Chapter 317 - Shock!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 317: Shock!

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    The atmosphere had reached its peak. To the audience in the stands, they probably could never forget this scene.

    Although Seidel had won the first place and broken his own world record, he didn’t seem very happy.

    He felt extremely helpless when he saw the reporter being surrounded by people. If that reporter hadn’t been there, he’d definitely be satisfied with his result.

    He had surpassed his own limit and broken his own world record. In the eyes of others, he was the new world record holder. But now, he realized that he couldn’t even run faster than a reporter carrying a camera. If it was made known to others, it’d be a joke.

    Lin Fan was being asked all sorts of questions by the reporters. He really didn’t know how to answer them.

    He tried to answer the questions calmly. He wasn’t even bothered by how fast he had run and he presented himself as a humble and low-profile person.

    Then, Lin Fan took the opportunity and left quickly.

    Those foreign reporters looked at Lin Fan curiously. They couldn’t figure out how the man could run so fast with a video camera.

    “Coach, we should recruit people like him into the national team. Our nation would definitely swoop all the gold medals like our table tennis team,” Hu Fei Yun said.

    The coach nodded. “No hurry. When this competition ends, I’ll go speak to him.”

    Hu Fei Yun looked at Lin Fan who was a distance away. “I didn’t expect he’d be able to run so fast. That was so unexpected.”

    In the audience stands.

    Chu Yuan recovered from his shock and looked at Fraud Tian. “How was Master Lin able to run so fast?”

    Fraud Tian rolled his eyes. “Who am I supposed to ask? I have interacted with him for a long time but I didn’t even know he could run so fast.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang was holding his phone and his phone had become slightly tilted. “Too scary. I’ve been shocked by Master Lin.”

    The netizens in the broadcast room.

    “Brother Yang, it’s not just you. All of us have been shocked to death too.”

    “D*mn, Master Lin is too powerful. Gotta donate more gifts.”

    “666… In the future, I’ll only support Master Lin and nobody else.”

    Wu You Lan’s mouth was gaping. It was clear that she was shocked by what had happened. It had been too insane.


    Lin Fan was calm when he faced the reporters. He wanted to complete his task after all. He had taken the initiative to complete it.

    He calmly waved his hand as if he was the champion. The reporters seized the opportunity to take more photos.

    Who knew if the task could be completed after this incident?

    Then, Lin Fan left sneakily.


    Chu Yuan grabbed onto Lin Fan. “Master Lin, how did you do that?”

    Lin Fan smiled. “It’s simple. I only had one thing on my mind, which was to capture the passionate expressions of the athletes.”

    Chu Yuan was a little annoyed. It was as if Lin Fan didn’t even answer the question because his answer didn’t really make a difference at all.

    Fraud Tian curiously slapped Lin Fan’s legs, “They seem normal and they look the same as ours. How did you even run so fast?”

    Lin Fan smiled. “What’s next in the competition?”

    Chu Yuan answered, “There’s the shot put finals and javelin.”

    Lin Fan thought about it for a moment. He knew that he couldn’t stand out in these competitions. Furthermore, the viewership rate wasn’t very high. He thought it’d be better for him to leave because he believed that this incident would have been enough for him to complete his task.

    “Look, how did I do for the filming?” Lin Fan said as he passed the video camera to Chu Yuan.

    Chu Yuan took a look and gasped in shock, “Awesome! It’s so awesome!”

    Lin Fan chuckled. What mattered was that the footage was impressive.


    Some of the news platforms were buzzing over the incident. The competition to crown the fastest man alive was a really hyped up one. Everyone had looked forward to it.

    Some publishers had even finished writing their first draft already. This competition was an extremely intense one. The favorite to win was Seidel. Everyone knew that if he just did his usual best, he’d definitely become the champion. Whether he could break the world record depended on the actual day’s situation.

    They had guessed correctly. Seidel was the champion and he had broken his own world record. But the problem was that he wasn’t the main star of the show. There had been a reporter carrying a camera who actually ran faster than the professional athletes.

    It was too d*mn shocking.

    They had to rewrite their scripts completely. This time, the news would definitely shock everyone.

    Perhaps not everyone had watched the live broadcast of the race but when the news was out, it would definitely cause them to watch the entire race again on replay.

    If their national athlete won, they’d feel extremely proud. Even though Hu Fei Yun hadn’t won, it didn’t matter anymore. Because the person who had overtaken Seidel while carrying a camera was Chinese too. Nobody knew what impact the news was going to cause but it would definitely be unbelievable.

    Some of the reporters at the venue immediately made calls back.

    “Head editor, quickly change the script. There is nothing wrong with the original one but the situation here has changed.”

    The head editor replied, “Seidel won the championship and broke his world record. We’ve prepared it accordingly. What changes are you referring to?”

    The reporter replied, “Head editor, I’ll send the video to you. You can have a closer look. Focus on the fella at the side of the track. He ran faster than Seidel even though he was carrying a video camera.

    The head editor was stunned. Then, he reprimanded, “Are you still asleep? You must be kidding me!”

    The reporter replied, “I’m not kidding. You’ll understand after watching the video. I’ll continue with my interviews.”

    When the head editor saw the video, he was initially still furious. Then, he suddenly spewed vulgarities after watching what happened.?That can’t be f*cking real!

    Then, he recovered from his shock and changed the script. The previous draft wasn’t really useful anymore since the main point now wasn’t Seidel.

    Especially after watching the entire video, the head editor gasped, “F*cking crazy. This reporter is f*cking awesome.”

    Hu Fei Yun hasn’t been predicted to be first place and that had been confirmed even before the competition. The difference in their abilities was rather huge. There was only one other athlete who could compete with Seidel for the first place and he was also a black man. Although Seidel was first, those that watched the video would know that the reporter should’ve been first. But according to the official competition rules, Seidel was undoubtedly the fastest runner among the nine. However, on a whole, the reporter was definitely the fastest man there.

    The next day!

    News articles started to appear on the Internet since midnight.

    The news had exploded in the morning.

    Countless people were in doubt after reading the news.?Is this some kind of joke?

    But when they saw the video and pictures, they were dumbfounded.


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