Chapter 496 - Gave me a scare

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 496: Gave me a scare

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    He was now very nervous. At first, he just felt curious but when he saw that old man, his heart started thumping furiously.

    He was the person in charge of WeChat’s operations. It seemed very impressive and in other people’s eyes, he was a successful man. However, in front of this old man, he wasn’t even worth sh*t.

    At that moment, thoughts raced through Zhang Long’s mind. Could it be that WeChat recently published news that wasn’t right and was over-critical of this old man? Could they have angered this major figure and so he called him here to kill him off?

    D*mn. Zhang Long had always told those news editors not to write nonsense. And not to add in personal opinions. Now that something had happened, Zhang Long was the one that had to bear the consequences. If he got out of here alive, he had to settle matters with these editors.

    Zheng Hai Feng patted Zhang Long on the shoulder. “You didn’t do anything wrong but we do have a major issue that is related to you.

    Zhang Long trembled in fear. He didn’t do anything wrong but there was a major issue related to him?

    “F*ck, I’m just a communications software guy. How could I be related to anything in the military?” he thought.

    When he had entered the house, he already noticed that all those security guards had guns with them. Then, he said hastily, “Sir, I admit my mistake. Some of the news published by WeChat definitely have exaggerated comments. When I go back, I’ll definitely punish them. I promise. I swear.”

    “What are you talking about, Chief Zhang?” Zheng Hai Feng resisted the urge to laugh. He shook his head and said, “I’m going to put you on a call with somebody. Then, you’ll know what’s going on.”

    Before Zhang Long recovered from his daze, Zheng Hai Feng made the call.

    Lin Fan had been waiting the whole time. When he heard the phone, he immediately answered the call delightedly.

    “Master Lin, I’ve invited him over. You have something to say to him, right? I’m passing the phone to him now.” Zheng Hai Feng passed the phone to Zhang Long.

    Zhang Long looked at Zheng Hai Feng fearfully. Then, he took the phone and said weakly, “Hello…”

    Through the call.

    Lin Fab said with a smile, “Sorry for disturbing you, Chief Zhang. I’m Master Lin from Shanghai. It was a little absurd for Elder Zheng call you here but I want to talk to you about something. Hello…are you listening?”

    Zhang Long immediately nodded, “Yes, yes, Master Lin. Please speak. I’m listening.”

    His mind was in a mess. He had no idea who this Master Lin was but for him to have connections with this old man’s family, he must be a significant individual. Zhang Long didn’t dare to be lax.

    Lin Fan continued, “This is what’s going on. I took over a children’s welfare institute in Shanghai and recently, we’ve been wanting to start lessons for the children but we’re short of money. I don’t want to bother the government either and I want to rely on ourselves. Hence, I want to borrow your platform to auction off the children’s artworks. Of course, I don’t know much about the process involved. I was thinking if you had the time, maybe you could send some people over to discuss with us. Of course, if you don’t have the time, I can personally go over to meet you all and discuss the overall operation plans.”

    Zhang Long had been overly nervous the whole time. When Lin Fan said all these, he etched each and every word into his memory.

    But business was business. To become the person-in-charge of WeChat operations, Zhang Long’s thinking had to be exceptional. He instantly understood what Lin Fan wanted.

    “Master Lin, I’ve understood everything that you’ve said. When I go back, I’ll send people over to discuss it with you. No, I will go personally to discuss with you. Don’t worry about this. I will put in all my effort into accomplishing it,” said Zhang Long.

    Lin Fan smiled, “Thank you very much then, Chief Zhang.”

    “No need to thank me.” Zhang Long finally let out a breath of relief. He had initially been scared to death. He really thought that he had committed some kind of grave mistake.

    Zheng Zhong Shan took over the phone and said, “Elder Lin, when are you coming to Beijing? I miss you very much.”

    As the two of them chatted, Zhang Long’s guts trembled and his heart was filled with astonishment.

    This old man actually addressed that Master Lin as Elder Lin. How close must the two of them be?

    Zheng Hai Feng said, “Chief Zhang, I’ll get someone to send you back now.”

    Zhang Long had been under a lot of stress while he was here. He didn’t dare to relax one bit. He had remembered everything that had been said on the call and he was going to book an air ticket immediately after he went back.

    It was possible for him to leave this matter to his subordinates but he couldn’t do it. He didn’t trust anyone besides himself. If he screwed it up, it would end tragically.

    “I can go back myself,” said Zhang Long. He didn’t dare to be sent home by someone else. It was better to just call a taxi back.

    Zheng Hai Feng chuckled. There were no cars passing by within miles of radius around this place. Without the appropriate identification, he could keep dreaming about leaving by himself.


    Below the WeChat technological company building, Zhang Long got off the military car. Then, he stood at the same spot and remained in a daze for a long while.

    When he regained his senses, he immediately took out his phone and gave his boss a call.

    This matter was too important. If he didn’t report it he wouldn’t be at ease.

    Nanshan Children’s Welfare Institute.

    Lin Fan kept his phone. His heart was filled with delight. This matter was finally taken care off. With WeChat’s popularity, the effect would definitely be extraordinary.

    In the drawing room, the children were happily drawing.

    Lin Fan came to Han Lu’s side and said, “Later on, collect the children’s drawings. In the near future, we will be using them to earn the children’s education fees.”

    Han Lu was taken aback. “Master Lin, is it possible to earn money from these?”

    It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Master Lin but these artworks weren’t exactly good-looking. They were scribbles of the children’s strange imaginations. Sometimes, when he took a closer look, he would see some different things.

    This was because when one seriously looks at something, one’s thoughts become proliferated, causing a change in one’s vision.

    If he asked the children what they were drawing, there were times that even they couldn’t tell him an exact answer.

    Lin Fan smiled, “You have to believe in them.”

    Cloud Street.

    The godly back-scrubbing skill’s first signs of divine powers made Lin Fan a little interested. Becoming the famous Master Lin would be simple.

    He could scrub them into submission. He could scrub them into admiration.

    That’s why he thought that knowledge sub-classes have tasks that are easier to complete. They weren’t very difficult at all.

    In the bathhouse.

    The back-scrubbing workers weren’t too busy at the moment. Today’s business wasn’t as good as yesterday’s. They gathered next to Lin Fan. “Little Boss. Your back-scrubbing technique is pretty good.”

    Lin Fan said with a smile, “Of course it is. If you want to learn from me, I can teach you all.”

    While completing the task, he couldn’t forget to earn some Encyclopedic Points. Although he had quite a number of Encyclopedic Points now, there’s no way he would grow tired of them.

    These three back-scrubbing workers were all Elder Zeng’s employees. Although they didn’t have the Encyclopedia’s mystical boost, they could still learn the techniques.

    When there was no one around, Lin Fan started teaching them the techniques as well as how to make the back-scrubbing more comfortable. Also, the service duration and service skills were important as well.

    If he was going to do it, he had to do it the right way.

    The next day!

    Lin Fan received a call from Zhang Long. Lin Fan was a little shocked. He had never expected WeChat’s person-in-charge to come personally. But when he thought of Elder Zheng’s status, his shock was dispelled.

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