Chapter 374 - A man that they will never ge

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 374: A man that they will never get

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    A number of annoying things had happened that day. A supposedly pleasant commemoration event had been met with such annoying matters. However, Lin Fan still felt pretty good. He had suppressed the matters and immediately settled them. But honestly, if he hadn’t been at the Children’s Welfare Institute, he might have used his moves to take all those guys out without a shred of hesitation.

    “Happy…” Wu You Lan was all smiles. Her eyes had turned into crescent shapes as she sat in the front passenger seat looking at Lin Fan’s face. She felt an urge in her heart to quickly give Lin Fan a kiss but she didn’t have the courage. She could only keep it in her heart.

    Lin Fan was driving as he said, “Happy about what? Why did your dad just throw you out to wander about with Fraud Tian?”

    Wu You Lan giggled and replied, “My dad is getting old. It wasn’t easy for him to meet a brother like Fraud. They usually always drink wine and chat. But this is the first time you’re sending me home.”

    “Do you feel very lucky?” said Lin fan with a smile. How could he not know about Wu You Lan’s feelings? But frankly, Wu You Lan was indeed beautiful. When she didn’t speak, she seemed cold but when she did, she was very cute. She had two sides to her.

    Wu You Lan wasn’t shy at all. “Yeah! If you could send me home every day, I would be even luckier.”

    Lin Fan leaned to the side and said with a grin, “You’re dreaming. This petrol is expensive.”

    “Ah! How could that be? If you send me home every day, I’ll take care of the petrol costs. I could even give you a driving fee. Moreover, you’ll see this beautiful lady every night and you’ll be able to sleep happily at night.” Wu You Lan placed her palms on her white thighs as she bounced slightly as if she was waiting for the outcome.

    Lin Fan was laughing a little in his heart. He changed the topic very obviously. “Actually, you all have been at my shop for quite a while but when you came, your dad wanted to change your fate. Now that your fate has already gradually changed, idling at my shop must be very boring. If you ever want to leave, you can tell me.”

    Wu You Lan was taken aback. There was a hint of fear in her eyes. Then, she haughtily lifted her head. “How could that happen? My fate isn’t good yet. Recently, I keep falling down for no reason. I even knocked my leg on the table. My leg is covered with bruises.”

    “Is that even true?” asked Lin Fan with a laugh, clearly not believing her. In this world, if he were to claim to be second in fortune-telling, no one would claim to be first. Wu You Lan’s fate had been changed for the better and it was now the same as an average person’s. Even if she left him now, she would go through life smoothly without being met with any disasters. Even her later years would be peaceful and good.

    “Of course it’s real. Let me show you.” Wu You Lan was wearing a skirt. At that moment, she grabbed her skirt, wanting to pull it back and reveal her shining white thighs to Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan said gleefully, “Really? Let me see.” Then, he made an ‘I will look very closely’ expression.

    Wu You Lan’s face became slightly red and she stuck out her tongue. “Keep dreaming. I won’t show you.”

    “Haha,” Lin Fan laughed.

    Very soon, the car reached Wu You Lan’s place of residence. “Go on then. Take care and be safe.”

    Wu You Lan looked at Lin Fan. “You’re not sending me up? It’s very dangerous here. What would I do if I meet a pervert?”

    Lin Fan waved his hand immediately. “Hurry up and go. There are no perverts at seven o’clock. It’s not even dark yet.”

    *Ring ring*

    At that moment, his phone rang.

    Wu You Lan took a look by the corner of her eyes. Her heart felt apprehensive. Why is that person calling?

    Lin Fan saw the display, ‘Wu Huan Yue’, and helplessly shook his head. How timely.

    “Why aren’t you going?” Lin Fan didn’t answer the call yet to prevent any unpredictable circumstances. He wasn’t an idiot. Of course, he knew what the situation was like.

    This really troubled him. Sometimes, when a man is overly outstanding, he’s like a deadly poison to females. Someone as handsome and as knowledgeable as Lin Fan was, of course, very attractive to females.

    That was why Lin Fan didn’t dare to find a partner. After all, if he did, he would be depriving other little sisters of the chance. Would that be fair? Of course not.

    But honestly, he hadn’t prepared himself mentally yet. He was still young, after all. What was the rush?

    Wu You Lan pretended and said, “I sat for too long, so my legs are a little numb. Go on and answer the call. I’ll be fine. Once I get a little more comfortable, I’ll go back.”

    “Oh god.” Lin Fan said. If she wanted to eavesdrop, she should have just said so. Her legs were numb? It had only been a thirty-minute journey from the Children’s Welfare Institute. In the end, he had no choice. He could only answer the call.

    Once he answered the call, Wu Huan Yue’s sweet voice rang through it.

    “Brother Lin, the new album is out.”

    Lin Fan was delighted and he congratulated her. Back then, he had been rushing to get the album out because of the task but now that the task had already been completed, he wasn’t really bothered about it. But now that the songs were out, naturally, he had to express his thanks to her properly.

    Wu You Lan was silent as she pretended to massage her snow-white thighs. She pricked up her ears and sneakily eavesdropped.

    As Lin Fan was on the phone, he saw what Wu You Lan was doing and couldn’t help but laugh. This battle between girls was really intense. It wasn’t as simple as he had imagined.

    On the phone, Wu You Lan sounded very happy. “Brother Lin, thank you for lending me your help during this period of time. I want to invite you to my place so I can personally cook for you as thanks.”

    When Lin Fan heard about going to her place, he felt that something wasn’t right. Could it be that she wanted to get him drunk, then tie him to the bed and make him lie down there in a 人 shape? In the end, he wouldn’t have a single shred of resistance and would just have to fall into Wu Huan Yue’s grasp.

    “This…this…” Lin Fan kept looking at Wu You Lan as he spoke on the phone. At that moment, Wu You Lan had a smile on her face and her eyes were crescent-shaped again but in her heart, she was so angry that she wanted to cry. Just talking wasn’t enough? That woman wanted him to go to her place? This was definitely a setup, a trap.

    “Huan Yue, can I go with Master Lin?” Wu You Lan spoke.

    On the other end of the call, Wu Huan Yue heard the voice through the phone and she felt that it was familiar. Then, without thinking, she realized who it was. Who else could it be, other than Wu You Lan?

    Wu Huan Yue was furious. She was so angry she wanted to cry. Why had she called at such a timing? Now, her little sneaky move had been discovered by Wu You Lan.

    But now that all that had been said, if Lin Fan didn’t bring her, that would be strange. But if he did bring her, she would be a huge third wheel. In the end, Wu Huan Yue said through gritted teeth, “Sure, you can come…”


    Lin Fan shook his head helplessly. He could only let those girls play among themselves. He was actually a legend. A man that neither of them would ever get.


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