Chapter 478 - That's f*cking unprofessional!

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 478: That’s f*cking unprofessional!

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    Inside the car.

    Wu Tao was still berating his henchmen. “Take a look. Do you know what is professional? That is called professional. Do you understand?”

    He would never back down on anyone, even if it was the Godly Doctor. So what if he was a Godly Doctor? Did he not need to eat? Did he not need money to spend?

    Wu Tao had money, and with money, came many different solutions. He would make the Godly Doctor surrender and treat his illness.

    The thugs had been berated until they couldn’t say anymore. It wasn’t easy being thugs. Their face off with the foreign workers had already made them feel like they were doing something morally evil. Ever since then, they had followed the government policy closely. Now, the case of the foreign workers asking for more salary had made a second court case. However, their boss didn’t care at all, thinking that as long as one had influence and money in Jiangning, he didn’t have to be afraid of anything else.

    However, they always felt that one day, this problem would come back to bite him in the butt.

    “Boss, do we go back first?” one of the thugs said.

    Wu Tao waved him away, “No need. We stay here first. I’ll rest up a bit. Once I wake up, I want to see that smug expression from that f*cking Godly Doctor’s face wiped off.”

    The thugs felt helpless when dealing with their boss’ vengeful personality. This was probably a common problem among rich people.

    At the scene.

    Brother Hu’s subordinates brought his daughter over quickly.

    “Daddy…” his daughter cried out happily after seeing Brother Hu. However, this cry was starkly different from other children.

    Her face looked a little weird, but one couldn’t pinpoint what the exact problem was. Her eyes were unlike the other children who had so much life in them. Her eyes were slow and unresponsive.

    The patients all started talking amongst themselves after seeing his daughter.

    Brother Hu looked at Lin Fan. “Godly Doctor, are you able to cure her?”

    Brother Hu said that with a little glimmer of hope in his voice. Although he usually put up a powerful and strong front, he lowered his ego and attitude at that very moment.

    “Go and queue up. Everything must be done according to the rules,” Lin Fan replied.

    If it was Brother Hu’s normal self, he would have flipped with rage. Queuing up was not in his dictionary. However, at this moment, he walked to the back of the queue obediently.

    Some of the patients offered their spot for Brother Hu.

    “Come stand at our spot.”

    “Yeah, let the kid get treated first. Anyway, it’s still early, and we aren’t rushing.”

    Brother Hu had never thanked anyone before. Now, with some of the patients letting him cut the queue, he froze at that instant, not knowing what to say.


    “Thank you.”

    The reporters panned their cameras at the scene.

    This scene was good. They had already thought of what the headline was going to be.

    ‘The innocent child, the compassionate Godly Doctor, and the courteous patients.’

    For the majority of the reporters, they were willing to report accurate news. They were also willing to report news that was uplifting, especially with the media mostly focusing on the negative things. A small, good news would be seen as something that was huge.

    “Although this guy hasn’t done any good in his life, he is still a pretty solid father.”

    “Mmm, forget it. Let’s not emphasize too much on his flaws.”

    “I was thinking that too. But the problem is people will ask for the reason he came here to create trouble in the first place.”


    Brother Hu’s men looked around. This was not their problem anymore. They had originally come here to create trouble but now that Brother Hu was queueing up to let his daughter get treatment, they felt that they should leave the place.

    “Brother Hu, do we take our leave?” one of his men asked him.

    “What leave? Stay here and guard the place. Once that b*stard sees us all leaving, he’ll send more people to create more trouble. With us around, he won’t dare to do a thing.”

    “That sounds right,” one of his men nodded his head.

    Very soon, it was Brother Hu’s turn.

    Lin Fan took her pulse and quietly perceived it.

    Brother Hu was a little nervous. He knew that his daughter was different from the other kids but in his heart, he wanted to let his own kid be as happy as the other kids. Today, his opportunity was right in front of him and he did not want to lose it.

    For his child, he was willing to lay down his pride and ego.

    Brother Hu looked at the Godly Doctor, then looked at his daughter, wanting to say something. But he was afraid of disturbing the Godly Doctor, so he continued to wait.

    At this moment, Lin Fan opened his mouth. “The problem isn’t severe, but the treatment is rather complicated.”

    Zhao Ming Qing stood at the side, his heart racing. He wouldn’t have had an answer to this condition if he had seen this child in his own capacity. However, his teacher did. And although his teacher said the problem wasn’t big, Zhao Ming Qing was at loss, not knowing what to do or say,

    The more he stuck around his teacher, the more he realized how awesome he was. He couldn’t even hope to reach half his teacher’s standard.

    Brother Hu heaved a sigh of relief. As long as she could get healed, it didn’t matter how complicated the problem was.

    “Thank you, Godly Doctor,” Brother Hu said sincerely.

    “No need to thank me,” Lin Fan said, waving his hand.

    “I will remember your kindness today and I will do anything for you from now on, no questions asked,” Brother Hu pledged.

    “I don’t need you to do that. Do you know what turning over a new leaf is?”

    “Yes, I know…” Brother Hu nodded his head.

    As for turning over a new leaf, it was a given. However, for the guys in that business who were loan-sharks and turf controllers, it would be a huge transition. Turning back was going to be hard.

    However, Brother Hu already made his decision. No matter what, he would remember the Godly Doctor’s kindness.

    From far away.

    The thugs were looking at the Hospital, talking amongst themselves.

    “Look over there. Something doesn’t look right.”

    “What isn’t right? Aren’t those guys still there?”

    “No, look closely. That Brother Hu guy looks like he’s holding a little girl in his arms, waiting to see the Godly Doctor. Don’t just believe me, take a look.”

    “No way. This Brother Hu is the local mafia boss and his reputation is far and wide.”

    “Eh… but it really does look like it.”

    “Quickly, tell the boss.”

    Wu Tao was laying in the car, peacefully resting when suddenly, he was awoken by one of his henchmen.

    “What do you want? Don’t you know I’m resting? Did you just see a ghost? Or did the Godly Doctor just concede?” Wu Tao said in a displeased tone.

    “No, boss. Take a look over there. That Brother Hu guy looks like he’s receiving treatment.”

    “What?” Wu Tao was stunned and decided to look across. “F*ck, what is this guy doing? Go there and see what’s up.”

    “Yes, sir.”


    Brother Hu looked at her daughter, who was lying in his arms, her arms and head covered with acupuncture needles. His heart was worried. Although nothing was happening, the sight of all the acupuncture needles scared him.

    The guys that Wu Tao sent sneakily got to the hospital front as they hid at the corner to see what was going on.

    The scene was exactly as they saw it. Why on earth was Brother Hu seeing the doctor?

    After Wu Tao knew of what was happening, he was in a daze.

    “What? I asked them over to help me cause some trouble, and instead, they go and see the doctor. That’s f*cking unprofessional!”

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