Chapter 416 - Letting off steam

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 416: Letting off steam

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    Outside the hospital.

    “Teacher, don’t you think that we are going a little too fast?” Zhao Ming Qing was clearly reluctant to leave. It was not because he couldn’t bear to leave. Instead, he felt that leaving as soon as things were resolved made him unable to experience that kind of atmosphere.

    Lin Fan glanced at him. He wanted to stay there to look at those idiots’ stupefied expressions as well but he felt that something wasn’t quite right.

    “Ming Qing, think about it. If we stayed there, we would surely get surrounded by them. By then, we definitely wouldn’t be able to leave. Since they haven’t realized, why shouldn’t we take the opportunity to leave quietly?” Lin Fan advised.

    Zhao Ming Qing nodded his head in agreement although he didn’t really understand Lin Fan’s point. However, disobeying his teacher was definitely not an option. Zhao Ming Qing then asked, “So, what should we do now?”

    Lin Fan laughed and said, “Let’s head home and sleep. Even if chaos ensues, we shan’t bother.”

    “Got it.” Zhao Ming Qing nodded his head. Zhao Ming Qing was definitely satisfied with himself today. Accomplishing such a huge feat in front of so many people was definitely not something that happened every day.

    Lin Fan smiled gently. How could Zhao Ming Qing have understood a young man’s way of doing things? The matter had already happened. If they had stayed there to spontaneously interact with other people, it wouldn’t be meaningful at all.

    Feng Shui comes and goes. It was about time that things turned out in their favor.

    On the internet.

    The comments had disappeared for a few minutes. Within these few minutes, not a single person spoke. It was as if they were all stuck in a daze.

    Suddenly, the comments section in the live broadcast burst to life.

    “What the fck, what the fck, what the f*ck…”

    “How could this have happened? Tell me, am I dreaming? I must be… There is no way that this can be happening.”

    “Let’s not discuss this for now. We seemed to be furious just a moment ago. Given the situation now, we are kind of in a tough spot. How do you think we should settle this?”

    “Hey, where are you guys? Don’t play dead with me! Quickly come out and explain what we should do.”

    “Fck, can you guys stop acting like this? Why is no one talking? Motherfckers…”

    In the broadcast room, the chatter had died down. The barrage of comments had come to a halt. They had criticized excessively moments ago. However, the situation that had just unfolded happened way too quickly. Within seconds, they had been slapped in the face.

    “Who said that Chinese medicine is useless? Based on what I have seen, that old Chinese doctor is amazing. This is what a great Chinese medical master is like.”

    “Hey, I remember your username, ‘Spicy Sprouts’. You were the main party who was instigating and stirring trouble. I also remember you were even cursing his whole family. You still have the cheek to speak up now? You hypocrite.”

    Spicy Sprouts: “That is impossible! I’m sure my ID was being used by an anonymous source. I would never be that rude to curse someone else. This is a misunderstanding!”

    “Fck, you are such a brazen dck.”

    In the ward.

    Aunt Wang smiled contently at her daughter whom she held in her arms. All the stress that had built up immediately vanished.

    The team of specialists was stunned. They could not believe what had happened. How could Chinese medicine possibly cure anorexia? After all, even specialists like them had been unable to find a cure despite so much research.

    Specialist Chang was dumbfounded and glanced intently at Director Zhang who was gleaming happily at this success. Next, they looked towards the reporters, the ones who were supposed to expose Chinese Medicine as a fake practice. There the reporters were, snapping away profusely on their cameras. They even kept making sounds of astonishment. They really couldn’t believe it.

    “That is impossible,” Specialist Chang exclaimed. He immediately instructed his assistants to conduct their investigations and analyze if the patient had really recovered. That was when they realized that a miracle had indeed happened. Other than her body being slightly frail, her appetite was ferocious and it was hard to believe that she used to be anorexic.

    A reporter said, ” That is so impressive. If I did not witness it with my own eyes, I would never have believed that such a feat is possible.”

    “Why was I such an idiot? Scolding the TCM doctor is one of the dumbest things I have ever done in my life.”

    “You know yourself well. You really made a fool out of yourself earlier.”

    Looking at the crowd that had gathered outside, he felt embarrassed and looked down in shame thinking of how silly he must have seemed just a moment ago.

    “The old Chinese doctor, Director Zhao, just left with Master Lin, how is it that not a single one of us managed to realize that?” a reporter asked.

    “I’m sure that it was probably because everyone was still in shock from what had happened.”



    In a certain office.

    Zhao Li Xing, who had been watching the broadcast, froze in shock and awe, coming to the realization that he had never understood his father.

    Especially when his father had been framed and abused, not only had he not immediately rushed to his location but he had sat here waiting for him, hoping his father would go through this matter and find his way home.

    However, after witnessing this sight, Zhao Li Xing felt incomparably ashamed and guilty. His father was really successful. He was not overly-obsessed. The one who had been overly-obsessed was himself.

    Zhao Li Xing picked up the phone, wanting to make a phone call. However, he eventually put it down and left the office. He wanted to head back now.

    It wasn’t just Zhao Li Xing. In fact, all his siblings were also anxious to rush back.

    Chinese Medical Association.

    “Elder Zhao was really amazing this time.”

    “Yeah. We didn’t trust him and even reprimanded him over the phone. Now I don’t even know how to face Elder Zhao.”

    “No, I have to personally visit Elder Zhao. He has become a hero of Chinese medicine. After going through this incident, people will start to take notice of Chinese medicine and not think of it in a crooked way anymore.”

    “Sigh, it is hard to imagine how much pressure Elder Zhao endured. Even the Chinese Medical Association did not stand on his side, putting more pressure on him in addition to what the outside world was already giving him.”

    However, Zhao Ming Qing had not endured any pressure at all. He had not bothered about the outside world at all because he had always known that they would eventually regret it.



    Lin Fan stopped his car by the roadside and leisurely opened his Weibo

    Sure enough, the trend on Weibo had changed.

    “Master Lin, you are awesome.”

    “Those sons of b*tches below, you dare curse Master Lin? You don’t know how much I want to beat you up.”

    “^ can you have some dignity? You already sent more than a hundred hate messages to Master Lin. You’ve been scolding him the whole time. How can you be so shameless?”

    “Master Lin, I admit my mistake, I misunderstood you.”

    Lin Fan looked at the situation on Weibo happily and proceeded to make a post.

    “Hehe. Take note: Go f*ck yourself.”

    The netizen who had scolded Lin Fan more than 100 times replied, “Master Lin, what do you mean? I am your fan.”

    Another netizen, Meng Meng Little Lady, who had flamed him fifty times, said, “Master Lin, why are you scolding us?”

    Lin Fan: “Go f*ck yourself”

    Meng Meng Little Lady: “Wow, I didn’t know you were such a mean person. I am no longer a fan of yours.”

    Lin Fan replied: “Screw off…”


    After his scolding session, he felt great. He had always liked the feeling when he was able to bottle in all the hard feelings towards him before letting it all out when he finally proved himself.

    As for this incident, it was kind of an unexpected incident.

    Zhao Ming Qing had gotten famous and had been a great help to him.

    As for these trolls online, Lin Fan could come and flame them whenever he was in a bad mood now.

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