Chapter 563 - Nine pits

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 563: Nine pits

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    “Move aside.”

    At that moment, Lin Fan and Zhao Ming Qing parted the crowd and went to the front of Xie Mei.

    “Let me see the child,” said Lin Fan.

    Xie Mei didn’t recognize Lin Fan and naturally, she didn’t hand the child over to him.

    The reporters didn’t pay much attention at first as they wondered what was happening but when they saw him, they were stunned. Then, they cried out in a pleasant surprise, “Master Lin…”

    In Shanghai, the reporters might not know all the local celebrities but in Master Lin’s case, they were all very familiar with him.

    Especially in these few months, Master Lin had pretty much been trending nonstop on the news. Now, every news agency’s reporters knew about Master Lin. If they really didn’t know him, they wouldn’t dare to call themselves reporters.

    At that moment, the reporters said from the side, “Big Sister, hurry up and let Master Lin see the child. You are in great luck!”

    “Yeah! Master Lin is a godly doctor. If he personally treats him, then there won’t be any problem.”

    “When I saw this incident, I knew something was wrong. It definitely won’t be so simple.”

    The surrounding townsfolk had no idea what was going on but those townsfolk with sharp eyes started crying out in shock.

    “Oh my god, that’s Master Lin!”

    “What? Master Lin? Isn’t that a famous person in Shanghai?”

    “That’s needless to say. He’s well-known in Cloud Street.”

    Xie Mei was bewildered as he looked at him. The reporters then started laughing, “Big Sister, why don’t you hurry up and let Master Lin see your child? For you to have met Master Lin is a great fortune.”

    Lin Fan held the child in his arms and took a close look. Then, he nodded, “Mmm, this is indeed eye cancer.”

    Zhao Ming Qing was looking closely as well. “Teacher, how is the situation?”

    “Now, it’s in the second stage. It’s not the most severe stage yet so the issue isn’t huge,” said Lin Fan.

    Zhao Ming Qing nodded in relief, “That’s good.” As long as Teacher said it wasn’t a big issue, it wouldn’t be much of a problem.

    In this condition, the child wasn’t in urgent need of treatment. Lin Fan then looked at Xie Mei and said, “Get up first.”

    Xie Mei hadn’t understood the situation yet and at that moment, she didn’t know what to say.

    “Get up. I will solve the child’s problem. Tell the reporters what happened exactly,” said Lin Fan.

    The reporters all started talking at the same time. “Big Sister, if Master Lin says it’s fine, then it’s really fine. Hurry up and get up so you can tell us what really happened.”

    “You might not know yet but Master Lin is a godly doctor. Countless patients have recovered under the treatment of Master Lin. Since Master Lin says that your child’s condition is not a problem, then he will definitely be able to treat him back to health.”

    Then, Lin Fan started discussing with Zhao Ming Qing. “Take a look first. By your judgment, how should we treat him?”

    Zhao Ming Qing nodded. He knew that his teacher was guiding him. Then, he started to think and diagnose this illness.

    On the Internet.

    A report suddenly appeared on Weibo.

    This report’s contents were well-rounded. It had videos and photographs and it was even very amusing. It quickly drew the attention of many netizens.

    ‘Kneeling walk’

    These two words made many people shocked.

    And now, reporters had received the news as well.

    “Look, the news is out. Is this behind-the-scenes promoting?”

    “I think so. This incident just happened but they have already compiled all this writing. It seems like the writing was done beforehand.”

    “They left a phone number, right? We’ll give a call to ask about the situation.”


    At that moment, the reporters on site started taking action. A call was made.

    “Hello, I am a reporter from Shanghai News Agency…” The reporter started his questioning. He wanted to see just what was up with this guy.

    Meanwhile, the young man who was on site saw that things had changed. He wanted to quickly call back to inform them but his call couldn’t get through.

    At that moment, he was a little dumbfounded.

    Over the phone, Zhu Quan said, “Hello, I’ve just told the person known as ‘Great Philanthropist’ on Weibo about this matter. He said that this matter is just a joke. When I found out, I was furious. If possible, I can accept your interview.”

    The reporters were laughing coldly in their hearts. “The interview will definitely happen but why would he say that it’s a joke? Didn’t they plan this beforehand? Could it be that he doesn’t want to undertake the responsibility?”

    “I can’t answer that question. I’m communicating with him right now,” said Zhu Quan calmly. However, in her heart, she was overjoyed.

    The reporters continued talking to Zhu Quan.

    Meanwhile, on Lin Fan’s side, things had pretty much been taken care of. With Lin Fan’s treatment methods, he could use Western Medicine’s chemotherapy treatment or Chinese Medicine’s medication treatment.

    These two methods would both work but he chose to use the Chinese medical treatment. After all, there was equipment required for chemotherapy.

    Moreover, the success rate of treating this kind of illness within the country wasn’t high. Their research of such of illness was lacking very much compared to foreign countries.

    Lin Fan passed the child to Xie Mei. “Tomorrow, bring your child to Cloud Street. I will carry out the diagnosis. Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.”

    Xie Mei had already come back to her senses. The reporters had praised this young man very much and they kept calling him ‘Godly Doctor’.

    It seemed that he was extraordinary.

    “Is he really going to be fine?” asked Xie Mei anxiously.

    “Yep.” Lin Fan nodded. For such an illness, there was indeed hope of getting it treated successfully in a hospital but this Xie Mei didn’t have money. Hence, she was helpless. Now that she had met Lin Fan, how could Lin Fan just leave it be?

    Just as Lin Fan was about to leave, he said to the reporters, “My dear reporters, you’re all conscientious reporters in this industry. I think there will be people who will hype this up. I hope that you all will ferret them out. After all, this matter is difficult to forgive.”

    The reporters were startled. This was the first time they had heard someone say that they were conscientious reporters.

    Moreover, the person who said that was Master Lin. The much-revered Master Lin.

    This, to them, was undoubtedly a glorious thing.

    At that moment, the reporters said simultaneously, “Don’t worry, Master Lin. We will definitely take care of this matter. We, as reporters, cannot allow these people to exist. We have to expose them.”

    Lin Fan chuckled, then waved at everyone before leaving the place with Zhao Ming Qing.

    To Lin Fan, this was just a brief episode.

    In the car.

    “Ming Qing, what do you think about today’s incident?” asked Lin Fan.

    Zhao Ming Qing said seriously, “It’s a little heartbreaking and I also feel very helpless. She had no money to treat the illness and could only wait for death to come.”

    Lin Fan nodded, “Next time, pay more attention to such incidents. If you come across this kind of family, actively talk to them. If you have no way to help, then let me know. I don’t have enough energy to help everyone.”

    Zhao Ming Qing nodded, “I understand, Teacher.”

    However, it was exactly as Teacher had said. They didn’t have enough energy and they couldn’t possibly treat even more people.

    After sending Zhao Ming Qing home, Lin Fan prepared to give his all.

    He bought nine pressure cookers and placed them in the trunk of the car.

    Since he didn’t manage to buy an alchemy furnace, he would play with them for real. Let’s see who kills who.

    It’s just an explosion. He had already changed his car to a Jeep. Why would he be scared?

    At a certain uninhabited place.

    A rumbling sound rang out.

    “F*ck, this explosion’s power is even greater than the last time.”

    Following closely was another rumbling sound.

    After nine times.

    Lin Fan came out from the Jeep that had changed beyond recognition.

    He took a deep breath.

    He stomped his foot on the ground fiercely.

    “God bless me. Please give me the pill.”

    When he came to the pit, using the light from the car, he found a pill lying quietly inside the pit.

    Lin Fan’s eyes suddenly lit up.

    As for what was inside the remaining eight pits, it made him filled with eager anticipation.


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