Chapter 580 - Overconfidence

A Valiant Life Author:Xin Feng

      Chapter 580: Overconfidence

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    Lin Fan didn’t tell Liu Xiao Tian about this matter. It wasn’t the right time yet. When the next day comes and he catches those guys red handed, everything will be well.

    This was the first time Elder Dog Nicholas had come to Lin Fan’s rented apartment. He was filled with excitement as he ran around the house. But luckily, Elder Dog didn’t like to bark a lot. Otherwise, somebody would definitely have reported them.

    Elder Dog found a comfortable nest for himself where he started fantasizing about the next day’s scallion pancakes. Gradually, he fell asleep.

    The situation regarding Elder Chen had not been resolved yet. Although no one’s life was in danger, it was still a very severe matter. But he had no idea how the school and the Education Department was going to handle this.

    The next day!

    Cloud Street.

    Elder Dog stuck out his tongue as he ran around Lin Fan’s feet with his tail wagging left and right. His dog eyes kept gazing at the stall intently. The marvelous scallion pancakes were about to come out fresh from the wok.

    The townsfolk waited.

    While waiting for the scallion pancakes, everyone was discussing what had happened to Elder Chen family. They had never expected a school violence case to happen so close to them. Moreover, it was very severe. It felt inconceivable to them.

    “Little Boss, is Elder Chen’s son alright?” asked one of the townsfolk who was waiting for the scallion pancakes.

    Lin Fan smiled, “He’s alright. Everything is safe and he’s recovering as we speak.”

    “That’s good.”

    Lin Fan wrapped up a serving of scallion pancake. “Alright, please enjoy.”

    “Woohoo! The scallion pancake is here. My luck today is really great.”

    Although there were only ten servings a day, the townsfolk who didn’t manage to get them weren’t unhappy. To them, queuing up every morning before going to work had become a habit in their lives. Even if they don’t manage to buy the scallion pancakes, they could still come here and chat with their fellow queuers and tighten up their relationships.

    They could even find out some interesting news.


    Lin Fan was originally prepared to go and rest but when he saw Elder Dog’s gaze, he sighed helplessly.

    “Hey, Little Boss, what are you doing? Haven’t you finished making scallion pancakes already?”

    “Could it be that Little Boss is having a burst of generosity today and wants to make a few more servings?”

    What they wished for the most was for Little Boss to be in a good mood someday and remove the limit on the number of scallion pancakes sold. That would really be brilliant.

    Of course, this kind of situation did happen occasionally but he would only increase the limit to twenty.

    Lin Fan said, “No, Elder Dog helped me with something, so I have to compensate him.”

    Everyone looked at Elder Dog with faces of jealousy and hatred.

    Someone cried out in a surprised tone, “Are humans worth less than dogs?!”

    Elder Dog sat there calmly. He was a dog who would have thirty scallion pancakes. These insignificant humans were nothing compared to him.

    “A serving a day for a whole month. If I make them all at once, you won’t be able to finish them,” said Lin Fan as he finished preparing a single serving.

    “Wow, Little Boss is communicating with Elder Dog again. I’ve said it long ago that Little Boss can talk to pets but you all still didn’t believe me. You’ve seen it now. This is real.”

    “That can’t be. In the past, I’ve heard you guys say it but I’ve never really seen it for myself. This…”

    “I think he’s probably just talking to himself. No one knows what he’s talking about.”

    “Don’t doubt Little Boss. You didn’t see that scene from last time. Little Boss issued a call for action and a hundred dogs came to him. That scene was something I will never forget for life. This is an extraordinary man.”

    The people of Cloud Street all knew how capable Little Boss was. He was really amazing but some who had never personally seen his skills before, even though they had heard about it from others, didn’t believe it completely.

    Woof woof~

    Elder Dog Nicholas barked at his surroundings.

    Some of the townsfolk who knew the situation seemed to understand what was going on.

    Meanwhile, some other townsfolk didn’t understand.

    But suddenly, a shocking thing happened.

    Woof woof~

    A group of dogs came running over from all directions. These dogs were the hidden warriors of Cloud Street. They would play around seemingly pointlessly around Cloud Street but when someone with an abnormal scent appears, they would step out immediately.

    These dogs were very sensitive and they could tell if someone was bad.

    “What’s going on? Why have so many dogs come?”

    “Haha, I told you guys. Elder Dog is amazing. It seems like he wants to receive everything in one go.”

    Lin Fan was a little dumbfounded. This Elder Dog was too cunning. In order to get all the scallion pancakes in one go, he called his teammates over.

    “Woof woof!” Elder Dog Nicholas barked at Lin Fan, “I want to give the scallion pancakes to my buddies. There are twenty-nine to go.”

    Lin fan looked at Elder Dog weirdly. In the end, he had no choice but to do it. He couldn’t cheat Elder Dog. Otherwise, the next time he needed Elder Dog’s help, it wouldn’t be as easy.

    What happened next doesn’t have to be said. The townsfolk stared blankly with their jaws dropped as they felt miserable in their hearts.

    They didn’t even manage to buy the scallion pancakes but Elder Dog was feasting on them. How could anyone understand the reason behind that?

    It was painful.



    Lin Fan appeared at the same old place.

    Tonight was time for the transaction.

    He had originally wanted to just stop Li Hu but he had never expected to come across the drug lord who was wanted by the police. It seemed that he was in luck.

    However, he still had to be a little careful. For this drug lord to have evaded capture for so long, he had to have some special abilities. He was probably very cautious and alert.

    And for them to choose this place for the transaction, it had to be a safe place.

    This was a place where all kinds of people mixed together. It was less likely to draw attention.

    Soon after.

    An average looking sedan stopped.

    That Long Hair from the previous day appeared. Just as Lin Fan let out a smile, he realized that there was one less person than the previous day. That drug lord didn’t appear.

    “D*mn, where did that guy go? Why didn’t he appear?” Lin Fan was stunned. If he didn’t take them all down in one go, it would be a shame.

    But fortunately, Elder Dog was here as well. He hadn’t planned to bring Elder Dog at first but he was afraid that something out of the ordinary might happen, so he brought Elder Dog here just in case.

    “Elder Dog, one of the people from yesterday isn’t here. See if he’s around here,” said Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan had seen numerous movies where, during the important times, those ‘bosses’ would usually hide in the shadows and observe the situation on site. Then, they would leave immediately if something went wrong.

    Elder Dog lay on the ground. His nostrils twitched. Suddenly, he stood up and started running.

    His destination was the nightclub.

    “This guy must have come here earlier to hide inside the nightclub,” Lin Fan thought. But thinking about it, it was a smart plan. It would be extremely difficult for someone to find him there.

    How clever.

    But against Elder Dog, it didn’t matter how clever you were. You would never escape Elder Dog’s nose.

    The second floor.

    Scorpion was leaning against the railing, observing the place. When blended in with the crowd, he looked very normal and he wouldn’t have drawn anyone’s attention.

    But at that moment, his sense of alertness made him feel as if he was being watched.

    When he turned around, he realized that a young man was staring at him.

    At that moment, Scorpion’s heart raced. He felt that something was wrong. He had escaped from so many places and the reason why no one discovered him all this time was this sense of alertness that he possessed.

    Then, without thinking, he turned around and walked towards the toilet.

    Lin Fan was a little surprised. This guy actually managed to discover him.

    Initially, he had thought that this guy would escape into the crowd. He never thought that he would walk towards the toilet. Wasn’t that just walking into a trap by himself?

    Meanwhile, Scorpion was thinking. He didn’t know who this man was or how many people he had with him.

    If he hid in the crowd, there might be someone from the opposite side of the crowd. Hence, he could only go into the toilet and take down the opposition directly.

    With his skills, even seven or eight big men wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on him.

    He thought to himself, “You think you can capture me? You are too naive.”

    “Young man, you can only blame your own overconfidence.”

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