Chapter 332 - I'm too tired

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 332: I’m too tired

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    Fraud Tian quipped, “He just looked for his own shame.”

    Fraud Tian understood Lin Fan’s abilities well. Lin Fan’s martial arts abilities far exceeded his own, even though he had proven himself through many fights in the past. This celebrity had just been looking for trouble when he had challenged Lin Fan to a fight

    Li Mu Ze remained silent after he got up onto his legs. When the camera panned to him, he awkwardly laughed at it, suppressing the anger that he had boiling inside.

    He had a sudden realization that his behavior just now had been comparable to what a monkey would do.

    Then, Lin Fan continued to praise Tang Ying to the heavens once again, causing her to be pleasantly surprised. This was the first time that she had encountered this kind of situation, and since this was going to be aired on television, she felt that it might be a little too embarrassing.

    Huang Yue continued giggling. She was already quite famous, so when she agreed to join this show, she was just there to have fun and at the same time, earn herself a little more money. And so she behaved a little more humbly and normally during the filming.

    She felt completely helpless with regards to Master Lin when he berated Li Mu Ze and Lu Dao Ren. She didn’t know how these two had gotten on the bad side of Master Lin and she could already imagine what the reactions would be once this show airs.

    The netizens absolutely loved to watch these kinds of drama in reality shows. Furthermore, she knew that both Li Mu Ze and Lu Dao Ren didn’t have good reputations online. Once this show broadcasts, she couldn’t begin to imagine how many people would start supporting what Master Lin had done.

    The filming of the show continued.

    Halfway through the filming, Lin Fan disappeared temporarily and met up with Director Hu.

    “Master Lin, don’t flame them too much. If you continue like this, things won’t go well. In a while, we will begin to wrap things up and change the scene.”

    “Director Hu, I wasn’t flaming them, this is just how I talk. I am actually very friendly.” Lin Fan laughed.

    Director Hu laughed. The meaning of the laugh was clear. If he believed what Lin Fan said, he could consider himself stupid.

    He wasn’t an idiot and he could clearly tell what was going on, but admittedly, he thought that the effect of whatever Lin Fan had done wasn’t bad. In the previous seasons, the people who weren’t celebrities hadn’t really had a presence in the show, since they just ended up being awestruck at the celebrities. With Lin Fan’s addition to the show, it was a fresh breath of air that the variety show could have.

    The originally high-profile Li Mu Ze had become humbled and now he wished more than ever to get over with this scene.

    At this moment, Lin Fan came back and parked himself behind his scallion pancake counter. “Come, I’ll let you guys try my famous scallion pancakes. I guarantee that you guys won’t regret it.”

    Huang Yue stood there stunned. “What’s so nice about scallion pancakes?”

    “I remember reading online that Master Lin’s scallion pancakes are really delicious,” Tang Ying said.

    “Master Lin’s scallion pancakes must be really delicious! Thank you so much!” Yang Tao exclaimed.

    Lin Fan had praised Yang Tao so much that Yang Tao had started to have his doubts about whether he had been too humble. After looking at all the attractive people around him and after looking at himself, he hadn’t had too much confidence in himself initially. Now, he started to think more highly of himself.

    Li Mu Ze laughed coldly.

    “What’s so nice about scallion pancakes?”

    “Yeah. I’ve eaten so many in the past and I’m already sick of the flavor. Even if it’s nice, I wouldn’t eat another one,” Lu Dao Ren said.

    Lin Fan didn’t say anymore as he started making his scallion pancakes.


    Tang Ying held onto a scallion pancake and her face lit up with delight as she sniffed it. “It’s really fragrant!”

    As she took a bite…

    Tang Ying’s facial expression changed completely as if she was flying sky high. “The flavor of this scallion pancake…”

    She continued to wolf down the scallion pancake, not bothering to finish her sentence.

    “Your expression can’t be for real…” Huang Yue looked at Tang Ying, saying.

    The filming crew panned their camera towards Tang Ying, capturing the scene of her exaggerated expression as she ate the scallion pancake.

    “This is the famous scallion pancake from Cloud Street. It is definitely delicious!” Lin Fan proclaimed.

    Lin Fan felt great for subtly advertising his shop in the variety show.

    “Her expression really makes me look forward to eating one as well,” Yang Tao commented, looking at Tang Ying as she continued to wolf down her scallion pancake.

    Another portion came out of the wok.

    Huang Yue snatched it over impatiently as she took a bite out of the scallion pancake. “Wow…”

    Gasps of surprise emanated from the room.

    Huang Yue’s expression was even more exaggerated than Tang Ying’s. Her astounded expression, with her head bowed and her eyes closed was almost scary.

    “This is great! I now have a collection of their facial expressions!” Director Hu exclaimed in excitement.

    After being in the industry for so long, he knew what would be popular with the audience. Tang Ying and Huang Yue’s facial expressions fit the bill perfectly and they could absolutely be used as pop-up expressions that were commonly used in variety shows.

    All the other celebrities stood around, looking at Tang Ying and Huang Yue suspiciously.?Could it really be that delicious?

    They were all superstars and had never had common food like scallion pancakes, so after seeing the expressions of the two girls, they were genuinely curious.

    “So delicious…” Huang Yue purred, her eyes widening with pleasure. “I have never eaten anything as delicious as this. What will I do when I won’t get to eat this anymore next time?”

    “Master Lin, could you do deliveries for me in the future?” Huang Yue asked.

    “Nope, if you want it, you’ve got to queue up like the rest,” Lin Fan grinned.

    “What a shame. No, I must slowly savor this. This is simply just too divine. I feel like my heart is exploding with pleasure,” Huang Yue said with an almost unbelievable expression.

    The next portion came out of the wok.

    Yang Tao held the scallion pancake between his two hands, staring at it as he gulped in anticipation. The smell alone was good enough to get him excited.

    “This isn’t any ordinary delicacy,” Yang Tao said, “Could this be the fabled supreme-grade delicacy?”

    Yang Tao took a bite out of the scallion pancake.

    His eyes widened and his face turned toward Lin Fan. “Master, this scallion pancake is just too delicious!”

    “Slowly savor it, and please help me advertise it on your Weibo and spread the word!” Lin Fan laughed.

    “Don’t you worry about it. Once I get back, I’ll spread the word for you on my Weibo. Next time, I’ll invite you to all my events and movie premiers to repay you for this scallion pancake. I almost feel like crying eating this!”

    The other celebrities all looked on curiously and some started becoming impatient. They were shocked by the facial expressions of the three who had had their share of scallion pancakes and their facial expressions were almost too exaggerated to be real.

    LI Mu Ze and Lu Dao Ren felt that this was below their dignity. When they got their portion later on, they would just say that the scallion pancake was terrible.

    Six portions of scallion pancakes came out of the wok in no time. Everyone apart from Li Mu Ze and Lu Dao Ren had gotten one scallion pancake each.

    One of the male celebrities started crying after eating a few bites of it. Everyone looked at him in shock.

    Only those who had had a taste of the scallion pancake would know how delicious it was.

    “Master Lin, Brother Ze and Brother Ren don’t have scallion pancakes,” Huang Yue said.

    Lin Fan waved her away. “I’m too tired, so I’m not going to make any more. You guys just enjoy your ones.”


    Li Mu Ze and Lu Dao Ren stared at Lin Fan with bloodshot eyes. Lin Fan was really asking for trouble.

    Everyone had scallion pancakes except for them.

    If this was to be broadcast on television, they would definitely become the laughing stock of the netizens.

    F*ck your mum!

    You win this time…

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