Chapter 365 - Not that simple

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 365: Not that simple

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    The electric bikes were chasing after him. The police officers didn’t know why the godly doctor suddenly ran for his life. Perhaps he might have thought of something or even wanted to go to another hospital for an important surgery.

    “Doctor, stop! Tell us where you’re heading to, we’ll send you there,” the police officers shouted. At the same time, they were murmuring about how the doctor could run so fast. The electric bike had been specially modified and it was pretty quick. However, they still couldn’t catch up with the doctor. It was a little weird.

    The reporters were riding electric bikes and chasing after them as well. The cameras were pointed to the front.

    “Quick, quicker!”

    “Bro, it’s our fastest speed already.”

    “We can’t even get a shot.”

    The reporters were anxious and they didn’t know what to do. How can the doctor manage to run so fast? Did he eat some pills?

    Lin Fan was speechless. What’s happening? Are these people crazy? Why are they chasing after me?

    He couldn’t get arrested. Otherwise, he would definitely be imprisoned and his task wouldn’t be completed.

    “Stop chasing me, I have something on,” Lin Fan shouted.

    The police officer said, “Doctor, we are not chasing you. Please stop and we will send you to where you want to go.”

    The policeman sitting behind said, “Drive faster.”

    “This is the fastest already,” the driver said.

    “D*mn, how could it be? Our fastest speed is 50km/h.”

    “Who knows? How is the doctor running so fast? There must be a problem with this vehicle. The mechanic isn’t a good man. He definitely slowed down our speed. We can’t even chase after one man. What is going on?”


    Lin Fan looked over and the policemen were still chasing him. He thought that he had to think of a way to escape. Then, he turned at the corner and jumped over a few walls. He instantly disappeared from their sight.

    Lin Fan hid somewhere and smiled when he saw the police had left. The problem was solved.

    The police called back, “Sir, we lost him. The doctor is missing.”

    At the hospital.

    “Did anyone of you recognize the doctor?” the policeman asked.

    The nurses and doctors looked at each other and shook their heads. “We don’t know him.”

    The surrounding crowd said, “Do you think he’s the godly doctor that was reported in the news recently? He appeared in Nanjing and ran extremely quickly. Then, he vanished.”

    “Yeah, that seems like it. Did you guys realize that the doctor covered himself up and his medical skills were insane? Everyone could be saved by his treatment. I think he definitely is the man.”

    The townsfolk started to discuss intensely amongst themselves.

    The next day!

    Hangzhou’s various news agencies started to report about the incident that had happened the previous day. At the same time, this mysterious doctor became famous online.

    There were a lot of posts about him. There was one that said, “Yesterday, there was a huge crowd of traffic accident casualties that arrived at a hospital in Hangzhou. The situation was intense and many of them had sustained serious injuries. The doctors and nurses were extremely busy and anxious. A man who was well covered up in a white robe suddenly appeared. His medical skills were insanely good. More than ten people had been deemed hopeless by the hospital’s doctors but his medical capabilities saved all of them. I was one of those in the crowd and I was stunned. Then, the godly doctor suddenly fled. The policemen went after him but didn’t manage to get him. I heard he ran exceptionally quickly. The police drove electric bikes but couldn’t even catch up to him. This godly doctor is definitely the one that’s been mentioned on the Internet. He is famous in various cities. According to what we know, he’s been to Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Nanjing. Who knows where he’s heading to next?”

    Thousands of people replied to this post and there were more than a hundred thousand views.

    “D*mn, is that true? Could he be the legendary godly doctor? Why did he run away?”

    “I can’t think of the reason too. I have been reading the news ever since it was reported but I still can’t understand why he ran away.”

    “There are a few reasons: 1. He’s too ugly. 2. He wants to stay low-profile. 3. He’s not a doctor and he pretended to be one. 4. He has no medical certificates. 5. He is crazy.”

    “I support 1.”

    “I support 2.”

    “I support 3.”

    A lot of people started discussing it.

    At the Nanjing police station.

    “Inspector Yang, there’s been another news article. A big hospital in Hangzhou received a large batch of casualties. According to our investigation, we believe that the godly doctor appeared again. However, there isn’t enough evidence to prove that it’s the same person,” the policeman said.

    Inspector Yang frowned. “That’s weird. Why do you think this godly doctor keeps running away? It’s as if he’s playing a game.”

    The policeman replied, “I don’t know.”

    Inspector Yang looked at the limited documents and the drawing that he had. “Go and do a match and see how many people match these pieces of evidence.”

    “Alright.” The police officer nodded.

    After a while, he returned.

    “Sir, the results are out. There are a total of 11860 people. There’s a large disparity in this portrait. Do you think we got it wrong?” The police officer asked.

    Inspector Yang shook his head. “It’s too difficult. The most obvious thing is to choose the one that runs the fastest. However, that’s challenging too.”

    A few days later.

    The Internet went wild. After appearing in Hangzhou, this mysterious doctor had appeared in two other cities.

    He had saved a lot of incurable people in the two other cities. It created an uproar in the medical industry. Countless people wanted to know who this godly doctor was but nobody knew.

    Although Inspector Yang and his team had some evidence, there was too much work involved. The rate of the investigation was quite slow too. Hence, they didn’t make much progress.

    The five hospitals, in particular, were looking for the godly doctor as they wanted to employ him immediately to their hospitals.

    At that moment, in a certain place.

    Lin Fan waited patiently. “Why is the task still incomplete? I’ve been to five cities.”

    “Could it be that I have to return to Shanghai before I’m considered done?”

    Then, Lin Fan immediately booked a ticket to Shanghai. He had traveled an extremely long distance for this mission. He had been chased by people everywhere and nobody had managed to catch him.

    At Shanghai’s train station.

    Lin Fan stood at the station and took a deep breath. Task, come. I’ve made ample preparation.

    However, the notification sound didn’t come.

    D*mn, do you have to be like that? Do you really want me to work to death? Lin Fan gasped internally. Then, he looked at the Encyclopedia closely.

    ‘Task: Become a barefoot doctor, help the public by practicing medicine, go to five different cities.’

    Then, Lin Fan suddenly thought of something. Although the Encyclopedia was reasonable and generous, it loved to play word games.

    D*mn, he had suffered for so many days. However, it had not been in vain. He had saved a lot of people and that made him feel better.

    After thinking about it for a moment, Lin Fan gradually understood that the tenth page of the major knowledge classification wasn’t that easy to be completed.

    A major classification was indeed unlike a minor one. It wasn’t that simple.

    It looked like he had to keep on grinding.

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