Chapter 392 - A very serious Zhao Ming Qing

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 392: A very serious Zhao Ming Qing

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    Cloud Street!

    “Little Boss, why have you been coming and going like a shadow recently? I haven’t seen you in a long while.” The shop owner, Elder Zhang came to Lin Fan’s shop for a visit.

    Lin Fan smiled and replied, “I’m doing a good deed. Elder Zhang, how are everyone’s businesses doing lately?”

    Once business was brought up, Elder Zhang started laughing. “Thanks to Little Boss’s luck, everyone’s businesses are getting better day by day!”

    “That’s good.” Lin Fan knew that the shop owners of Cloud Street were very courteous towards him. Although many people would try to cheat each other, there was no such case among the shop owners of Cloud Street because Lin Fan was at the center of them all.

    “Huh…” Lin Fan was looking at Elder Zhang when he suddenly made a strange noise.

    Elder Zhang was taken aback. “Little Boss, that smile of yours is a little scary. Is there something wrong?”

    Lin Fan looked closely. “Elder Zhang, there’s something that I’m not sure if I should say or not.”

    Elder Zhang had no idea what Little Boss was talking about so he kept smiling as he said, “Say it, Little Boss.”

    Lin Fan nodded and said, “There’s a problem with your body but I think it’s best if I don’t say it. Come here and give me your hand. I’ll press it and see how you feel.”

    Elder Zhang’s expression changed slightly as he thought that something wasn’t right. Still, he went to Lin Fan’s side. “Little Boss, take a look…”

    Fraud Tian laughed and said, “Elder Zhang, don’t get tricked by him.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang started laughing as well, thinking that Master Lin was really amusing. He came over curiously to see what Master Lin was going to do.

    Lin Fan grabbed Elder Zhang’s hand and pressed down on the muscle below the thumb. As he pressed, he said, “This is the Yu Ji acupuncture point. It can help to strengthen your kidneys and it’s also an important acupuncture point linked to the lungs. So you feel anything?

    Elder Zhang was startled. His expression slowly changed, then he said in surprise, “I feel something. Argh, the feeling is getting stronger.”

    Fraud Tian and the rest gathered over curiously. “It can’t be. There’s a feeling from being pressed at that area? Why don’t I feel anything?” Fraud Tian pressed on his own hand a few times and didn’t feel much.

    Then, Lin Fan pressed onto his elbow region. When the elbow bends slightly, the region where the muscle swells up slightly near the elbow is known as the ‘Chi Ze acupuncture point’. “This acupuncture point is also important to the lungs. From a Chinese medical view, lungs belong to the ‘gold’ element. Gold is associated with water and the kidneys belong to the ‘water’ element. Massaging this place often is beneficial to the kidneys. “Do you feel anything?”

    Elder Zhang said in astonishment, “Little Boss, I really do feel something.”

    “F*ck, the two of you are too fake. Was there a need to work together to try and trick us?” Fraud Tian didn’t believe it.

    Elder Zhang hurriedly said, “Elder Tian, you have to believe this. It really works. I really feel it.” Then, he looked at Lin Fan. “Little Boss, are there any other acupuncture points?”

    Lin Fan laughed and said, “Of course there are. The next one is really powerful, it’s beyond average.”

    “Little Boss, which one is it? What’s so special about it?” asked Elder Zhang curiously. He now really believed that Little Boss had his methods.

    “Look at this region, the tip of the index finger. This is the Shang Yang acupuncture point. This acupuncture point can accelerate the release of vitality from the kidneys. Do you know what I mean by the release of vitality?” asked Lin Fan as he laughed slyly.

    Elder Zhang didn’t understand at first, then he suddenly understood. Then, he laughed calmly and said, “I understand, I understand.”

    Lin Fan patted Elder Zhang’s hand and said, “Alright, when you go back, press these points whenever you’re free. It will do you good.”

    Fraud Tian had been pressing those points on his own body the whole time but didn’t feel much. Then, he muttered, “Are you all tricking me? I’ve been pressing for so long but I don’t feel anything.”

    Lin Fan looked at Fraud Tian. “Me pressing it and you pressing it are totally different.”

    Elder Zhang said in agreement, “That’s right. Little Boss is using a professional technique. You can’t copy it. Little Boss, do you think it will be a great help to my body if I press it regularly?”

    Lin Fan nodded. “Yep. Next time, when you’re chatting with the rest, tell them that they can look for me if they have any problems with their bodies. I guarantee I’ll treat them back to health.”

    After Elder Zhang left, Fraud Tian still kept going around Lin Fan as if he had to get things straight no matter what.

    As for Lin Fan saying how he could practice medicine or whatever, no one there believed him. Even that medical qualification was thought to be fake by Fraud Tian. This made Lin Fan a little annoyed.

    Another few days later.

    On this day.

    To Zhao Qing Ming, this day was a very significant day of extreme importance because he had chosen this auspicious date, the tenth of September.

    He had waited long for this day. After being accepted as Lin teacher’s disciple, he would become a true disciple and he would be able to start learning true medical skills.

    A certain villa.

    Zhao Ming Qing was in his home, taking out traditional Chinese clothing one after another. His wife, who was beside him, couldn’t take it any longer. “Old man, there’s no need for so much trouble.”

    Zhao Ming Qing snorted, “What trouble? Today’s the day that I’ll become a disciple. I have to go by the rules. These are rules passed down from our ancestors. We can’t neglect them.”

    Zhao Shi knew about her husband’s personality. Once he decided on something, even eight horses wouldn’t be able to turn him around. Especially because he was becoming someone’s disciple today, it was an extremely important event for Zhao Ming Qing. He wouldn’t change his mind so simply.

    “Right. You’re right.” Zhao Shi nodded, not knowing what else to say.

    Zhao Ming Qing looked left and right, then asked, “Wife, which one do you think is better?”

    Zhao Shi didn’t like the current situation. She was wondering what her children were doing. Why hadn’t they found any evidence yet? Then, she just pointed to one of the sets of clothing. “This one.”

    “Alright, this one then,” Zhao Ming Qing said with a smile, “Has everything been prepared on the hotel side?”

    Zhao Shi nodded. “I’ve left it to the children to prepare it. Just relax.”

    “How can I relax? I’m becoming a disciple. This has to be taken seriously. If anything happens, it would be bad. I’ve looked at several dates and I thought that today is the most appropriate.” Zhao Ming Qing was still a little worried. He was afraid that some problem might arise. Then, he asked, “Those old friends of mine, are they coming?”

    Zhao Shi pretended not to know. “I’m not quite sure about that. Once the ceremony starts, they should be here.”

    “It shouldn’t be a problem. They’re all old friends. If they don’t come, I’ll break off relations with them,” said Zhao Ming Qing in a very wilful tone.

    When Zhao Shi heard this, she was stunned, “Don’t speak nonsense, husband. Even if they don’t come, you can’t just break off relations.”

    Zhao Ming Qing waved his hand. “I’m becoming the disciple of a great master. If they’re not going to come and they let me know beforehand, I wouldn’t be angry. But if they just don’t come without saying anything, that’s disrespectful to my teacher. I don’t need friends like these.”

    “Let’s not talk about all this. It’s only noon. You go and prepare your things and have a rest,” said Zhao Shi.

    Zhao Ming Qing had plenty of energy at that moment, he didn’t need to rest at all. Within this period of time, while following his teacher, he had seen many cases of illnesses that shouldn’t have been possible to treat, but the patients had all recovered gradually under his teacher’s treatment. He felt there was too much to learn. Moreover, the heavens were good enough for him to let him meet such a great master. If he could become the disciple of such a great master, he would simply be too lucky.

    “I’m not resting. I’ll go to the hotel soon. I want to take a look at the site, see what’s not good and correct it,” said Zhao Ming Qing.

    He had invited all of his old friends over so that they would know that he was becoming a disciple, that he would have a master. This was a very normal thing.

    However, Zhao Ming Qing’s family didn’t agree with this. He was already so old. If he took a youngster as his master, wouldn’t it be humiliating?

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