Chapter 341 - Dugu Qiubai

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 341: Dugu Qiubai

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    Autumn Sword Fish Killer’s hands were extremely quick. He had been practicing for many years. His chubby fingers didn’t even affect his speed. The whole team of people started to fight the fire.

    They simply had to defeat a bunch of ill-disciplined individuals. Suddenly, Autumn Sword Fish Killer had something in mind.

    He was still sore about his past conflicts with Lin Fan and he wanted to take revenge. He found the second comment from the top to be extremely satisfactory.

    “What f*cking Master Lin? He’s just a fraud. You don’t deserve to humiliate Mu Ze and Dao Ren. Before you do that, please look at yourself in the mirror.”

    Autumn Sword Fish Killer was extremely happy with that comment. He just left it there so that more people would see it. At the same time, he wanted to show Lin Fan his grit. He was capable of tolerating humiliation but he could strike back anytime.

    He had even thought of the reason already. He was going to say that the person that commented was also an expert in Internet warfare and it was difficult to deal with him.

    Autumn Sword Fish Killer smiled to himself after thinking of such a good reason. That fat body of his started to wobble. At the same time, he started to pat his stomach and realized it felt really good. Perhaps there was no need to lose weight anymore.

    If it was the end of the world, others would die fast and a fat person like him would be able to last longer since he had more fats. That was the incomparable advantage of being fat.

    Autumn Sword Fish Killer started to laugh like an idiot after thinking of that.


    A Weibo message came.

    Lin Fan: “Haha, you’re awesome. I’ll deduct $1000 from your salary.”

    “Huh?” Autumn Sword Fish Killer was stunned. Then, he quickly replied, “Boss, it’s not that I can’t do it. The other party is too strong. I can’t handle him.”

    Lin Fan: “Haha, nice explanation. I’ll deduct another $1000.”

    Then, Autumn Sword Fish Killer was infuriated. How could he just deduct $2000 like that? It was $2000 and it was equivalent to two months of his expenses.

    “Boss, I?was wrong. In the future, I won’t dare to do that anymore. I’ll remove that comment too,” Autumn Sword Fish Killer cried.

    Lin Fan replied, “Perfect solution, your reward is an additional $100.”


    Autumn Sword Fish Killer was about to cry. How could this fella know what he was trying to do? That didn’t make sense.

    At Cloud Street.

    Lin Fan looked at the second comment on Weibo and laughed. “Haha, trying to make a joke out of me? Did you even think about who I am? I’m Master Lin. I’ll deduct your salary slowly. A deduction of six to seven thousand dollars seems decent for now.”

    As Lin Fan pressured Autumn Sword Fish Killer, he quickly removed the comment.

    However, what shocked Lin Fan was that the two celebrities actually had so many idiotic fans. It was unbelievable.

    A lot of Internet celebrities on Weibo were watching the situation. They thought that the situation wasn’t normal. It was a three-way war. At the same time, the other six celebrities were innocent but they had been dragged into this.

    Li Mu Xe and Lu Dao Ren felt that they couldn’t match up to Master Lin. They immediately went to the Weibo of the six other celebrities and started to scold them.

    In an instant, a mega war had started.

    Li Mu Ze’s office.

    Li Mu Ze said, “The situation on Weibo has reached its climax. We should do something now.”

    The manager nodded. “Alright, let’s post it then. Although it’s all an act, it could help the situation.”

    Li Mu Ze said worriedly, “Do you think that fella will cause trouble for us?”

    The manager said confidently, “Don’t worry, he won’t do that. If his brain works, he’d know the impact of that.”

    “Alright then.”

    Soon, Li Mu Ze and Lu Dao Ren posted on Weibo.

    “Whatever happened on the third episode of ‘Celebrity Family’ was pre-planned. It isn’t like what everyone thinks. Mu Ze’s Taekwondo has passed an official test before. How could he not withstand one blow? What everyone saw was to make the show more interesting.”

    Lu Dao Ren’s Weibo post also talked about similar things. It was almost exactly the same as Li Mu Ze’s post. The situation online was getting out of hand and many were discussing it.

    It could be said that they had been humiliated in the show. In the end, the other six contestants had gotten to eat scallion pancakes but the two of them hadn’t. It was embarrassing for them.

    Especially Li Mu Ze, he was the most hot-tempered one out of the bunch.

    When the netizens saw the Weibo post, they started to discuss it.

    “Look, I told you. How could it be real? It’s just what the production team needed.”

    “F*ck off. So it’s because of the production team? I thought it was real.”

    “However, even if it was like that, it felt good. I just hate these two guys.”

    “My Mu Ze’s Taekwondo was officiated by professionals. If he wasn’t a celebrity, he could’ve become a coach. How can that stupid Master Lin compare to our Mu Ze? Stop joking.”

    “^ f*ck off.”


    “Haha, why should I f*ck off? I’m speaking the truth. Is there a problem with that?”

    “F*cking idiot. Did you even read up about Master Lin before making such stupid comparisons?”


    Li Mu Ze and the others started to laugh when they saw that the situation online was changing.

    Then, the manager gasped, “Oh no, look at that fella’s Weibo.”

    Li Mu Ze and the others looked at the screen and when they saw the Weibo post, their faces turned red. It was as if they had a breath of air that they just couldn’t let out.

    “What the f*ck? How could he say that? Does he really want to destroy me?”


    Lin Fan: “Who said so? It has nothing to do with the show’s production team. I just don’t like Li Mu Ze and Lu Dao Ren. Taekwondo? I didn’t even use any strength and you fell. If I had used a little more force, you’d probably be in the hospital for seven to eight months.”


    Many people started to laugh when they read that post.

    “D*nn, 666… Master Lin is obviously trying to infuriate them.”

    “I don’t even know what to say after seeing them get roasted in the face.”

    “Haha, it’s hilarious. Li Mu Ze and Lu Dao Ren immediately removed their posts. Perhaps they didn’t expect this to happen at all.”


    When the other celebrities of ‘Celebrity Family’ saw those comments, they were stunned. This was totally unexpected.

    They hadn’t expected Master Lin to be so straightforward. If it had been an average person, he’d probably have stopped there and forgotten about everything.

    But Master Lin didn’t even try to make peace with them. He immediately asked them to explain themselves and used the truth to teach them a lesson.

    Li Mu Ze was already prepared to start a flame war personally with Lin Fan but he was stopped by his manager.

    “Don’t do that. No matter what, it’s disadvantageous to us. Let’s just remain silent.”

    Li Mu Ze was still upset. “We’re just going to forget about it?”

    The manager replied, “Then tell me, what else can we do? Do you really want to start a war on Weibo with him?”

    Li Mu Ze sighed helplessly. It was just going to end like this.

    Cloud Street.

    Lin Fan was still behaving leisurely as if he didn’t even care about what was happening.

    “Little Boss…” The townsfolk came.

    Lin Fan immediately switched off his phone. He made an expression like ‘Dugu Qiubai’, a fictional character who was so great that he wished for defeat. These celebrities were useless. They had stopped halfway through their scolding. Making scallion pancakes for the townsfolk was still the happiest thing to him after all.

    But this matter was far from over. He just wanted Autumn Sword Fish Killer to continue making life difficult for them before he did his part.

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