Chapter 561 - Can’t find i

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 561: Can’t find it

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    Lin Fan wasn’t getting any reaction from Elder Dog. He didn’t expect Elder Dog to not care about him anymore after having a son. He wanted to give him some good stuff but he just ignored him. It was pretty heartbreaking.

    “I’ll be leaving now, look after the shop.” Lin Fan wanted to continue experimenting.

    Wu You Lan asked, “Brother Lin, you just came to the shop. Why are you in a hurry to leave?”

    Lin Fan smiled, “I’ve something on.”

    When Lin Fan left, Fraud Tian asked, “What happened this time? He’s acting so secretive.”

    Wu You Lan said helplessly, “Who knows? Brother Lin never tells us anything. We wouldn’t know anything.”

    Zhao Zhongyang touched his chin, “Hey, I’ve been feeling lost lately and I wanna get a girlfriend.”

    Fraud Tian looked at Zhao Zhongyang, “What girlfriend? Isn’t it nice to be with me? You can eat and drink every day and you can return home to sleep after that. How comfortable.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang looked at Fraud Tian and chuckled, “Old man.”


    Lin Fan drove to the electronics store and bought an induction cooker, as well as some boards. After which, he went to an isolated area. There was temporarily no electricity there. However, there was a single-story house nearby. He connected power strips from the house to where he was.

    “Haha! I’ve prepared everything. Netizens, I believed in nobody but you. Don’t disappoint me.” Lin Fan placed a serving of ingredients into it and added water. However, he didn’t understand it. How was he going to form a round pill?

    Could it be that he needed to mound it into a ball?

    That was perhaps the case.

    He switched on the electricity.


    Everything was duly prepared and Lin Fan was squatting there in excitement. He looked at the changes in the pot and smiled. The herbal medicine started to change in the pot. They started to flare up and water vapor started to rise from the pot.

    An hour later!

    The changes in the pot were still the same, there weren’t any shocking changes.

    Then, Lin Fan went to his car and lied down to rest. He had to succeed in creating the pill.

    However, Lin Fan thought of something. Should he go to the Taoist temple to speak to the Taoist priests? Perhaps he could become good friends with them.

    Anyway, he soon forgot about the idea.

    The Encyclopedia’s knowledge classification was determined by the knowledge of those that were close to the host or those that admired the host.

    To befriend Taoist priests at the temple in order to achieve something good was just unacceptable.

    Furthermore, the Encyclopedia was cunning. It might even make things difficult for him. If it doesn’t choose a person close to the host, then he’d be dead.

    Soon, he fell asleep.

    2 hours passed.

    3 hours passed.

    8 hours passed.

    Lin Fan looked at the time when he woke up. Then, he smiled, “It’s been so long. It should be time now. I’m really quite excited to see if the pill has been formed.”

    Then, Lin Fan walked towards the induction cooker with anticipation. When he looked into it, his face changed.

    “This…?” Lin Fan didn’t understand what happened. Then, he gasped, “What the hell is this dark and swarthy thing?”

    He only saw a lump of black goo and he didn’t know that was. He opened the pot and he could only smell a strong and pungent smell. The black goo, which looked like mud, even had bubbles on it.

    It was extremely disgusting.

    D*mn it!

    He f*cked up.

    He trusted in the wrong people.

    Lin Fan was furious with the netizens that offered him the solution. He wanted to kill them.

    He got pranked again for believing in them.

    Ding ding!

    Then, the phone rang.

    Lin Fan was frustrated, “Ming Qing, what’s up?”

    Through the phone, Zhao Ming Qing felt that his mentor didn’t sound too happy. He asked, “Teacher, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

    Lin Fan sighed. “Nothing much. My pill creation failed again. The pressure cooker exploded and the induction cooker ended up with goo. I’m not really in a good mood.”

    “Huh?” Zhao Ming Qing was stunned. “Teacher, why would you use such equipment for pill creation? The people of the past deserve to be praised for their intelligence. Even so, you’d need an alchemy furnace to create pills now. Without it, how could you create any pills?”

    Lin Fan smiled, “You know how to create pills?”

    Zhao Ming Qing replies, “I don’t really understand it too. According to my research, I know the key points to take note when making pills.”

    Lin Fan was elated when he heard that, “Ming Qing, wait for me at the medical academy. I’ll come over now.”

    He immediately hung up and took another look at the induction cooker. Then, he got into his car and sped to Shanghai’s First Chinese Medical Academy.

    Zhao Ming Qing was a little stunned. What was his mentor doing? However, when he thought that his mentor used an induction cooker to create pills, he laughed. It was a joke.

    At Shanghai’s First Chinese Medical Academy.

    In the office.

    Zhao Ming Qing replied, “Teacher, why did you start creating pills?”

    Before the product was out, he wasn’t going to tell them anything. He wanted to create the Little Intelligence pill first. Then, he grabbed onto Zhao Ming Qing’s hand. “Let’s not talk too much. Where can I buy the alchemy furnace?”

    Zhao Ming Qing was only a beginner in the creation of pills. He read some old books but he didn’t know much about it. “The antique market should have it.”

    “Let’s go to the antique market to take a look,” Lin Fan immediately replied. He wanted to go there and buy an alchemy furnace regardless of the cost.

    His pill creation mustn’t be interfered by anyone.

    Zhao Ming Qing was stunned. He didn’t know what his mentor was doing. However, since his mentor wanted to create pills, he had to follow him to do it.

    At the antique market.

    There were quite a lot of people. Most of them were there to buy treasures that they felt a connection with.

    When Lin Fan and Zhao Ming Wing appeared, nobody really noticed them. After all, there were only two types of people that went there.

    They walked around.

    “I don’t see it,” Lin Fan was a little disappointed.

    Zhao Ming Qing replied, “Teacher, are you really into pill creation? The alchemy furnace can be found in antique markets but they’re just for decoration. Those ancient alchemy furnaces are extremely rare.”

    Lin Fan didn’t want to give up, “Let’s walk around a little longer.”

    “Alright,” Zhao Ming Qing nodded. Since his mentor wanted to walk around, he had to follow suit.

    As they walked, he was still curious about it.

    “Teacher, do you really want the alchemy furnace to craft pills?” Zhao Ming Qing couldn’t imagine it at all. He didn’t know his mentor knew how to craft pills.

    Lin Fan nodded, “Yeah, that’s what I want to do.”

    Zhao Ming Qing couldn’t understand what his mentor was thinking. Creation of pills was famous in the ancient times but most of them were scams. It was like a form of purification and the final products were usually poisonous.

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