Chapter 458 - A kind man

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 458: A kind man

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    The next day!

    Beijing Chinese Medical Association.

    Upon returning to Beijing, Zhou Qing Quan and Wang Tian Feng immediately gathered everyone from the association. They weren’t planning to circulate the handwritten book from Shanghai just within the Association. They were planning to circulate it on the market.

    Zhou Qing Quan knew how well the book would do in the market, perhaps only those who were into Chinese medicine would buy it. The others would definitely not buy it, even some Chinese medical Doctors wouldn’t buy it because they wouldn’t know what it was talking about. It was just for them to learn about things that they didn’t really need.

    What Lin Fan was concerned about was the number of people that would understand the content after it was circulated.

    If he was able to receive Encyclopedic Points whenever someone read the book, he would’ve circulated it a long time ago. However, it wasn’t that easy to obtain Encyclopedic Points. Only those that studied it were able to give him extra points.

    At the association.

    The relevant members had reached. They didn’t know why the director called them over.

    This type of meeting was always only used for important things and nothing else.

    In the conference room.

    Zhou Qing Quan looked around and said, “Everyone’s here. I have two important things to tell all of you. Now, let’s get Vice-President Wang to show you all the book that was promised this morning. Of course, this is just for everyone to have a look. We have more things to talk about after this.”

    Wang Tian Feng passed the things down and everyone was a little puzzled by the cover of the book.

    The name of the book suggested that it had something to do with Chinese medicine but they had never seen it before.

    Then, they flipped to the first page.

    Initially, they didn’t care much about it but suddenly, everyone started to look more serious. At first, there were still people whispering but it was totally silent now. There was only the sound of the pages being flipped.

    Zhou Qing Quan smiled. The Chinese doctors that were able to enter the association’s management board were capable doctors. Some of the other members entered via connections and some of them couldn’t even get any recognition for their Chinese medical skills. If they wanted to be part of the management board, they had to go through an interview. The interview was simple, it was just a discussion of Chinese medical knowledge.

    Some of the Chinese medical doctors these days didn’t even know the basics. Furthermore, some of them who had the Chinese medical certificate didn’t even know the twelve meridians. Wouldn’t they ruin lives by incorrectly treating patients?

    They all knew about this situation.

    Some of them had been workers in the healthcare system for a long time and were thus issued certificates. After a certain time, they could say that they were old Chinese doctors.

    Therefore, this type of occurrence was common within the country.

    *cough* Zhou Qing Quan cleared his throat, “Alright, you guys have read the content. This book is exceptionally beneficial to Chinese medicine. The content is good and everyone can bring it home to study it slowly. Now, I’m going to talk about something else.”

    “That is, the association will have a new Vice-President soon,” Zhou Qing Quan said.

    This news wasn’t their main focal point. To them, the book was much more important.

    “President, you can handle this matter. We feel that the more important question should be, where did this book come from?” The crowd asked.

    Zhou Qing Quan smiled, “This was written by our new Vice-President. Do you think it’s important now?”

    The crowd was stunned and there was a commotion.

    “President, where is the new Vice-President? Although we haven’t read a lot of it, the content of this can’t have been written by an average person.”

    “Yeah, the content is written concisely and it is easy to understand. It’s really beneficial for us to read it.”

    “If we could speak to him directly, perhaps we might benefit even more.”

    Zhou Qing Quan waved his hand, “Alright, please quieten down. This master isn’t in Beijing. He is situated in Shanghai. You can meet him in the future. The Master’s name is Lin Fan. Remember that. We can address him as Master Lin. In the future, please be more courteous to him.”

    They were all a little excited. As Chinese doctors, they wanted to meet this knowledgeable man and speak to him as they felt that they would benefit from it even more.

    They felt that it was an honor for someone like him to join the association.

    The future of Chinese medicine seemed bleak. Everyone knew that. The public didn’t really trust Chinese medicine.

    A few days later.

    At Cloud Street.

    Lin Fan was lying down leisurely. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and there were notifications from the Encyclopedia.

    “Encyclopedic Points +1.”

    “Encyclopedic Points +1.”

    Someone had understood it.

    The numbers steadily increased.

    He immediately received fifty Encyclopedic Points.

    Lin Fan was elated. He didn’t expect himself to really succeed. However, fifty Encyclopedic Points were quite little and he expected to gain even more.

    However, he thought about it and realized it had been only a few days. It was remarkable to obtain fifty Encyclopedic Points within such a short timeframe.

    What Lin Fan didn’t know was that the association’s Chinese medical doctors were busy discussing the book.

    When different people read the book, they experienced different things.

    Although the explanations were clear, they were old Chinese medical Doctors and they naturally had their own ways of thinking. The debates were inevitable.

    The people in the association kept discussing it and they experienced different feelings whenever they talked about it.

    It was as if they had entered a new world.

    “Little Boss…”

    Then, a middle-aged man carried a bucket of water into the shop.

    Lin Fan looked at him and was stunned. “Bro, what are you doing?”

    The man smiled, “Little Boss, nothing much. I saw that you ran out of clean water here as so I bought a bucket for you. You’ve been busy making twenty pancakes a day. I’ve already successfully bought them two days in a row! You’re such a kind Little Boss.”

    Lin Fan smiled awkwardly, “No, no, there’s no need to trouble yourself. Also, I’m not a kind Little Boss.”

    The middle-aged man changed the water and waved his hand, “Little Boss, I’m not just praising you for the sake of it. You really are a kind man. Twenty pieces a day! It’s something that we’ve never dared to think about.”

    “Alright, Little Boss, please rest. It’s tiring to make twenty scallion pancakes a day. Please take care! I’ll make a move now,” the middle-aged man said.

    Lin Fan waved, “Alright, thanks! Have a safe journey.”

    He looked at him as he left and smiled. “A kind man. Looks like I’m indeed a kind man.”

    Fraud Tian turned around and said, “I think something has been wrong with you recently. If you’re not going crazy, then it means that you’re going to go away for another long trip.”

    Lin Fan looked at Fraud Tian, “It’s nothing. Am I that kind of person?”

    “It’s hard to say,” Fraud Tian shook his head and said.

    Lin Fan sneered, “Haha…”

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