Chapter 307 - If you wanna see who’s better at showing off

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 307: If you wanna see who’s better at showing off

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    Young Master Zou stood under the blazing hot sun. He raised his head. He had a grave and stern look on his face.

    This shop had disappointed him to the utmost. Was this how they treated their customers? Was this how a business was supposed to be run?

    A big, live customer was standing at the entrance, yet not a single person cared.

    Besides those two old men, there was also a young man in the shop. Did none of them know how to do business?

    If they could carry on running the shop with this kind of attitude, it would be as unlikely as seeing a ghost.

    “Ahem, ahem…” he decided to give the shop one last chance. If somebody came forward to invite him in, he could still let their previous negligence slide.

    A series of coughs came once more.

    Lin Fan opened his mouth, “Fraud, don’t you know how to play? Who uses their Ulti like that?”

    “I had no choice. You Lan wasn’t around so I had no choice but to force my Ulti and stun one of them. Who knew the opponent’s movement was so 6? He managed to dodge my Ulti,” Fraud Tian explained himself.

    “I’m not taking the blame for that,” said Wu You Lan, “Zhao Zhong Yang wasn’t around either. He’s a tank but he’s not buying tank items, instead, he’s buying attack items. He just went in and got killed instantly.”

    Not long after.


    Lin Fan sighed, “A single god carrying four useless people. I definitely won’t play with you guys anymore in future.”

    Fraud Tian helplessly shook his head. “I’ve only played video games for a few days in my whole life! How am I supposed to get good so quickly?”

    “I know you’re not good but if you’re not good then you should practice. When we didn’t invite you, you said we were pushing you aside. Now that we’ve invited you, you’re a burden to us,” said Lin Fan.

    Wu You Lan mediated, “Alright, alright. There’s someone standing outside the door.”

    At that moment, everyone finally looked towards the entrance.

    Young Master Zou stared back at everyone with a stern face. Then, he said, “This is how you treat your customers? I’ve been standing here for ten minutes and you only look at me now?”

    That question was rhetorical.

    But Lin Fan’s skin was thicker than anyone else’s. “I’m sorry, I really didn’t see you. I only just saw you. May I know if you need anything?”

    “I…” Young Master Zou had no words. Such a big man had been standing right there and yet this guy said that he hadn’t seen him. Did he not have eyes?

    “Give me a serving of scallion pancake.” Since Young Master Zou had received high levels of education, he was a noble man. He had to use his own behavior to show the shop owners that their way of doing business was not right.

    Fraud Tian replied, “Sorry, we’ve already sold out our scallion pancakes for today. We limit our sales to ten servings a day. If you want some scallion pancakes, you can read that sheet at the side. Maybe then, you’ll get your scallion pancake.”

    Young Master Zou looked at the people in the shop and said, “Everyone has their own rules. I also like people who abide by rules.”

    After saying that, he looked at the sheet of paper on the wall. Very quickly, he memorized its contents.

    “I’ve finished reading it,” said Young Master Zou.

    Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan, then shook his head. “You didn’t pass. I’m sorry but you won’t get the scallion pancake.”

    “Hmm?” Young Master Zou was surprised. His facial expression changed. “Are you playing with me? How do you know that I didn’t pass?”

    Lin Fan looked up and smiled at Young Master Zou. “The rule is set by me. If you didn’t pass, of course I’d know. You didn’t understand the contents of the paper.”

    Young Master Zou smiled as well. He was out of Beijing to let loose, so he didn’t have much to do. He had some time to waste with those shop owners. Then, he walked into the shop, pulled a stool over and sat down. He said, “Interesting. Very interesting. I’ve been to quite a few high-end shops but this kind of rules is a first for me. But I’m not someone who likes to speak nonsense. Let me give you a proposition and see if you like it.”

    Lin Fan couldn’t help but laugh. “Interesting. You’re interesting as well. I’ve served many customers but you’re the first to have offered me a proposition. Why don’t I give you some advice and a proposition of my own?”

    When Young Master Zou heard this, he was stunned. Then, he burst into laughter. “You really are interesting. But young people shouldn’t be too wild. I’ve seen many people as wild as you but they all eventually got taught a lesson by reality and became less wild. They all ended up with regret.”

    “Your scallion pancakes are pretty good. I feel that your skills might just be the best in the world. Work for me and be my exclusive scallion pancake maker. I’ll give you a shop in Beijing. I won’t bother you but you’ll have to make me one scallion pancake a day and whenever I bring my friends over, you’ll have to warmly welcome us. How’s that?”

    Young Master Zou said all these bluntly. He was rather accurate when he judged people. This kid was quite wild but his skills were definitely good. Even Young Master Zou had submitted to the deliciousness of his scallion pancakes. If he could bring this kid with him back to Beijing, that would be the best. He would be over the moon.

    If he gave that woman some of these scallion pancakes, that woman would definitely not be able to forget it. And if she wanted more, then she would have to depend on Young Master Zou’s mood.

    After that, if she still wanted to punish him, she would have to think twice.

    At that moment, Young Master Zou saw that Lin Fan wasn’t very convinced, so he continued talking, “When I give you the shop, the earnings will belong to you. The shop will be yours too. You should know that if it’s a shop chosen by me, it would be in a most bustling location. With a single shop, you’ll earn more than other people can hope to earn in their entire lives. I can let you live a life that you can’t even imagine right now. How’s that?”

    Young Master Zou’s words seemed to control everything around him. With his authority, he could bend the lives of those around him.

    These scallion pancakes didn’t feel normal to him. They were different from other gourmet food. He couldn’t forget those scallion pancakes. When he had eaten them in the morning, it was as if he had felt a pull from deep within his heart. It brought back memories of all the joyful events that had happened in the past back in Beijing.

    It was a feeling he had never had before.

    Hence, he concluded that these scallion pancakes were not normal. They could even be said to be godly.

    He wasn’t an idiot. If the person who made these godly scallion pancakes became one of his men, then he could bring his friends over to eat. And after that, if they wanted to eat it again, they would have to look for him. Thinking of that scenario made him very excited.

    Fraud Tian looked at Young Master Zou. This guy was really overbearing.

    Wu Tian He looked at Young Master Zou and a friendly gleam flashed across his eyes. It was as if he saw an old friend.

    Wu You Lan pursed her lips.?Cheh, another guy here to take advantage of our Brother Lin. Hasn’t he heard how smart our Brother Lin is?

    Zhao Zhong Yang was stunned. This guy really was f*cking domineering. He realized that ever since he had started mixing with Master Lin, the people he met were more and more domineering.

    He could understand those old bosses from before but this guy here now spoke like he was their dad. He spoke as if there were no problems with anything at all.

    But his presence was no joke. With one look, you could tell that he was an impressive person.

    This kind of feeling was hard to describe. It felt as if he was trying to show off but if you looked him in the eye, you would lose confidence. His presence was just too strong.

    “That’s your proposition?”

    Young Master Zou nodded. “Why? Is it not enough? You should know that this is a proposition that other people won’t be able to give you even if they had three lifetimes. Once you agree, you’ll know just what kind of person I am and after that, you’ll rejoice in the decision you made today for the rest of your life.”

    Lin Fan shook his head. “Don’t give out propositions like that. Think about yourself first. Forget it. You’re not a bad person, so let me give you some advice. You have to remember that not everyone can get advice from me. When you recall this day in future, you will rejoice because you had the luck of meeting me.”

    “Zou Tian Fu.”

    Lin Fan leisurely held up his teacup and took a sip.

    If you wanna see who’s better at showing off, you gotta first trade a few blows.

    “You know my name?” Young Master Zou furrowed his brows. His expression was quite serious. He realized that he could no longer see through this guy.

    This guy was not simple. It seemed like he had some ability.

    Young Master Zou had never thought that in such a small street, there would be someone that he couldn’t handle.

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