Chapter 578 - Time for Elder Dog to shine

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 578: Time for Elder Dog to shine

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    At Cloud Street!

    Fraud Tian asked, “How is Elder Chen’s son? I saw the news and it looked terrible.”

    Lin Fan replied, “He is okay now. He is alive but he needs to undergo treatment in the hospital. He needs at least three months to recover.”

    Wu You Lan said, “It’s good to not be in danger anymore. Why are the students like that? How could they do such a thing?”

    “Huh?” Lin Fan was stunned. “How did you guys know about this?”

    Wu You Lan said, “The video surfaced online. It was frightening. I don’t even dare to watch it.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang said angrily, “If I saw them, I would’ve slapped all of them.”

    Then, the other shop owners came. They all asked how was Elder Chen’s son. Although Sister Hong and the others told them that Lil’ Liang was fine, they were still worried about him. Although he wasn’t their child, they had a really good relationship with each other and they were worried about him.

    However, when they heard Little Boss say that he was fine, they heaved a sigh of relief. It was good that he was fine. If something had happened to him, what would Elder Chen do about it?

    To them, it was awesome to have Little Boss. They knew that Lil’ Liang managed to survive because of Little Boss. If not for Little Boss, the situation would’ve been way worse.

    The Internet didn’t seem very peaceful.

    There were a lot of versions of the incident.

    Some said that he had already died.

    Some said that he became paralyzed.

    There were a lot of other versions on the Internet.

    Lin Fan felt that there was a need to clarify things.

    On Weibo: ‘The victim of the Shanghai Jin Yang Secondary School’s suicide case has been saved. He is currently recovering. Everyone, please refrain from spreading rumors.”

    The netizens were curious.

    “D*mn, Master Lin actually came forward to talk about it. But how did you know about this?”

    “I want to ask the same thing too.”

    “The netizens are all concerned about this matter. We have to stop school violence.”

    “He is fine after jumping down from the sixth level? Are you lying?”

    He was helpless after seeing the comments of the doubtful netizens. Didn’t they know who he was and what he was good at?

    However, some netizens spoke the truth a while later.

    “Are you guys stupid? Master Lin is a godly doctor. Are you guys asking for fun?”

    “Master Lin’s medical skills are second to none. He can even save someone who’s on the brink of death. How could he not save the victim?”

    “I am the doctor of the hospital. Master Lin personally operated on the victim.”



    Lin Fan wasn’t ecstatic from reading the compliments at all. After all, it wasn’t something that deserved to be happy about.

    “Little Boss, how are we going to resolve this matter? Are those people free to go?” Zhao Zhong Yang asked.

    Lin Fan shook his head, “I don’t know but the police station said that they’re all not 14 years old yet and they can’t be held responsible. I believe you guys should know about it.”

    Zhao Zhong Yang was furious, “That’s just bullsh*t.”

    Lin Fan said, “It’s just like that, you can’t do anything about that.”

    The others shook their heads. What else could they have done about this?

    The rules were rules after all and they couldn’t have done anything about it. They could only pray that this wouldn’t happen in the future again.

    At night!

    At a random bar on a street.

    Lin Fan stood there and looked around. Then, he placed Elder Dog Nicholas down. He stretched his hand forward in front of him. “Smell it, besides my smell, could you smell anyone else?”

    Elder Dog barked, “I smell it.”

    Lin Fan patted Elder Dog, “Go and look for it. See where this man is at. If you managed to find him, you’ll get five scallion pancakes.”

    After hearing that his reward was five scallion pancakes, Elder Dog jumped about ecstatically. Ever since those incorrigible fans sent dog food over, he had never eaten scallion pancakes anymore. Now that he was entitled to five, he was over the moon.

    Lin Fan was elated when he saw Elder Dog start running. He realized that Elder Dog had become smarter. It looked as if the defective Little Intelligence pill was useful.

    With Elder Dog’s ability, it was definitely not a problem for him to find a man based on his smell.

    Li Hu didn’t look like a decent man at all. It wasn’t that Lin Fan wanted to mess with him. It was just that he had to mess with him. Chen Liang was Elder Chen’s son. He had suffered so much and how could they live comfortably just because his son wasn’t fourteen years old yet?

    Those that bullied him wouldn’t be able to escape so easily.

    Especially since this fella’s dad wasn’t a decent man at all. If he didn’t mess with him, who else would he mess with?

    If he was a decent man, he wouldn’t have done anything to him. Even though this matter was unfavorable, he couldn’t have done anything to the laws in place.

    After a while.

    Elder Dog Nicholas returned. It looked like he had found out about something.


    “Follow me,” Elder Dog said.

    Lin Fan followed Elder Dog and they went to a few districts before stopping in front of a bar.

    “Looks like it’s here,” Lin Fan said to himself. Then, he kept Elder Dog Nicholas in his clothes and walked into the place.

    It was dimly lit and he couldn’t really see. He brought Elder Dog to the toilet and left after he confirmed that there wasn’t anybody there.

    “Elder Dog, I’ll leave the rest to you. Find the man and follow behind him. Don’t be found out by anyone. If it’s possible, hear what they say and report it back to me. Remember, don’t get caught,” Lin Fan said.

    He read the fortune of his facial appearance and realized that he was going to do something illegal in the near future. Hence, he didn’t want to miss that opportunity.

    According to his fortune-reading skills, Li Hu was only going to face the law in a year’s time.

    However, he didn’t want to wait for a year. He wanted to change his life now and bring the time forward.

    Elder Dog looked at Lin Fan, “Bro, why can’t we be caught?”

    Lin Fan felt that Elder Dog seemed a little dumb. “We just can’t get caught.”

    Elder Dog said, “Why must I listen to you?”

    Lin Fan was speechless. What was Elder Dog doing? Why wasn’t he being obedient?

    Suddenly, he understood what was happening.

    “Elder Dog, ten scallion pancakes.”

    Elder Dog was initially pretending to be dumb but his eyes lit up and he ran towards the exit of the toilet.

    In the dimly lit area, the small body of a dog wouldn’t attract any attention.

    Lin Fan stood outside and saw a white silhouette. He went to the second level from the first level. Furthermore, he also saw him hiding from strangers. When the strangers left, he continued to look for his target.

    Then, Lin Fan sighed. Elder Dog was probably capable of being a spy.

    His body was small and he was intelligent. Even if he was caught by someone, they wouldn’t have thought much about it.

    Then, he came to a table and sat there alone. He was waiting for Elder Dog’s good news.


    “What should I do?” Elder Dog hid behind a flower pot and looked into a closed private room. He couldn’t enter it at all.

    He knew that the target was inside.

    If he didn’t complete the mission, he wouldn’t be able to get ten scallion pancakes.

    Just when Elder Dog was thinking of what to do, a service crew member walked over. He was carrying a handful of beer and he pushed the door of the private room open.

    Elder Dog quickly ran in.

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