Cloud Street, Lin Fan was using his phone and stumbled upon a video that had received a lot of attention.

    He did not know what it was about, but many people had felt that something was wrong after reading the headline.

    “The oranges that you eat have been soaked in poison.”

    The video showed a bunch of farmers scrambling to soak oranges in a tub filled with white liquid.

    A woman was also narrating the video.

    “Look, these oranges have been submerged in this liquid. You’ve been eating poisonous oranges.”

    The video continued to explain the situation.

    Lin Fan felt that something was wrong, and he quickly read the comments. Something bad was going to happen.

    “D*mn, that’s crazy.”

    “Yeah, they’re soaking the oranges in formaldehyde. It’s so scary.”

    “It’s poisonous! Aren’t these orange sellers afraid that they will be struck by lightning?”

    “Master Lin was still recommending us to buy oranges yesterday. It seems that Master Lin was scammed too.”

    “It’s horrifying. We can’t buy them!”

    Countless netizens commented on the video, and they believed what they saw after watching the video.

    After working for the entire day, Chen Xiao Dong had finally finished his preparations. He really wanted to thank Master Lin. However, his phone suddenly vibrated.

    It was a text.

    However, Chen Xiao Dong did not know what had happened.

    The texts were insulting and humiliating.

    “F*ck you for selling us poisonous oranges.”

    “You inhumane beast.”

    “Let them rot. Nobody is going to buy them.”

    After reading the texts, Chen Xiao Dong felt like crying. He did not know what was happening.

    “Xiao Dong, come and have a look!” Chen Shan shouted.

    “Dad, what’s wrong?” Chen Xiao Dong hurried over. When his dad showed him the video, he was stunned.

    Then, he furiously exclaimed, “How could these people be so incorrigible? They’re just spouting nonsense.”

    The farmers had been worried about the sales of the oranges. After Lin Fan had helped them, they had regained some hope.

    However, when they saw the video, they wanted to cry. They did not know what to say.

    Those people that had bought their oranges yesterday called to scold them.

    At Cloud Street.

    Wu You Lan said, “Brother Lin, what is this about?”

    Lin Fan shook his head. “I’m not very sure.”

    He did not know what the white liquid was. If they hadn’t conducted any checks, he would not have known what it was.

    Fraud Tian went over to take a look. “Aren’t these preservatives?”

    “You know what it is?” Lin Fan was stunned at how knowledgeable Fraud Tian was.

    Fraud Tian replied, “Of course, I used to plant oranges in the past. It’s normal and harmless. If not, the oranges would be rotten after shipping them.”

    “These people are so stupid. They don’t even know what they’re talking about.”

    “Fraud Tian, are you sure?” Lin Fan asked again.

    Fraud Tian nodded. “Of course, I used to do this in the past. What formaldehyde? They’re idiots. Formaldehyde is toxic, and these people aren’t even wearing masks.”

    Lin Fan did a search on the Internet and realised what Fraud Tian said was true.

    “It seems like someone is trying to spread false rumours about this.”

    He opened up Weibo and posted.

    “Rubbish. The people in the video are just applying preservatives to the oranges. The person who posted this false rumour deserves to be punished. What do you have against these orange farmers?”

    “It’s normal to apply preservatives, and they are harmless. It’s a procedure required for the transport of oranges. I will definitely call out all these people who are spreading false rumours.”

    When the netizens saw the post, they were stunned.

    They had been fooled by these idiots.

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