Chapter 358 - A perfect operation

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 358: A perfect operation

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    *ring ring*

    The chief surgeon’s phone rang. Lin Fan answered. The nurse’s voice came from the phone.

    “Doctor Mao, the pre-operation procedures have been completed.”

    Lin Fan didn’t dare to say much and just replied with a simple ‘Mmm’.

    The nurse was very busy at that moment and didn’t find anything wrong with the reply. Then, Lin Fan went outside the operating room. There were quite a number of people inside. There were several operations going on and the patients’ family members were all waiting outside.

    Entering the operating room required a passcode. When Lin Fan saw this, he was stunned. What was the passcode?

    But luckily, a medical personnel entered the passcode and the door opened.

    At the counter near the entrance, Lin Fan passed the phone to the medical personnel. Then, a nurse came running over hurriedly. “Doctor Mao, we’re waiting for you.”

    The nurse was anxious and didn’t look closely at Lin Fan. If she did, she might have realized that this ‘Doctor Mao”s eyes looked a little different. Lin Fan’s face was being covered by the mask and only his eyes could be seen.

    Lin Fan lowered his head slightly the whole way so that no one could look straight at his face. Doing something like this was like being a thief. It was very thrilling.

    It wasn’t that he didn’t have faith in the chief surgeon but in the face of such an operation, he knew that the chief surgeon probably didn’t have much confidence. Since it was like that, he could only do it himself. How could he let such a young, flower-like child suffer like that?

    It wasn’t that he had a lot of faith in himself but he had faith in the Encyclopedia’s knowledge.

    He disinfected his whole body and put on sterile gloves. Everything was ready.

    In the operating room, all the medical personnel were ready and awaiting the chief surgeon’s directions.

    “Begin,” said Lin Fan softly. The anesthetist had already done his job beforehand. It was time to start the operation.


    The little girl’s parents were waiting anxiously. They didn’t know how this would turn out but they really hoped that their daughter would come out safe and sound, without any issues.

    However, before the operation, the hospital had told them about the worst-case scenario. They knew it in their hearts that their child was not in a good situation and the success rate of the operation was low. Even if it did succeed, she would still be in danger post-operation. All of this made their hearts feel very uneasy.

    In the operating room.

    “Blood pressure normal.”

    The medical personnel who had been observing the patient the whole time reported.

    At the same time, professionals were standing at the side, recording the operation’s situation.

    This was Lin Fan’s first operation. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t nervous but in the midst of the operation, he realized that he could respond in time to everything that happened. After one step was done, he instantly knew what the next step was.

    The surrounding nurses were incomparably nervous. They were all secretly praying. This operation had to be successful. It had to succeed perfectly. If the operation was successful, then more than half the job was done.

    If it was a typical doctor, some signs of nervousness would definitely show during such a complicated operation but at that moment, no such signs were seen. Everything was calm and steady.

    The nurse who was observing the operation was shocked as well. She suddenly realized that Doctor Mao’s method of operation was significantly different from his usual methods. Furthermore, Doctor Mao was very calm today. In the face of such a difficult operation, he didn’t show any hesitation or second thoughts. It was as if he was very familiar with this.

    An operation on the brain is the most complicated. The number of tools needed is the most among all operations.

    “Angular forceps.” Lin Fan extended his arm. The nurse immediately passed him the tool.

    From the start of the operation, he had felt the mystical power of the Encyclopedia emitting, ensuring the patient was okay and preventing any problems from occurring. It was even curing her at the same time.

    The nurse who was observing the patient’s state felt her heart start beating profusely. It was strange, very strange. The girl’s heartbeat wasn’t increasing nor decreasing. Her blood pressure wasn’t high, nor low. Everything was stable as if nothing was going on. How could that be?

    She had observed countless operations. No matter what kind of operation it was, the patient’s state would go through changes. Needless to say, such a complicated operation should have caused changes in her body.

    At that moment, the nurse helped the doctor to wipe his sweat but he realized that there wasn’t a single drop of sweat on Doctor Mao’s forehead. He was exactly the same as when he had just come in. But according to the requirements, during operation, she had to help the doctor wipe his sweat to prevent the sweat from entering his eyes or dripping into the patient’s wound.

    Time passed, second by second, minute by minute.

    No one knew how much time had passed.

    At the waiting area outside, there had initially been many family members of different patients but all of them had left because their family members were done with their operations. As of then, only the little girl’s parents and relatives were left.

    A few hours passed. Their hearts could not calm down. Their hearts felt like they were knotted up the whole time.

    In a certain room.

    The real Doctor Mao had woken up but when he woke up, he realized that he had been tied up and his mouth had been stuffed with his own socks.

    “MMM MMM…”

    Doctor Mao struggled. He had no idea what had happened. Where had his clothes gone? Why was he left with just a pair of underpants? Moreover, the method of tying was too perverse. He looked down at his watch. Several hours had passed. At that moment, he panicked.

    Several hours ago, he had had an important operation to do.

    “MMM MMMM…”

    Doctor Mao continued to struggle. Thinking of how he was locked up here, he wondered who would conduct the operation for the little girl. There weren’t many people who could conduct that kind of operation in the hospital. And those who could were busy with other operations.

    He kept struggling and he wanted to charge at the wooden door. But just as he stood up, the ropes pulled at his legs and he fell back onto the ground.

    There was panic in his eyes and a look of worry. When he thought about himself getting knocked unconscious and missing the operation, causing the girl to not get operated on, he was panic-stricken.

    He had already done the preparations. No matter how the operation turned out, there was still a little hope if he could just do the operation. But now, he didn’t even have that opportunity anymore. He had failed, just like that.

    As he thought and thought, his tears started falling.

    Then, he climbed up once again and charged at the door recklessly.


    No one came.

    He charged at the door furiously once more.

    “Who’s inside?” At that moment, a voice came from outside.

    When Doctor Mao heard this voice, he was excited. He kept making that ‘MMM MMM’ sound and continued banging on the door.

    Not long after, the door was finally opened by someone.

    When the nurse had heard the noises, she had been suspicious and hadn’t known what was going on. But upon opening the door, she was completely stunned.

    “Doctor Mao, why are you here?” The nurse was shocked. She didn’t dare to believe that Doctor Mao was actually there.

    “MMM MMM…” Doctor Mao struggled. And without thinking much, the nurse hurriedly took out the socks from his mouth. Doctor Mao yelled, “Hurry up and untie me! I was knocked unconscious. I need to perform the operation!”

    The nurse untied the ropes from Doctor Mao’s legs and said, “Doctor Mao, if you were trapped here all along, then who was the man who went into the operating room?”

    “What?” When Doctor Mao heard that, he was dumbfounded. Then, he charged outside furiously and bellowed, “Follow me quickly! That’s not me. We can’t let him mess around! If I go now, I can still make it!”

    When the nurses outside and the other patients’ family members saw someone running in the hospital with a pair of triangular underpants, they were stupefied. Then, they cried out in shock. Those ropes that were still on Doctor Mao’s body made him look even more shameful. On top of that, the red underpants made it hard to look at him.

    In the operating room.

    Lin Fan took a deep breath and smiled thinly. But under the mask, no one could see his smile.

    At that moment, Lin Fan turned around and looked at the nurses who were gathered together. Then, he smiled and said, “Please excuse me, everyone. She is well. See you next time.”

    Those nurses looked at Lin Fan in shock. They had no idea what was happening. Just as the operation was finishing, Doctor Mao suddenly said that to them. Then, under their shocked gazes, he took three thin and long silver needles and poked them into the little girl’s head. This scene made them lose their heads but they couldn’t scream out loud.

    Lin Fan saw that it was about time. He didn’t dare to stay too long. Then, he removed the three silver needles and placed them into the apparatus box. Everything was settled. The little girl was sleeping soundly and she hadn’t slipped into a coma. When she wakes up, she would be able to welcome the new day.

    As he left the operating room, Lin Fan waved his hand at the camera lens. This scene was recorded as well.


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