Chapter 535 - Don’t Celebrate Too Soon

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 535: Don’t Celebrate Too Soon

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    At the Art Institute.

    In one of the painting rooms.

    Zhang Minghao was a handsome man with many artistic attainments, hence gaining the attention of many girls.

    “Brother Hao, you draw such nice paintings,” one of the cute girls who stood at the side said, her eyes filled with adoration.

    Zhang Minghao calmly replied, “I guess it’s still alright.”

    Some of the other surrounding boys stared at Zhang Minghao with much disdain. He liked to dress fancily and had no respect for anyone. At times, he would criticize the work of others, sometimes calling them worthless, causing them to be completely red with anger.

    However, not only was he extremely good an artist, he was also adored by many of the teachers. Some say that Headmaster Hong was prepared to take him in as a student. After which, he would be a high-flyer, with a smooth-sailing career ahead of him. He was going to be on a different level from the others.

    As for Headmaster Hong, they were filled with respect for him. He is a high ranking member of the Chinese Art Association and had once auctioned one of his paintings for more than 1.2 million dollars.

    To be taken under him as his disciple was something the students could only dream about.

    Zhang Minghao put down his brush and opened WeChat. He grinned. He didn’t expect that his opinions would have gathered this much attention. It felt good. Yet he decided that he should show off for awhile.

    “Did you all take part in the One Dollar Art sale?” Zhang Minghao asked.

    The girl beside him replied, “I took part in it. I bought a piece.”

    The others nodded their heads, “We’ve all bought it. What’s up?

    Zhang Minghao laughed, “I wanted to tell you all that you all have been deceived. This One Dollar Art sale was out to scam you all. If you take a closer look at the paintings, some of the strokes used in the painting are strokes even I don’t know. How would some little children know of them?”

    Some retorted, “Just because you don’t know them, doesn’t mean that others won’t know them!”

    “That’s right.”

    Zhang Minghao couldn’t help but laugh, “Do you guys know the strokes?”

    The public only knows how to buy these paintings. Why would they bother themselves with the technicalities of the painting?”

    “You say that this is to scam people but what proof do you have to show that? What if it’s real?”

    “That’s right!”

    Zhang Haoming laughed out loud, “I trust my own eyes. Have you all seen my opinions on WeChat? It’s been really popular. There have already been so many people trusting me. I didn’t think that you professional students wouldn’t be able to understand my viewpoint. What a pity.”

    One of the students took a look, then exclaimed in astonishment, “You were to one who sent out that discussion?”

    Zhang Minghao stood proud, “What’s wrong with it? I wrote it well, didn’t I?”

    “How can you still be proud of yourself. You don’t even have the proof to show that this is all fake. Do you know how much misunderstanding your discussion can bring about?”

    “F*ck! So it was actually you who sent it! God knows what you were thinking. Where’s your proof?”

    “This is a charity event. It’s to do good! How can you be so heartless?”

    The girl who was standing beside Zhang Minghao retorted, “What are you guys doing? What has Brother Hao done wrong? Does he not have the right to post on his on WeChat?”

    “Is this even open for debate? His claim was born out of nothing, and has caused much negative discussion!”

    Zhang Minghao shook his head, “I’m too lazy to continue this pointless argument with you all. I’ll be learning the National Essence from Headmaster Hong from next month onwards. You guys can stay here and slowly catch up.”

    Having said that, no one else had any else to retort with. That was what they were most jealous of. The only thing was that they couldn’t figure out why Headmaster Hong looks up to that b*stard Zhang Minghao so much. He was too full of himself and had no respect for anyone.

    *Ding dong*

    Right at that moment, the school announcement bell rang.

    “Good afternoon students, this is your Headmaster Hong speaking. I have an announcement to make.”

    Everyone was stunned when they heard the bell. They didn’t know what was going on. In their memory, Headmaster Hong had never made an announcement before.

    “Chinese Art student Zhang Minghao, I want you to immediately remove your false discussion on WeChat. The One Dollar Art sale is a charity event. Despite being a student at the Art Institute and having undergone higher education, you still have the nerve to put infuriating information online without evidence. This is utterly disappointing. At the same time, I’m taking back my decision to take you as my student. You are on your own.”

    The announcement ended.

    In an instant, everyone was silent.

    And then, there was an uproar.

    “F*ck! What’s the situation now? What did Headmaster Hong mean?”

    “You still have to think about it? Headmaster Hong found out about the discussion Zhang Minghao posted and was enraged. Without showing mercy, he made a public announcement to the school. Now, the entire school knows what happened.”

    “Haha, what great news! He was happy too soon and now his retribution is here.”

    “The One Dollar Art sale is a charity event. Only someone so heartless would be able to think of such things.”

    Zhang Minghao stood rooted to the ground, and he completely had no reaction.

    What just happened?

    He just got criticized by Headmaster Hong.

    And at the same time, his decision to take him in as a student was reverted.

    How can this be?

    The girl originally beside him was suddenly far away from him. It was as if she was scared that she herself would get into trouble.

    Zhang Minghao hurriedly took out his phone and deleted the discussion. He then ran towards the door, shouting, “Headmaster Hong, listen to me…”

    In the classroom.

    The group of students started laughing, “Haha, he brought this upon himself.”


    In the Detention House.

    Lin Fan gave Headmaster Hong a call. What was he thinking? Taking such a person as his disciple, it was disgusting.”

    After which he opened WeiBo. It was impossible for him not set things straight.

    “Nanshan Children’s Welfare Institute has been taken over by me. The children are in desperate need of education, and because of the shortage of funds, we have initiated a One Dollar Art sale. As for the claim that the paintings were painted on behalf of the children, I want to say that, the children here are not handicapped. As a member of the Chinese Art Association, I have taught these children Chinese Art and National Essence. If you yourself are not learned in this art, then you should not doubt these children. If you all dare to speak up to me, I would make sure you are unable to live your life. I shall say no more since I have spoken a bit too violently. I urge you all to appreciate the art of these children and donate. Your dollar would mean a lot to the children. Thank you, everybody.”

    Lin Fan felt good about what he had just written.

    Originally, he planned to be a bit friendlier. But he couldn’t control his anger while typing the content and let his thoughts run. However, since he had already written it, he didn’t want to edit it, so he decided to just post it online.

    The netizens were stunned when they read about this situation.

    “Damn, the imprisoned Lin Fan is on WeiBo.”

    “Sh*t! This event was actually hosted by Master Lin.”

    “F*ck, I didn’t know that it was Master Lin who hosted it. If we knew beforehand, then only a fool would believe what they read online. Say no more, I’m going to buy the paintings.”

    “Curse his whole family for starting this rumor.”

    “How come I didn’t know of Master Lin taking over Nanshan’s Children Welfare Institute.”

    “It must be because you are dumb. This is no secret. Many people knew of it.”

    “Sh*t! Why didn’t you all say so earlier?”

    “You didn’t ask.”

    He had mentioned that he would be taking over Nanshan’s Children Welfare Institute before. Yet not many people followed this piece of news. But today, everyone will know.

    At this moment, the popular forums started bringing in the latest news.

    “The One Dollar Art sale was hosted by Master Lin. Whoever has doubts about it is an idiot.”

    “I have no hesitation in supporting Master Lin.”

    “Damn, to think that I almost believed someone else’s rumors.”

    “I’m going to buy ten paintings today.”


    In the meanwhile, Lin Fan didn’t know the actual situation and what was going on. But he had already done all that he could.

    Who knows how much he would raise at the end?

    If he raised more than enough, he had already thought of a way to settle the problem.

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