Chapter 562 - An event to hype things up

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 562: An event to hype things up

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    There was nothing at all.

    Although there were a lot of stalls, they walked till the end of the road but there was nothing they needed. Lin Fan was a little speechless. If he couldn’t find an alchemy furnace, that would mean that he would have to try risking everything with a high-pressure cooker again.

    It was too dangerous. If he wasn’t cautious, a tragedy could happen.

    Lin Fan came before a stall. “Uncle, may I know if Antique Street has any ancient alchemy furnaces? Those that aren’t for display.”

    The old man placed some antiques down at the side. “Young chap, there’s everything here. The ancient alchemy furnaces are huge and it isn’t easy to move them here. There wouldn’t be any here. Furthermore, those alchemy furnaces that are more than a thousand years old would be extremely expensive. They’d be kept by the collectors. Why would it be sold here?”

    Lin Fan was disappointed. He didn’t expect to have found nothing at all.

    Zhao Ming Qing looked at his mentor’s disappointed expression. He didn’t know what to say.

    “Teacher, let’s try another place, shall we?” Zhao Ming Qing asked.

    Lin Fan waved his hand, “Forget it, we can think of another solution next time.”

    Since there weren’t any there, what else could they do? He would have to take up more time to create the pill and not be too anxious about it.

    “Let’s go,” Lin Fan sounded a little disappointed. He was really curious about the Little Intelligence pill. He didn’t know how the results would turn out to be. After all, this is the first knowledge classification that was classified as mythical. Since he couldn’t find the proper tools for it, he was extremely regretful.

    At the junction.

    Lin Fan was about to enter his car but he realized that Zhao Ming Qing was just standing there. “Ming Qing, what are you doing?”

    Zhao Ming Qing pointed forward, “Teacher, what is happening there?”

    Lin Fan looked towards the direction he was pointing at. There was a lady carrying a child at the roadside. She was on her knees and she was moving forward slowly.

    He was a little curious. Then, he closed his door and walked to Zhao Ming Qing. “What’s happening? Is it some street art?”

    Zhao Ming Qing shook his head, “I don’t think so.”

    “Let’s go and have a look,” Lin Fan said.

    The middle-aged lady’s actions had attracted the attention of a lot of people. They were all curious as to why she was kneeling and moving at the same time.

    They couldn’t understand it.

    Lin Fan was in the middle of the crowd and he asked curiously, “Do you know what is happening?”

    The passersby shook their heads.

    “I don’t know, I just saw her.”

    “I saw them at the traffic light just now. Suddenly, she knelt down and moved here slowly. I don’t know what happened.”

    Then, the passersby took out their phones and started recording the situation.

    Because this was really abnormal. Everyone was extremely curious.

    It was somewhat unbelievable.

    Zhao Ming Qing went forward to the middle-aged lady, “What are you doing?”

    The middle-aged lady looked at Zhao Ming Qing but carried on moving on her knees. “I want to go to the large trade and commerce building.”

    Zhao Ming Qing replied, “You can just walk there, why are you kneeling down?”

    Zhao Ming Qing knew that there were a lot of weird cultural practices and he believed that the middle-aged lady was from a culture that respected commercial buildings greatly. They had to move there on their knees to show respect. However, it just didn’t seem right at all.

    The middle-aged lady shook her head, “Someone told me that as long as I kneeled and moved to the large trade and commerce building on my knees, he would give me $100,000 and I would have money to heal my daughter of eye cancer.”

    Zhao Ming Qing was stunned. “That’s rubbish. Stand up now. There’s no such thing.”

    The middle-aged lady shook her head, “Don’t care about me. I have to try no matter what.”

    Zhao Ming Qing rushed back and was infuriated. “Teacher, someone told her that as long as she knelt and moved towards the large trade and commerce building, he would give her $100,000 to treat her daughter’s eye cancer. I tried to pull her up but she didn’t want to get up. What should we do?”

    Lin Fan frowned, “Isn’t he humiliating her?”

    The crowd around Lin Fan were furious when they heard it.

    “Who was it? How could he be so cruel?”

    “He is literally stomping on her dignity.”

    “She should just forget about his ‘kind offer’.”

    Someone went forward, “Sis, you’re too gullible. Who told you that? Did you see him?”

    Xie Mei shook her head, “No, but he called me and told me he was willing to help me. He just requested for me to kneel down and move to the building from San Lin Road. He would give me $100,000 immediately.”

    “Sigh, sis, just get up now. He is definitely a scammer. You’re too gullible.”

    Xie Mei shook her head, “As long as there is hope for my child, I will not give up. Don’t bother about me. This is my own affair.”

    The crowd went silent.

    They didn’t know what to say.

    What else could they say?

    Her child was ill and she needed money. If they were to stop her, she would lose her only hope. Unless they were willing to pay for her, or else they would be taking her only hope away.

    Then, the crowd was stunned.

    Some townsfolk said, “Sis, don’t do that. You can put it on the news and let everyone donate.”


    “That’s a good idea.”

    However, Xie Mei didn’t listen to them. She continued kneeling and moving forward.

    Then, the reporters came. They rushed over after hearing what was happening at the streets of Shanghai.

    As reporters, they’ve seen all sorts of weird occurrences but this was the first time they heard about this.

    They felt that this case was going to be a special one.

    It seemed like a despicable scam.

    People were using the Internet to earn money.

    Therefore, a lot of people ventured into the Internet and scammed people by using click baits. At the same time, the increase in the number of viewers would give them money to do dirty and immoral tricks.

    Zhao Ming Qing said, “Teacher, this is a terrible situation. How could the person do this to her?”

    Lin Fan frowned, “Let’s have a look.”

    At the scene.

    The reporters asked, “Sister, are you sure the other party would give you the money? Are you sure he would be waiting there for you? Who would give you the money?”

    Xie Mei pointed forward, “The man is just there. He is waiting for me. As long as I reach the building, I would have money to treat my child.”

    The reporters looked forward and there were a lot of people in front. They didn’t know who she pointed to.

    Meanwhile, at the large trade and commerce building, a youngster took a picture with his phone. Then, he posted the picture and video online.

    “Boss, it’s working. We can post on Weibo now.”


    This time, they were the ones behind this. The ‘boss’ was the person in charge of managing the Internet. He created a Weibo account known as ‘Great Philanthropist’. At the same time, he would report the matter as a third party.

    He had already thought of what to do after the incident.

    He was going to act as the middleman and make himself famous.

    As for the $100,000, he was definitely not going to give it.

    Of course, he wasn’t going to tell her that. He would speak to the press and report the matter of ‘Great Philanthropist’ to the reporters. This way, he would rise to fame.

    Zhu Quan understood three principles from Internet scams.

    Firstly, the spread of fake news that would destroy or improve lives greatly would be reposted the most.

    Secondly, the news that infuriated netizens would be next.

    Thirdly, news that was just for entertainment which would shock people would also be one of the key factors to ensure that the news would be publicised quickly.

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