Chapter 382 - I’ll settle you firs

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      382 I’ll settle you first

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    The lady who was wearing white sports attire stared at Lin Fan, he eyes full of rage. She wanted so much to trample on him.

    Lin Fan was calm on the inside, even a tsunami wouldn’t startle him. The pretty lady’s facial expression had changed, as he realized that she was staring at his buttocks. Could it be that she wanted to do things to him that was against the law?

    But he was more concerned with treating Zhao Ming Qing. For the sake of getting his Traditional Chinese Medicine license to practice, he had to cure him with his superior skills, otherwise, all of these would be for nothing.

    “Master, could you release me? I promise that I won’t move.” Zhao Ming Qing realized that he had met a true master. Although this master looked young, his skill and knowledge were superior after he realized that his condition was improving.

    What Lin Fan didn’t realize was how excited Zhao Ming Qing was. Traditional Chinese Medicine was the treasure of the nation, and even so, the knowledge that had been passed down had only scraped the top of the iceberg. There were still many things to be discovered.

    All the knowledge from past masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine were nothing compared to this young lad’s.

    “What for? Just like that,” Lin Fan experimented on Zhao Ming Qing’s body. However, what caused him to be surprised was how amazing his skills were, with the knowledge and skills imparted by the encyclopedia. It almost looked like a miracle, with Zhao Ming Qing’s body having a huge improvement in his condition.

    At this moment, the old man who was wearing the white sports attire walked up and asked Lin Fan, “Eh young lad, can you really cure Old Man Zhao’s condition?”

    Lin Fan looked at the old man who was wearing white sports attire. “Please call me Master.”

    The old man stood there frozen, not knowing what to say. The pretty lady who lay immobile behind Lin Fan threw him a look of despise. Master my ass.

    Zhao Ming Qing had already been shaken by Lin Fan. He had devoted his whole life to Traditional Chinese Medicine and it was because of Traditional Chinese Medicine that he had some form of position. “He truly is a Master.” Zhao Ming Qing gawked at Lin Fan.

    The other old man looked at his good pal Zhao Ming Qing. He knew that ever since he was a youth, he never joked about anything, and looking at his face, the other old man saw a look of excitement and seriousness. “Master, can you really cure his illness?”

    “What do you think I’m doing right now? If I can’t cure it, what’s the point of me doing this at all?” Lin Fan didn’t even look up as he continued to use his acupuncture needles, jabbing Zhao Ming Qing in all the right places. “How does this feel? Do you feel more comfortable?”

    Zhao Ming Qing nodded. “Yes.”

    “That is good. If you don’t feel comfortable, something isn’t right,” Lin Fan chuckled.

    Although this young lad’s words were a little rash and had little respect for the elderly, he was still awestruck and shook by Lin Fan.

    The pretty lady who was still immobile was frustrated beyond belief, with a belly of rage welling up in her. Even her grandfather could be like this. He was being bullied.

    At that moment, all three were softly making conversation.

    “Master, how long more?” the other old man asked.

    “Almost done, don’t rush it,” Lin Fan said.

    Zhao Ming Qing couldn’t move his hands and legs. “Yea, don’t rush the Master. His skills are superior and I have seen something vastly new today. I almost don’t believe it.”

    “Master, what is the meaning of this needle? What ingenious method is this? When you poked that in my body, I immediately felt calm and relaxed,” Zhao Ming Qing was like a curious student, with a torrent of questions.

    “Is that comfortable?” Lin Fan asked.

    “Yes,” Zhao Ming Qing nodded his head.

    Lin Fan nodded back. “Comfortable is good. You can ask me all the questions later, for now just relax.”

    The other old man stood at one corner nodding in agreement. “What the Master said was correct- don’t ask too many questions and just let him treat you first. This ailment has been with you almost all your life, and I never thought it would be healed today. What a lucky day!”

    At this moment, Zhao Ming Qing was still tied up against the tree, his mind racing with questions. He wanted more than ever to know how Lin Fan did what he was doing, but Lin Fan refused to answer him, causing him to be frustrated.

    The time went by minute by minute.

    “Master, is it done?” Zhao Ming Qing asked eagerly and impatiently. He felt that his current condition was a huge leap from his old self.

    Lin Fan almost wanted to say he was done but realized that Zhao Ming Qing’s expression wasn’t stable yet. Could it be that his treatment was incomplete?

    It was time to show off more of his abilities. Although it wouldn’t do his body any good, it wouldn’t do it any harm either. However, the move that he was about to do was not going to be easy.

    At this moment, Zhao Ming Qing’s body was full of acupuncture needles. Anyone who saw it would think that the sight was scary.

    Lin Fan brushed his palms.

    “Buzz buzz!”

    The most shocking scene happened. All the needles on Zhao Ming Qing’s body all buzzed as they stood upwards as if they had gotten bees wings and started flying.

    All the acupuncture needles on Zhao Ming Qing’s body started vibrating, causing him to look up in awe. “Master, what… what technique is this?”

    Zhao Ming Qing had practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for so long and still couldn’t find an explanation for whatever Lin Fan had done. The more he knew, the more he realized that the skills that Lin Fan possessed were hard to attain.

    He thought he knew Traditional Chinese Medicine, but after seeing this scene, he had second thoughts.

    Lin Fan grinned calmly. He still hadn’t perfected this technique yet.

    “You have so many questions. This is just an ordinary technique, not worth a mention. Alright, your body seems almost cured. After this, I’ll prescribe you a few medicines to take and you should be fine after that.” Lin Fan flicked his finger and at that instant, all the needles on Zhao Ming Qing’s body dislodged and came back to Lin Fan’s hands, as he casually put it back into the box.

    Lin Fan clapped his hands, calmly saying, “Alright old man, could you help untie your brother from the tree?”

    The other old man stood there shocked, immediately going up to untie Zhao Ming Qing from the tree. “How do you feel?” he asked, concerned.

    Zhao Ming Qing looked at Lin Fan in a daze. He turned to look at the other old man in excitement. “I feel great. So great! I’ve never felt this good before!”

    “Are my skills acceptable?” Lin Fan kept his composure, grinning politely as if this kind of situation was normal.

    Zhao Ming Qing excitedly shook Lin Fan’s hands. “Master, your skill is more than just fine. It is superior, just too superior to anyone.”

    Lin Fan laughed. “So could you get me that license to practice?”

    Zhao Ming Qing was almost going to say that he was able to do so but he remembered something else. “Master, that is not a problem at all. You are more than qualified to be a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. However, there are rules saying that if you didn’t study this during University, the only other way is to request for an apprenticeship. But don’t you worry. I know that I have no capacity to be your teacher, but I can be your disciple. As long as you have this recognition and my guarantee, there definitely won’t be any problem. Just leave me to settle the certificate.”

    Lin Fan chirped, “That’s great! But if you could get me a license to practice today, that would be way better.”

    At first, I offered you to be my disciple, but you declined, and now you want in again. Now you know how skilled Master Lin is.

    I’ll accede to you first, but once the certificate is in my hands, you’ll know how hard it is to become my disciple.

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