Chapter 311 - Is my scallion pancake here yet?

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 311: Is my scallion pancake here yet?

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    The next day!

    When Lin Fan reached Cloud Street, there were already countless people queuing at his entrance. He had already gotten used to this long ago.

    Elder Dog Nicholas had run off somewhere. Ever since they changed location, Elder Dog was nowhere to be seen most of the time, except for noontime each day when he would come back for a nap.

    But according to Lin Fan’s theory, Elder Dog was probably going out to seize his territory. After reaching a new place, of course, he had to expand his territory. And Elder Dog really had many underlings. Those dogs nearby were probably no match for Elder Dog.

    “Little Boss is here!”

    A cry of shock rang out, then everyone started bustling. Ever since they had eaten Master Lin’s scallion pancakes, they couldn’t forget it. They had all submitted to the scallion pancake. That taste was simply mesmerizing.

    One serving for fifty dollars. Although it was a little expensive, it was definitely worth it.

    The townsfolk had formed a long queue in front of Master Lin’s shop.

    Ten servings a day. The townsfolk both loved and hated Master Lin. They hated him so much that they wanted to break Master Lin’s legs and leave him with only his hands to make scallion pancakes for them everyday. But they also loved him because his scallion pancakes were really too delicious.

    “Master Lin…” At that moment, Liu Xiao Tian came scurrying over.

    When Lin Fan saw him, he was stunned for a moment. “Inspector Liu, why are you here?”

    Liu Xiao Tian looked anxious. “Master Lin, hurry up and make me a scallion pancake. This is a case of life and death.”

    “Inspector Liu, although our relationship is good, you can’t just ask for scallion pancakes without queuing,” said Lin Fan with a smile. But of course, he was a little curious. He wondered what was up with Liu Xiao Tian.

    Liu Xiao Tian was dripping with sweat. With frustration on his face, he said, “Master Lin, it’s not for me! There’s a man who wants to jump off a building right now and he says that before he leaves this world, he wants to eat your scallion pancake. He said that if we don’t give it to him, he would jump down immediately! What kind of situation is this? We don’t have a choice! We can only give him the scallion pancake first to stall time so we can save him.”

    Lin Fan stopped his movements. “Inspector Liu, you’re not kidding with me, are you?”

    Liu Xiao Tian replied, “How could I kid about something like this? The weather is so hot right now, what if that guy gets a heat stroke and falls down?”

    Zhao Zhong Yang was broadcasting. He cried out in shock, “Big news! Someone wants to jump off a building and before that, he wants to eat Master Lin’s scallion pancakes! This…this…”

    The viewers in the broadcast room were all dumbfounded.

    “F*ck! There are such people in this world? To ask for Master Lin’s scallion pancakes before he dies. He must be a true fanboy of Master Lin’s”

    “Your mom! How delicious are Master Lin’s scallion pancakes? For a person who wants to die to want to eat one before jumping.”

    “In the past, I’ve only heard about people begging to see celebrities before they jump. I’ve never heard of someone asking for a scallion pancake before he jumps.”


    Lin Fan said, “It’s that serious?”

    Liu Xiao Tian sighed and said, “I’ve really never come across something like this before. Master Lin, let’s not talk for now. Make a scallion pancake so I can hurry and bring it over. Rescuing him is more urgent.”

    The townsfolk who were queuing all started to talk. “Master Lin, save him first! We’ll wait to eat.”

    “People these days! Why can’t they think things through? What kinds of things are there that can’t be lived through?”

    Without hesitation, Lin Fan said, “Alright. I’ll make one serving first. Bring it over to him. A human life is important.”

    When the scallion pancake was ready, Liu Xiao Tian grabbed onto Lin Fan and said, “I think you should come with me, in case something happens on site.”

    “Alright,” Lin Fan agreed without a second thought.

    Saving a life is better than building a seven-floored pagoda for a dead person. When a life was at stake, Lin Fan wasn’t going to hesitate.

    They got into the police car.

    Some of the townsfolk with their own cars drove behind them as well.

    Zhao Zhong Yang flicked his hand and said, “Come, we’ll go take a look too.”

    In the end, only Wu Tian He was left to look after the shop.

    The destination was a certain apartment building.

    The ground floor was crowded with people. Even the reporters were shocked.

    When the police car arrived.

    A reporter said, “The scallion pancake that he requested is here!”

    “That’s Master Lin! Master Lin came personally.”

    “This is a man who has performed miracles in the past! Even anorexic people are willing to eat his scallion pancakes.”

    “Is that really true? For anorexia sufferers to be willing to eat them, it sounds too fake.”

    “What’s fake about it? That piece of news was reported by me. I heard that a certain medical professor even exclusively researches Master Lin’s scallion pancakes. But he hasn’t found anything yet.”


    When Lin Fan appeared in the crowd’s line of sight, the reporters rushed forward.

    “Master Lin, may I ask for your thoughts about the man wanting to eat your scallion pancakes before he dies?”

    “May I ask if this is an act planned by you?”

    “Inspector Liu, you brought Master Lin here. Is that because you’re afraid that you policemen aren’t capable enough to bring the man down?”

    Liu Xiao Tian waved his hand. “Please move aside. A life is at stake. Please make way and don’t interrupt our work.”

    Liu Xiao Tian was frustrated with the reporters. Reporters nowadays only wanted to get news and didn’t care about anything else. At times of danger, for example, the current situation where someone wanted to jump off a building, perhaps many reporters hoped that the person would jump.

    All for the news. As long as it didn’t concern themselves, they didn’t care.

    Of course, there were also many reporters who did things earnestly. But compared to the number of reporters who only cared about the news, they were too few.

    An example was a recent incident.

    A student had gotten raped while she had been passing by a construction site. This female student had already been overwhelmed with burden but some immoral reporters still made known her identity and information. In the end, when the news was spread, that student couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide.

    These kinds of incidents happened too much, way too much.

    Fortunately, new policies were made to place large chains on the reporters. But of course, these chains didn’t completely prevent such incidents from happening.

    Lin Fan looked up. He saw that on the highest floor, there was indeed a silhouette standing there. Because it was too high, it was a very blur image.

    On the rooftop.

    “Don’t be rash. Hold on to the railing.” The police officers were at the side, trying to persuade him.

    Although there was a cushion placed below, it was useless. Jumping from such a height, even with the safety cushion, would surely result in death.

    “Is my scallion pancake here yet?” The man was very agitated. He looked like he was in his fifties. According to the police’s investigations, he wasn’t a resident of this apartment, nor did he have any sons or daughters. He was a man who lived in isolation.

    The policemen were helpless towards a suicidal person like this. This kind of person was the hardest to persuade because they didn’t have anything to lose.

    “It’s coming, it’s coming,” shouted the policemen. They just heard from the walkie-talkie that Inspector Liu was delivering the scallion pancake.

    After reaching the top floor via the lift, Liu Xiao Tian held the scallion pancake and said, “The scallion pancake is here. Come down first.”

    “No. Throw the scallion pancake over now, or else I’ll jump immediately.”

    After struggling for a moment, Liu Xiao Tian decided that he had no choice. “Alright, alright, I’ll give you the scallion pancake.”

    “Are the people downstairs ready yet?” asked Liu Xiao Tian.

    “Inspector, they’re ready. Once he loses his awareness when he eats the scallion pancake, we’ll be ready to go,” said the policeman.

    Liu Xiao Tian nodded. Such a situation was rare.

    When he threw over the scallion pancake, the man held it in his hands and happily took a whiff of it. His eyes gleamed with emotion. Then, he took a bite.

    “It’s so good…”

    The deliciousness instantly exploded in his mouth. This feeling was really indescribable.

    It was the deliciousness of the human world.

    The rescue personnel from one floor below was prepared to use his tools to tie the man up.

    But due to the height and the construction of the building, it was rather difficult to actually do.

    Liu Xiao Tian looked at the situation and was getting anxious.?Hurry up!

    If the man finishes his scallion pancake, he might just jump down.

    But at that moment, something happened that left everyone astounded.


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